The future of modern living


We’ve already seen automated toilet bowls in Japan and solar powered houses in Miami, but Singapore has yet to see much innovation in residential developments; until now. 

The Visionaire is the first of its kind in executive condo living, creating a home that functions like your very own J.A.R.V.I.S . Although some of the features we saw in the Home of The Future exhibit might not make it through to the final design, we were still very excited at the possibilities it entails for the future.

We went down to check out what the hype surrounding this latest Executive Condo, slated for T.O.P (when you’ll be able to move in) in 2018. Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to check it out as well.


1. You’ll have apps which do everything for you 


The HiLife app

This is your one stop portal to anything and everything you’ll ever need in your new home at The Visionaire. From booking a barbeque pit by the pool and even providing a list of caterers to choose from, the HiLife app removes all the fuss from your life, allowing you to focus on the more important issues at hand.

The app also has a list of specially curated vendors for household needs like cleaning, servicing, and plumbing. With such a wide range of functions, you’ll never need to worry about emergencies or Googling “how to fix a leaky sink”.  

Remotely control your smart home with a mobile application

We’ve seen J.A.R.V.I.S in Iron Man, and Alfred in Batman V Superman. Soon, you will be able to control your smart home at the touch of your fingers with a mobile application. The Smart Home Control Centre – your smart home’s brain, allows you to control all the smart features in your home, from automated lighting to washing machines. 

It’s also responsible for the remote control of your front door as well as the temperature control in your apartment. It’s your very own J.A.R.V.I.S or Siri in the palm of your hand.


2. Wake up in the morning to the most high tech mirror ever


Step aside Tony Stark, you’re not the only one with hologram screens in your house. I can totally read my emails while I’m brushing my teeth now, and all it takes is pressing a button on my trusty remote control. 

If emails aren’t your thing, you could also watch your favourite Netflix shows like House of Cards and channel your inner presidential swagger. C’mon let’s face it, a TV hidden in your mirror is cool. And even if you don’t use it, you’ll be able to scare the next visitor who decides to use the toilet in your house. Just queue up Ju-on on the screen and let the screaming begin!

While this really cool feature is still in its developmental phase and is not a default feature of The Visionaire smart home units, we foresee that it’ll be implemented in the near future! You can have a glimpse of this and other exciting features at the Visionaire showflat.


3. The lights and blinds in your house are fully automated


I hate walking into my house in the middle of the night and fumbling over the light switches in pitch darkness. I’ve always dreamed of being able to walk into a room and having all the lights instantly turn on when I step in. Unfortunately, all I’ve ever had the chance to do was struggle to take off my shoes while groping the walls for light switches.

The wait is finally over, you can turn on your lights just by tapping a single button on your phone – that means no more tripping over socks or banana peels left lying around by your kids. 

Now, imagine being woken up by the natural beams of sunlight washing over you in the mornings. Your home can now open the blinds at exactly 8am every morning, and it’s as easy as setting an alarm on your phone. With the Smart Home Control Centre in The Visionaire, you now have to option of installing this amazing feature. If you don’t like automated systems however, you can always use the old school way of doing it manually. 


4. Your home’s security is constantly monitored 24/7


I remember the days before my family had a personal helper, when my parents had to hire someone to look after me and my younger brother if they wanted to watch a movie. Although my brother and I were unlikely to climb out of a window, looking back I can understand why they were worried.

One of the new Smart-Home features implemented in The Visionaire helps to keep track of your kids and makes sure they stay safe and secure at all times. Without having someone to constantly watch over it, your home now sports the ability to monitor unexpected motions when you’re not at home. So if your child decides to open a window without permission, you’ll instantly be alerted on your phone or tablet!

P.S This works both ways, so if a burglar or thief decides to break into your home, you’ll be informed immediately as well!


5. You’ll never go hungry again with this digital chef


If you’re a busy working adult like myself, you realize that making time for groceries and cooking is a luxury in itself. Recipes can be taxing to find and you wouldn’t know if you had eggs in the fridge to make an omelette, much less a complete meal.

