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Gardens By The Bay Cycling Itinerary – 5 Lesser-Known Spots Along The Park To Lepak At

Rest spots at Gardens By The Bay

You’re out there cruising the flat cycling trails around Gardens By The Bay on 2 wheels, and at some point, you’ll probably want to take a break. So we’ve rounded up 5 lesser-known rest spots along the way for you to do exactly that. 

From a rocky breakwater structure to a sprawling green space, here’s where you can stretch your legs and take a break without putting a dent in your momentum or pocket.

1. Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant

Take in the view of the sparkling Singapore skyline at Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant rooftop.

gardens by the bay cyclingImage credit: @ck.sg_brompton via Instagram

Known as the Green Roof, this vast, tree-lined space is one of a few rooftop gardens on the island. Once you park your bike at the Promenade, follow the signs that’ll lead you to the entrance of the garden.

The rooftop destination features a few shaded seats, a water fountain, and a big open field that’s perfect for a picnic. Kites, scooters, ball games, and pets aren’t allowed up there, which is also not a bad thing if you’re after a quiet chill spot.

2. Breakwater at Marina East

For a sweet golden hour hang, head to Breakwater at Marina East.

gardens by the bay cyclingImage credit: @brynnerjannato via Instagram

Created to protect the shore from rough surf, the stone structure has since become a picturesque sunset viewpoint for bikers, hikers, and everyone in between. That said, early risers should still pay it a visit. Apparently, the rolling clouds at dawn are sights to see. 

Breakwater at Marina East is located opposite Marina Barrage, right across the dam.

3. The Canopy Cafe

Whether you need a quick bite or a full-blown post-cycle meal, The Canopy Cafe’s the ticket.

gardens by the bay cyclingImage credit: @helen_evans_170997 via Instagram

Nestled inside Marina Bay Golf Course, this breezy oasis boasts spacious alfresco seatings with a giant canopy and sweeping views of the city skyline. The Western and Asian menu features Johor Fried Bee Hoon and Fried Kway Teow on deck for mains, as well as Prawn Paste Chicken Wings and Tauhu Goreng for snacks.

4. Bay East Garden

There’s something about visiting the carefully cultivated Bay East Garden that brings a sense of peace. 

gardens by the bay cyclingImage credit: @bennysaik via Instagram 

Go for a stroll around the lotus pond, breathe in the scent of fresh florals, and indulge in some quiet contemplation amidst a sprawling field. On top of the stunning vistas, GBTB’s main attractions like Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, as well as the F1 pit building and Marina Bay Sands, can all be seen from Bay East Garden. 

Find the right location to sit down and you might get treated to all of the above from a single spot.

5. Big Fish Aquarium

If your crew consists of mini cyclists, the Big Fish Aquarium will make their hearts sing.

gardens by the bay cycling

Tucked away inside the Children’s Garden at GBTB, the fish tank houses a handful of species like the giant South American arapaima and alligator gar. A visit to this mini aquarium is completely free and acts as a perfect pitstop to give your legs a break.

If you find yourself here early in the morning, hit up the Sun Pavilion nearby to breeze through the cool collection of desert plants.

Recharge at these rest spots at Gardens By The Bay

gardens by the bay cycling

As cars honk and taxis swerve the densely trafficked streets of Singapore, a different kind of exploratory bliss exists on the quieter, greener paths that can be found at Gardens By The Bay. So, if your plan this weekend is to push your bike pedals and sail along these paths, go ahead.

Along the way, just make sure you hit the brakes to take in the dramatic landscapes of the city and hydrate. With temperatures at an all-time high, it’s only normal to lose more body water on your cycling journey, and it’s crucial that you replace them regularly.


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This post was brought to you by Redoxon.
Photography by Gavin Chua.
Cover image adapted from: @ck.sg_brompton, @brynnerjannato, @helen_evans_170997 via Instagram
Originally published 3rd July 2023.

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