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Completing a marathon is no easy feat, making it a common bucket list item. But if you’ve already checked off the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon from your list, why not set your sights a little further Down Under?

With only a 2 hour time difference from Singapore, Gold Coast is an ideal place for an overseas marathon, especially if it’s your first time. Participants also get to choose from a Full Marathon (42KM), a Half Marathon (21KM), a 10KM course and a 5.7KM Fun Run. Aside from this, we’ve also sussed out other reasons why the Gold Coast Marathon is miles ahead of other overseas marathons.


Run in aircon weather


If you’ve ever run outdoors in Singapore, you’ll know that the heat and humidity rapidly dehydrate your body, and hinder your endurance performance. After all, it’s one thing to run in the gym, but a whole other ballgame when you’ve got to run under scorching midday heat for hours.

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You can even race in a onesie!
Image credit: Ming Ham

Gold Coast’s 8-16 degree weather will help you conserve energy and stay hydrated for a longer period of time. You got to admit, cooler temperatures make running more enjoyable and it might even help make you develop a deeper passion for the sport .


A flat running course with scenic beachside views


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In Singapore, most marathons are situated around the same area and you might have even travelled along the same route on your way to work or school each day. So take this overseas challenge as a break from what you’re used to. 

Besides ideal running conditions of low humidity and minimal wind, the marathon course also feature flat terrain and stunning views of the adjacent renowned beaches. It’s no wonder that 60% of participants achieve personal best timings every year.


Firsthand Tips from SEA Games Champion Rui Yong


soh rui yong

Image credit: @runsohfast

If you’re an aspiring marathoner, you might have heard of our resident athlete and 2-time SEA Games long-distance champion, Soh Rui Yong. Having conquered the Gold Coast Half Marathon himself, here are some “marathon tips” he has to share:


Proper training will set you up for success


Running a marathon might seem intimidating to some, but according to Rui Yong, all it takes is a little conditioning.

Rui Yong: Physical stamina, muscle- and skeletal-endurance, and a good fighting spirit all go into the making of a good runner – thankfully, even if you lack any one of these, you can still grow and nurture them through proper training.

It’s never too early to start training – for instance, if you’re gunning for the Gold Coast Marathon, now is a good time to start. Start slow, increase your long run by 2 to 4KM every week, and increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10% every week.

By the time you’re 3 weeks from the big race, your longest clocked-in run should be about 30 to 32KM. From there, you can start to taper down gradually.

soh rui yong representing singapore australia

Image credit: Ming Ham 

Good training spots in SG


Rui Yong: I usually train at Bedok Reservoir because the softer gravel is more forgiving than road or concrete sidewalks. There is less impact, and it’s great for recovery runs.

On the flip side, it’s also good to fit occasional training and recovery running sessions around places with harder ground into your routine. For a more challenging terrain, you could try MacRitchie or Lower Pierce Reservoir.


Enjoy the journey, not just the final destination


Aiming too hard for your personal goals might set you up for a disappointing run. Rui Yong shares that a positive attitude should be at the top of your packing list.

Rui Yong: One of my most memorable takeaways from last year’s Gold Coast Marathon was helping a Japanese professional runner set a new personal best.

In the beginning, I wasn’t running my best, and a Japanese runner overtook me. But instead of letting my usual competitive nature take control, I decided to run with her and encourage her for the rest of the race. And though I didn’t perform as well as I would’ve liked, she eventually went on to shave about 1-2 minutes off from her previous personal best – it was a great feeling, being able to share her joy and celebrate her success with her.

soh rui yong gold coast marathon

Image credit: @runsohfast

Explore what Gold Coast has to offer


After running the marathon, you’d probably want to just take a chill pill and treat yourself for completing the run. In Gold Coast, there’s an endless list of relaxing activities you can indulge in that are not only enjoyable but give your worn-out muscles a break.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – channel your inner Bindi Irwin


feeding kangaroos at currumbin wildlife sanctuary australia

Image credit: Soh Rui Yong

From Kangaroos and Capybaras to sleepy Koalas, Australia boasts a wide range of exotic animals and you can find them all at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is also 1 of the 2 states in Australia where you get to cuddle a Koala. Let’s face it, who can say no to petting those furry friends!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Address: 28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin Queensland 4223, Australia
Opening hours: 8AM-5PM, Daily



Spend a day like a local at BMD Northcliffe SLSC


BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club View

Image credit: BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Supporters Club

The BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club, just a stone’s throw away from Surfer’s Paradise, offers you an unobstructed view of the Gold Coast coastline. They also serve freshly brewed Carlton Draught Tank Beer and their popular Bradnam Burger – great for a post-run meal.

Besides taking in the ocean breeze, you could also opt for some bonding time with your new race mates in their game room.

BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club
Address: 51 Garfield Terrace, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217
Opening Hours:
Breakfast: 7.30AM-11AM | Lunch: 11.30AM-2.30PM | Afternoon Menu: 2.30PM-5PM | Dinner: 5PM-9PM
10AM-12AM, Daily 



Sail out to sea on an affordable yacht


yacht in australia gold coast

Image credit: @godzilla_mommy

If you’ve never been on a yacht before, this is your chance to rent one for cheap. You’ll get to take in the beautiful seascape of Gold Coast in all its glory. And while you’re at it, sip on your favourite drinks or savour a tasty cheese platter – because you deserve it.


Have a whale of a time


whale watching in australia

Image credit: @whalesinparadise

As the Marathon is held in July, it’ll coincide with the whale watching season. In fact, Gold Coast – Whales in Paradise guarantees 100% daily sightings of the beautiful Humpback whales. If you’ve only ever seen these amazing marine creatures on Animal Planet and always dreamt of being up close with one, this is the activity for you.



Go on a runcation with Gold Coast Marathon 2019


gold coast marathon finish line

Image credit: Gold Coast Marathon

Taking part in a marathon in Singapore is one thing but running in a marathon overseas is a whole new experience. If you’ve always dreamt of participating in an overseas marathon, this is your chance to check that off your list. Who knows – you might even shave a few minutes off your personal best.

A fuss-free marathon, golden beaches and a wide range of out-to-sea adventures, Gold Coast could very well become your annual getaway vacation. Early bird rates for the marathon last till 30th April 2019.

Register for the Gold Coast Marathon 2019 here

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