With Smart-Home improvements, your fridge will soon be able to track all the ingredients in your fridge and let you know when you’re running out of certain foods. Once you sync your fridge with an online grocery-shopping website, you’ll automatically be able check out all the items you need! Beyond that, after identifying those ingredients, your kitchen will also suggest recipes. 

The recipes are all video based and can be viewed on the display itself as you cook, like watching an infomercial and cooking in real-time. The heads up display makes cooking effortless and will reinvent how people approach cooking in the future.

Like the television mirror, the digital chef is but a peek into what could be the future of our homes. If you’re interested in seeing the future in action before your very eyes, check out the Home of The Future exhibit at the Visionaire showflat!


6. This anti-haze air con will protect your family every year


While we savour the clean air and oxygen that Indonesia supplies to us for now, we should prepare for the inevitable haze to return. We could stock up on our N95 masks and wear them at home 24/7 but that would be uncomfortable and terribly impractical.  

Instead, just turn on the air-conditioner. With the “Virusdoctor” feature enabled, the air-conditioner in this executive condo doubles up as an air purifier as well. All your haze worries can now be put at ease – 99.9% of all airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens are easily taken care of with this feature. A plus for anyone with asthma problems or families with young children.


7. Fully customizable spaces…


Two sides of the same space

With the space constraint in most flats nowadays, it is imperative to make the most out of what is available. Instead of having two separate rooms for your wine cellar and a study, you can combine them both into one and maximise that space. 

This concept by Qingjian Realty is called CoSpace. It allows homeowners to fully customize the space to suit various living styles. You can combine a wine cellar and a study, or a utility room and a playroom for the kids, all for free before you move in! Friendly interior designers will be on hand to give you professional advice to ensure you get the most out of the space.


8. …and rooms that kids will love


It seems almost impossible to squeeze two kids into the tight spaces that a regular executive condo might have. However, with CoSpace, nothing seems impossible. Even the smallest of spaces can be refitted to create conducive sleep and work areas for your children. 

Using vertical space intelligently, CoSpace allows you to fit not only two beds, but two study tables as well. This opens up endless arrangements for your children’s needs, allowing other rooms to be used more effectively until the kids grow older and require their own.


9. Tiny details are all taken care of



Anti-slam drawers and triple glazed ovens

We tend to overlook small things which make our homes a whole lot better without even realizing. Things like oven size and the sounds our drawers make when we shut them are issues too many of us do not pay enough attention to. 

So it helps that the Visionaire’s interior designers have done the planning for us. Even things like handicapped accessible toilets show the amount of thought put into designing this home. It has a wide length to accommodate wheelchairs as well as a seat in the shower area for elderly folk to sit down while showering. 


The shower head even allows you to change the variations of the water spray by pressing instead of the usual tedious turning. All to accommodate young children and senior citizens who might not have the strength to twist and turn the shower head.


10. You’ll even have a personal doorman!



How many times have you forgotten to bring your keys out of your house, and were left stranded outside for hours waiting for someone to come home? Here, keys are a thing of the past, and you could unlock your house door remotely from your smartphone for anyone who needs to enter. 

Using the  smart home mobile app, homeowners can also control the door security of their home from their own phones. This means it’s easier for you to let people into your apartment on your watch, without giving them a physical key, or without you being physically at your door. Yay to no more missed home deliveries!

If you’re not a fan of remotely controlling your home security, you can also use the keycards provided to manually access your home. It comes with a set of 20 codes, so if you feel your cards have been compromised you can just switch codes whenever you want!

P.S There is also a last resort manual lock which uses a normal key in case all else fails. You can never go wrong with the classics! 


A vision of the future



There are firsts for everything, and The Visionaire is the first step in the future of executive condos everywhere. While some might be apprehensive about introducing smart features into their homes, I for one, having seen the benefits of it with my own eyes, would recommend at least visiting the showflat. It’s something to behold and I’m sure you’ll be convinced like me when you’re done with the tour.


The Visionaire Show Units Location



If you are intrigued like me and would like to check out The Visionaire’s show units and the Home of The Future exhibit, they are located at Wellington Circle, just walking distance from Sembawang MRT. The show units and exhibit are open from 10am to 7pm daily.

This post was brought to you by Qingjian Realty.