Got To Move 2017


Learn K-POP dance moves for free at GTM 2017

We’re already 10 months into 2017 and I’m not proud to say that I’ve yet to fulfill my New Year’s resolution of shedding some weight. 

If you can relate – since mooncake season is in full swing – there’s great news for all of us. Thanks to nationwide dance movement Got to Move 2017 (GTM) from 13th to 29th October, there’ll be plenty of FREE dance activities for us to get our body movin’ – and those pounds burnin’.

Besides workshops and classes, there’ll be performances and mass dances, culminating in dance carnival at GTM SPOTLIGHT on 29 October. So whether you’re a dance beginner, enthusiastic spectator or swag pro, you’ll be spoilt for choice with over 220 activities to pick from.

Here are some of the activities you can look forward to – ALL FOR FREE!


1. Learn how to freestyle like a hip-hop pro at Urban Dance Jam


 ITE College Central Urban Dance Club’

Image credit: ITE College Central Urban Dance Clubs

Learn how to freestyle or nail down that baby freeze as you get tips from the pros at Urban Dance Jam. ITE College Central Urban Dance Club’s Alumni and Dance Captains will be teaching you moves from genres such as hip hop, K-pop and even break dance. 

You’ll even have a chance to get wayyy out of your comfort zone during their Dance Jam Cypher Sesh. Everyone will be circling around the dancefloor and the space is open to anyone who wishes to strut their stuff, even you!

Note: This activity is only available for those between the ages of 12 – 18 years old.

Urban Dance Jam
Date: 28 October 2017
Time: 10AM – 4PM
Venue: ITE College Central Centre for Music and the Arts Dance Studios, 2 Ang Mo Kio Dr, Singapore 567720
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


2. Become a K-pop star


Singaporeans Try: K-Pop Dance
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Singaporeans Try: K-Pop Dance

If you love all things Korean and have always aspired to be like Big Bang or Girls Generation, this one’s for you. Sweat it out as you dance to 13 K-pop hits within a span of just 50 minutes

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 left feet because the instructors will break down the dance moves for you. Before you know it, you’ll surprise your family and friends with moves worthy of a perfectly synchronised EXO MV. 

KpopX Fitness 
Date: 15 – 28 October 2017
Time: Varies (Check workshop timings here)
Venue: Varies (Check workshop venues here)
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


3. “Control” robotic dance duo – ScRach MarcS


ScRach Marcs | 1st Place | Singapore Dance Delight Vol.6 Finals | #SDDVol6
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ScRach Marcs | 1st Place | Singapore Dance Delight Vol.6 Finals | #SDDVol6

On Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 6.

You might have heard of ScRach MarcS – short for Rachel Racheezels and Marcus Tan. Calling themselves the pioneering robotic couple in Singapore, they’ve won competitions such as Channel 5’s The Dance Floor and Singapore Dance Delight Vol.6. 

The dynamic duo will be bringing their brand of popping to the streets – more specifically at Orchard Road. There, you’ll find an iPad that’s a “control panel” to this robotic duo – choose to watch them perform, learn some simple steps from them, or even be part of their performance.

 ScRach MarcS Interactive Learning Experience

Image credit: ScRach MarcS

ScRach MarcS Interactive Learning Experience (SMILE)
Date: 15 & 20 October 2017
Time: 15 Oct: 7:30PM – 9PM (Orchard Road) | 20 Oct: 12:30PM – 2PM (Raffles Place MRT) & 7:30PM – 9PM (More details here)
Venue: Varies (Check venues here)
Click here for more details.


4. Get even your grandparents to join this barn dance workshop


Traditional English barn dance
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Traditional English barn dance

If you hardly ever see your parents because everyone’s too caught up with school and work, this activity will be right up your alley. Spend some quality family time by bringing them to this workshop where you’ll be dancing to traditional folk music.

The best part is, you don’t even have to be a pro to be a part of this cheerful dance. The choreography is elderly-friendly too – so extend the invitation to your grandparents as well!

Multi-Generation Barn Dance Workshop
Date: 21 October 2017
Time: 7PM – 9PM
Venue: The DanceSport Academy, 34 Amber Road, Chinese Swimming Club, Singapore 439870
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


5. Explore your inner showgirl at Glams To Move


 The Glamourettes

Instructors: Sarah, Zelia, Rocio. Image credit: @theglamourettes

If you’ve always been curious on how Beyoncé dances in ‘em heels oh-so-effortlessly, there’s only one way to find out – and that is to learn from only the best, The Glamourettes

Step out of your comfort zones as this dancing trio will be conducting 3 workshops, teaching you 3 different sets of choreography. Not only will you be learning to dance in heels, but expect to dance on chairs too! 

After their classes, you might well be on your way towards living your dreams of becoming a showgirl, like those in the Burlesque movie. 

Note: Though this workshop is mainly for ladies aged 18 and above, guys are more than welcome to join too – you might just unleash the inner showboy in you.

Glams To Move
Date: 29 October 2017
Time: Beginners’ Cabaret Jazz (Chairs): 12:45PM – 2PM | Beginners’ Cabaret Jazz (Choreography): 2:15PM – 3:30PM | Advance Beginners’ Cabaret Jazz: 3:45PM – 5PM (More details here)
Venue: Dancer’s Dream Studio Singapore, 8D Dempsey Road #03-06, Singapore 249672
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


6. Grab literally anyone to work out at AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)


 AnyBody Can Dance by Creative Inspirit

Image credit: Creatives Inspirit

AnyBody Can Dance is special because it’s meant for everyone – Any Body literally –  including those with physical disabilities. So even if your dance background is limited to watching So You Think You Can Dance, pop by these workshops to just shake it out and express yourself.

