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giga! Has New 5G eSIM Plans With Monthly Complimentary Roaming Data For Fuss-Free Travelling

giga! 5G eSIM plans

Time flies, and as we find ourselves knee-deep in May, we’re unceremoniously almost halfway through the year too. But, with the upcoming June holidays to look forward to, there’s certainly no shame in putting aside a few day’s worth of AL for a quick respite.

Whether you’re planning for a wholesome family sojourn or looking to take your mind off work for some me-time, having a comprehensive mobile plan can make or break your upcoming R&R. Well, that’s where giga!’s 5G eSIM plans come in. With free upgrades for existing customers and complimentary roaming data, here’s what signing up for a giga! eSIM unlocks for you.

Affordable, no-contract plans with 400GB/month & free roaming data

giga! Promotional Graphic

In case you didn’t know, giga! is a digital mobile service provider, and they’re currently offering new 5G eSIM plans that start from only $18.33/month. With the introduction of these plans, both new and existing customers will find that these plans give you more bang for your buck as far as affordable telco options go.

giga! 1TB Data Plan - giga! 5g plansThe plans will also come with up to 1,500 minutes of talk time and 1,500 SMS monthly if you’d like to keep things old school.

Just peep their headliner $20.37/month 5G plan; you’ll get to enjoy ultra-fast 5G connectivity and extensive nation-wide coverage. It comes juiced up with 400GB of data for you to go on major Netflix binges, plus you get to rollover your unused data in case for 2 renewal cycles up to a cap of 400GB at any point of time.

Friends Enjoying Themselves Overseas
All new giga! 5G plans come with free monthly roaming data to up to 5 popular destinations, which include Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and South Korea.

When you’re not in Singapore to dig into that hefty chunk of data, their $28/month plan even comes with a healthy dose of 6GB monthly roaming data to spend when you’re living it up overseas. However, if you don’t foresee yourself using that much data on vacation, the other giga! 5G plans are still bundled with complimentary monthly roaming data.

To summarise, here’s a quick look at giga!’s new 5G plans:

$18.33/month $20.37/month $28/month
300 GB data 400 GB data 1TB data
800 mins call time/SMS 1,000 call time/SMS 1,500 call time/SMS
2GB free roaming data 4GB free roaming data 6GB free roaming data

Hassle-free sign-ups & free upgrades for existing customers

giga! eSIM Installation - giga! 5g plans

Now that you’re hooked, signing up for a giga! 5G eSIM is simple. Sign-ups are done from the comfort of home, and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the giga! app via the Google Play Store for Android users, or App Store for iOS users.
  2. Sign up for your preferred giga! plan and select an eSIM
  3. Download the eSIM profile onto your device

Also, to tap into giga!’s new 5G network, existing customers will need to swap their SIM cards. They can choose between an eSIM which is activated instantly, and a physical SIM card, which comes with next day delivery.

Swapping SIM Cards On giga! App - giga! 5g plans
Use the giga! app to seamlessly swap to an eSIM.

If you’re already on a giga! plan, then all the better. Existing customers currently on the 4G plans like the $18.33/month, $20.37/month, and $25.46 plans will get to upgrade to a 5G one, completely free of charge. The process is even automated, so you don’t have to even lift a finger.

You’ll be able to make the switch to an eSIM for free, from now till 30th June 2024; switching to an eSIM after June 2024 will incur a $1 fee.

Sign up for giga!’s new 5G eSIM plans

If you need some in-person convincing, giga! will be holding a couple of roadshows sprinkled across the CBD and heartland regions across the country in the coming weeks. They are dishing out free cups of espresso while you learn more about their new 5G eSim plans. For more info like dates and locations, keep your eyes peeled for updates on giga!’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

From lag-free mobile gaming to seamless IG story updates while on vacation, giga! 5G eSIM has got you covered with their swanky new 5G eSIM plans.

Learn more about giga!’s new 5G eSIM plans


This post was brought to you by giga!.
Photography by Emmanuele Loza.