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10 Fun Short-Term Jobs In Singapore That Beat Nua-ing Away At Home

Short-term jobs with a fun working environment


WRS Vet-Keeper

Staying at home all day binging on chips and gluing your eyes to the laptop screen sounds pretty darn appealing, but the cold hard truth is that the nua life is simply not sustainable. Your ang bao stash is slowly depleting, and so is your spending ability. It’s time to quit your alter-ego as a sloth and explore what the corporate world has in store for you. 

Contrary to popular belief, having a job doesn’t always equate to a sedentary routine or being desk-bound for an agonizing number of hours. Here are 10 cool jobs that you won’t mind waking up in the morning for:


1. Role Playing Crew


Role playing crew at Kidzania


If you’re a fab entertainer with a soft spot for kids, this one’s for you. At indoor amusement centre Kidzania, you get to interact with bright-eyed children with boundless energy as you take on scripts for various bubbly characters or perform the role of a mascot. 

Besides role playing, you’ll also have a chance to learn more about customer service and the operation of machinery. This job requires no prior experience so come as you are! Take on this dynamic role by submitting your application at this site.


2. Vet-Keeper


Vet Keeper (WRS)


It’s almost become a reflex for many of us to swoon every time we step into a pet store, cooing at the little guinea pigs and fluffy pups. If you’re no exception, the job of a Vet-Keeper may suit you well. 

Be in charge of the welfare of endearing winged friends at the zoo, where you’ll be perpetually surrounded by beautiful nature. Shower the animals with tender love and meticulous care as you carry out a myriad of duties, including the feeding and husbandry of birds. 

If working with these furry ones sounds like a sweet deal to you, submit your application on here!


3. WWF Communications Intern


WWF Communications Intern


Here’s your shot to work and support a meaningful cause at the same time. Jobs don’t always have to be purely transactional and WWF knows that. Be at the frontline in the fight for Mother Earth as you advocate environmental and wildlife conservation.  

As a Communications Intern, you will focus on expanding WWF’s sphere of influence. Plus points if you’re social media savvy! Apply for this job here


4. Fashion Creative Intern at Jump Eat Cry 


Jump Eat Cry


Calling out to all fashionistas: here’s your golden chance to chalk up some experience in the field. Jump Eat Cry, a company catering to the maternity market, is on the lookout for a Fashion Creative Intern to carry out a series of tasks comprising styling fashion shoots, conceptualization of events as well as designing of materials.

If you’re into the latest trends and fashion statements, this job is the one for you. Find out more about this position here.


5. Part Time Art Educator cum Weekend Instructors


Little Artists Art Studio


Your knack for drawing might be going to waste as you read this. Muster the confidence and put your artsy-fartsy skills to good use at Little Artists Art Studio. Take on the role as a part-time art teacher or weekend instructor and impart your skills to an adorable bunch of aspiring Picassos. 

With endless possibilities and the freedom to plan lessons, you will never get bored and dormant. Check out the deets on this opportunity here


6. Art Workshop instructor 


Singapore Tyler Print Institute


Let your artistic flair shine through at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute as you tackle the role of a Workshop Instructor. Organize and conduct a series of workshops such as paper-making and collagraph printing ones. At the same time, double up as an outreach officer, working on public relations and publicity of the company.   

Snag this job here, and you’ll be on your way to being the coolest kid on the block. 


7. Play Specialist


Play Specialist @ Safra


Specialising in playing and having fun sounds like a pretty sweet deal. If you find children absolutely precious and are keen to work with these bright-eyed gems, the role of a Play Specialist at Safra is for you. 

Get moving as you take on the role of a play specialist at various Kidz Amaze events, planning and executing anything from camps to birthday parties. Be on the ball as you cheer participants on and ensure that events flow smoothly. For those seeking new challenges to take on, you’re bound to have a ball of a time with this one. 

Apply for this job here.


8. Part-time Music/Dance Educator 


Music team at Music Solutions


Set your inner Mozart free and apply for a job as a part-time Music or Dance Educator over at Music Solutions, where you can play a pivotal role in a beginner’s quest to master a new art form.  

Create harmonies and memories at this music school and transfer your knowledge to your enthusiastic disciples. Experience the joy of teaching for yourself by signing up here.


9. Subtitling dramas 


Attention all drama lovers: this is your chance to get dibs on your fave episodes even before they air on national television. For those of you who are guilty of constantly indulging in drama after drama, you’d understand how crucial subtitles are. Now, there’s a window for you to turn this into cash. 

Fully utilise your proficiency in both English and Chinese and showcase your bilingualism by producing and editing subtitles for various programmes on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 and Okto. Click here to find out more about what this job entails!   


10. Play Nation Service Associate


TSL @ Play Nation

If you’ve for a burning passion for gaming, the role of a Play Nation Service Associate will definitely cater to your interests. Impart your tips and tricks to customers who pop in for an afternoon of fun. Showcase your people skills and top-notch customer service by recommending the most thrilling console and board games. 

As you gain more experience, you can also look forward to more opportunities in events management too. To kickstart your dynamic journey, check out this link


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