And on 29 October, there’ll even be an outdoor Mass Zumba Session in Toa Payoh Park to get your groove on!

AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)
Date: 14 & 29 October 2017
Time: 14 Oct: 2PM – 3:15PM (For Kids) & 3:30PM – 5PM (For Public) | 29 Oct: 4:30PM – 5:30PM (Mass Zumba Event)
Venue: 14 Oct: 8 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229572 | 29 Oct: Toa Payoh Town Park – Pavilion & Lawn
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


7. Pick up urban dance anytime, anywhere with Trevmonki


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"Take Heart" - The Sam Willows | Trevmonki Dance Concept

If you’ve always admired good dancers but are too shy to give dancing in classes a try, this one helps you ease into it. 

Trevmonki’s Youtube Channel has a series of Urban Dance concept videos and online tutorial classes, so you can literally dance like nobody’s watching in the comfort of your own room. No more judging eyes as you try to master that slick move. 

Alternatively, if you wanna break out of your shell, join their open class which will be happening on 29 October 2017!

Note: Check out their dance tutorials which will be uploaded to their YouTube channel from 15 – 29 October 2017.

Take a Dance (Chance)
Date: 29 October 2017
Time: 1PM – 3PM
Venue: Legacy Dance Co. Studio, 896 Dunearn Rd, Sime Darby Centre #05-04 Singapore 589472
Click here to register for the workshop and for more details.


8. Get some couple time and learn some Latin Ballroom together


 Latin DanceSport Showcase & Workshops

Image credit: Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers’ Association

Grab bae and try your hand at Latin Ballroom Dancing – this is your opportunity to snag a one-on-one sesh with the ballroom dancing pros too. 

You can look forward to a slew of performances by the kids, competitive dancers and dance groups  – so it’s time to prep your dancing shoes!

Latin DanceSport Showcase & Workshops
Date: 29 October 2017
Time: 4PM – 6PM
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Multi-Purpose Studio
Click here for more details.


9. Marvel at a spontaneous Dance Roulette


#GotToMove2016 X Converge Studios (Class Version)
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#GotToMove2016 X Converge Studios (Class Version)

The folks at Converge Studios are set to drop an innovative performance at Bugis Junction with a “dance roulette”, where performers freestyle to unpredictable music forms such as acapella and percussion. All without any prior practice. 

Think a break dancer paired with a violinist, or hip-hop or funk moves accompanied by the melodious tunes of a Chinese Zither. You are welcome to groove along.

Dance Roulette
Date: 28 October 2017
Time: 2PM – 2:45PM
Venue: Bugis Junction (Fountain Area)
Click here for more details.


10. Get your groove on at Got to Move SPOTLIGHT 2017


Wrap up your October with the crowning event of the entire GTM movement, a one-day only dance carnival Got to Move SPOTLIGHT on 29 October. The carnival is held in conjunction with Car-Free Sunday SG, so expect clear roads as the Civic District becomes a hotbed of activity!

 GTM Spotlight - O School and Frontier Danceland

Image credit: Frontier Danceland

Kick off the morning by catching a performance by local dance companies, O School and Frontier Danceland, on the steps of National Gallery Singapore

Or get your heartbeat up with the one-of-a-kind GTM Dance-Walk. Imagine a walkathon around the area, except this time around, you’ll be learning and executing about 6 different dance moves as you go along – talk about getting your dose of cardio in a fun way!

 GTM Spotlight Taster Classes

Image credit: National Arts Council

If you can’t decide which classes to attend, go for the Taster Classes, where you can try your hand at a little bit of everything – Bollywood, traditional dance, and line dance – you name it!

And finally, cool down at the Main Stage & Chill Out Zone, where you can kick back and enjoy performances by local dance companies such as the Singapore Dance Theatre, Apsaras Arts, Dance Ensemble Singapore, RAW Moves, and T.H.E Dance Company.

Note: Although registration is not compulsory, you’ll receive an exclusive GTM 2017 t-shirt if you’re the first lucky 500 participants to pre-register!

Date: 29 October 2017
Time: 8AM – 12PM
Venue: Civic District
Click here for more details.


BONUS: Happy Dance Challenge


When your taxi is free after a promo code, when your boss tells you “Great job” or when bae says you look good – these episodes warrant that lil’ happy dance. 

Got To Move 2017:  Happy Dance Challenge
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Got To Move 2017: Happy Dance Challenge

And just by doing your thang, you can stand a chance to win exclusive prizes at GTM SPOTLIGHT 2017! Here’s what you need to do: 

1. Upload a video of your happy dance on Instagram
2. Sabo your friends and get ‘em to show us their moves
3. Hashtag #GotToMoveSG

Note: Make sure your profile is not private so we can see you flaunt ‘em moves!


It’s time to sweat it all out at Got to Move 2017!


 Danzpeople at GTM 2017

With an inexhaustible number of free dance activities to attend, there’s no reason for us to not leave our sedentary lifestyle behind and start getting active this October. 

So bring your loved ones to enjoy free classes while you can, and experience dance like never before – you’ll have a good time and work off your food baby!

 Got To Move 2017

Find out more about Got To Move 2017 here!

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