The Glenlivet Triple Cask Matured series 

Glenlivet Tasting
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Whisky is often mistaken as a man’s drink. Not just any regular man, mind you, but an alpha male that’s suited up in business finery with a pour of Scotch at the ready. But with The Glenlivet’s range, whisky is made approachable. It’s not just for the Harvey Specters of the world – it’s a quality drink that can be enjoyed by anyone.  

There’s no need to feel intimidated since you can try their single malts for free at Changi Duty Free. If you like what you’re sipping, you can even pick up a personalised bottle.

The Glenlivet’s latest whisky range

The Glenlivet whisky
Image credit: The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet’s latest whisky range, the Triple Cask Matured Series, includes 3 bottles, featuring different oak casks: Distiller’s Reserve, White Oak Reserve, and Rare Cask. The series is an interplay of whiskies matured in 3 different casks: Tradition Oak Casks, American White Oak Casks, Ex-Sherry Oak Casks. 

Upon uncorking any of the 3, you’ll be getting a whiff of complex flavours – nothing like the sugary-sweet cocktails or potent tequila shots of post-hangover regrets.

Distiller’s Reserve

The Glenlivet - Distiller's Reserve
Image credit: The Glenlivet

Those looking for an affordable staple will enjoy the Distiller’s Reserve. It’s been equally influenced by the three different casks, and you’ll get a tinge of earthiness coming through.

If you’re looking for a pour that’s representative of The Glenlivet, then this will please with its well-balanced flavours. Fruity notes are at the forefront with hint of sweet pear and soft fudge. Roll it around your mouth for flavours of spicy orange marmalade.

White Oak Reserve

The Glenlivet - White Oak Reserve
Image credit: The Glenlivet

The White Oak Reserve is certainly sweet, having been aged in American Oak Casks. You’ll get an almost velvety texture with mild hints of honeyed caramel. When breathing in, you’re bound to smell ripe fruits – think juicy pears – the finish is balanced and has an overall finesse that’ll keep you wanting more. 

Rare Cask 

The Glenlivet - Rare Cask
Image credit: The Glenlivet

For those longing for a subtle sweetness, the Rare Cask takes the cake. Thanks to the proportion of ex-sherry casks it’s been aged in, it almost smells like peaches in syrup with an additional tinge of spicy ginger. There’s also a long finish to this, with hints of spiciness lingering on your tongue. 

Free whisky tasting and personalised bottle labels 

If you’re not sure about the type of whisky you’re after, head down for a free whisky tasting at Changi Duty Free. Whether it’s the Distiller’s Reserve, White Oak Reserve or Rare Cask, you can get a sip of each to see where your preference lies. Once you’ve figured which you prefer, you can also opt for a bottle with a personalised label – it makes for an excellent gift for yourself or a memorable token for others.

Free Whisky Tasting
Where: Changi Airport (Arrival Hall – The Glenlivet Counter at T1, 2 & 4; Departure Hall – Tasting Bar at T2)

Personalised Bottle Label
Where: Changi Airport (Arrival Hall – The Glenlivet Counter at T4; Departure Hall – the Tasting Bar at T2) 

The Glenlivet whisky range at Changi Duty Free

The Glenlivet whisky range
Image credit: The Glenlivet

Neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of mineral water – it’s hard to forget the lingering taste of The Glenlivet’s whisky. If you’re unsure which your favourite is, try the Triple Cask Matured series of 3 single malts at Changi Duty Free. This series is exclusive to travel retail, so head down when you’re next at the airport! 

Find out more about The Glenlivet’s latest whisky range here

This post was brought to you by The Glenlivet. 

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