About GRUB


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2522.JPGGRUB is my weakness. After running 5km around the whole park and feeling like I did something healthy, I always feel a need to reward myself. I’ll end up heading to GRUB for either a sweet treat of Churros or a more sinful meal of burgers and fries with my friends.

Now that they’ve turned 1, GRUB is going to be open for weekday lunch as well! Their lunch menu will feature most of their signature dishes including their burgers, pastas and mentaiko fries.

GRUB was founded by 4 young entrepreneurs who left their corporate jobs to live their dream running their own business. They aim to bring you delicious food using responsible ingredients, served right smack in the middle of Bishan park. The food at GRUB contains no MSG or artificial preservatives, additives or flavourings. Their menu features antibiotic-free poultry, natural pork, sustainable seafood, and burgers made from 100% freshly ground grass-fed hormone-free beef.


The Food at GRUB


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2491.JPGIf you go to GRUB and have one thing, and one thing only, I would recommend their Mentaiko Fries ($9). Their crispy shoestring fries are drizzled generously with a marinated pollock roe sauce and garnished with seaweed. The fries tastes different from your regular french fry, with a fluffy and well seasoned interior.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2490.JPGAnother great starter is their Truffled Egg Cocotte ($7). Dunk some warm, crisp toast into a ramekin of soft eggs perfumed with the lovely aroma of truffles. If you’re sharing this dish with friends, be prepared to fight over who gets to finish up the remaining egg after the toast is all gone.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2505.JPGAs for mains, my favourite dish of the day was their new Slow Cooked Pork Belly ($17), simply because it’s not something you would expect from a casual eatery like GRUB. The pork belly is cooked sous vide till tender, and then pan seared for added flavour.

The purple sweet potatoes were a perfect match for the savoury flavour of the pork while the sauteed leeks ensured that the dish wasn’t too rich.

A close second was the GRUB Double Cheeseburger ($18), which has one of the best burger buns I’ve had in Singapore. I usually have my burgers open-faced in order to avoid consuming the extra calories of the top bun, but I could’t resist and ate this burger as God intended burgers to be eaten.

What makes the bun special is the soft, pillowy texture and the slightly sweet taste that soaks up and mingles with the juices of the beef patty, which was also very well done.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2500.JPGWe also tried their signature Crispy Fish Burger ($14) which we were not as impressed with. They used the same delicious bun as the cheeseburger but the fried fish was too dry for my taste. Perhaps a little more of their homemade remoulade sauce would have made all the difference.  

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2529.JPGAnother new dish available at GRUB is their Sakura Ebi Pasta ($17) which is like aglio olio with prawns just without garlic and chilli but with crispy fried sakura ebi instead. GRUB aims to be a family friendly establishment so having options like this without chilli will be hit with both children and adults.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2542.JPGAs for the desserts, you can’t miss out on their Churros ($9) which was also featured in our best churros in Singapore guide! Coated in cinnamon sugar, these deep-fried doughsticks are crispy on the outside, yet fluffy and moist on the inside. They come with a side of dark chocolate and crème anglaise for your dipping enjoyment. I still prefer mine plain though, so I wish they were a little more generous with their cinnamon sugar.


The Verdict


GRUB is a great place to kick back and chill amidst the lush greenery of Bishan Park. You can even grab a bottle of beer for $10 or a pot of Dammann French Tea at $5 to sip as you catch up with friends. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is good so I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t head down to GRUB if you’re in the area. 


Getting to GRUB


The only drawback for non-residents is how hard GRUB is to find. My advice is to walk over from Sin Ming Avenue. Once you see the carpark of Bishan Park, just keep walking straight and you should see the restaurant. For more detailed instructions on how to get there by car or public transport, you can visit their website.

Address: 510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan Park 1) Singapore 569983

This post was made possible by GRUB.