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Every day at noon, a serious discussion ensues in the office: where shall we go for lunch? Prawn noodle’s too far a walk, while it’s too much of a hassle to get to the food court. Sometimes, we’re too lazy to even step outside to the nearby coffee shop – so you can imagine the cheers when Foodology Catering delivered a Chinese New Year set for lunch one day. 

I always thought that catering meant oily food and soggy sandwiches, but Foodology Catering changed that impression. Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and to help those of you who can’t cope in the kitchen or have too many mouths to feed, Foodology Catering has launched their Lunar New Year Packages, which will be available from 9 February to 5 March 2015. 


The Food


b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC00349-2-Copy.jpgWe had the Yu Sheng ($38, with optional add-on of 12 sashimi slices at $15), which came with special Foodology Yu Sheng sauce. I’m normally not a fan of yu sheng, and this dish didn’t change my mind. The vegetables were stiff, and the sashimi was sliced rather thinly.

The other items we had came from the Harmony Set ($318+), and were better than the Yu Sheng. The Pineapple Fried Rice was fragrant and not too oily, and the pineapple bits added a nice sweetness to the rice. There were bits of egg, crabstick, and meat in the rice.b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC00338-2-Copy.jpgThe Emperor Herbal Chicken was soft, well-flavoured and easy to cut. It was as good as, if not better than other herbal chicken dishes I’ve had. The chicken had absorbed the stock well so every mouthful was tender and well-marinated. b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC00331-2-Copy.jpgThe Whole Sea Bass with Supreme Light Soy Sauce was decent, but nothing memorable. It didn’t have an overly fishy taste, and the skin was slightly crispy, which was nice. The Pineapple Fried Rice and Emperor Herbal Chicken stood out much more in comparison.b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC00336-2-Copy.jpgThe Mango Pudding with Cocktail Fruits came shaped like a fish, which I thought was apt for Chinese New Year. The pudding was not too sweet or artificial, but I felt it could have had bits of mango inside for a change in texture, and I was a little disappointed as there were no cocktail fruits inside.




I would order this the next time if I had to cater for a small-scale event, as the quality and variety of the food are good – the sets include Sauteed Prawns with Salted Egg, a popular dish.

The Harmony ($318+) and Abundance ($338+) party sets are ideal for 10 to 12 guests, and the Abundance Set comes with Yu Sheng for people to usher in the Lunar New Year, as well as a whole Roast Chicken and Ee Fu Noodles. The Prosperity Buffet package ($29.80 per pax, minimum 30 people) is better for office gatherings or larger parties held at home.

If you want to skip the queues at restaurants, and don’t want to sweat in the kitchen on Chinese New Year, Foodology Catering has many add-on options and customisable catering packages to suit different occasions and tastes. 


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Promotions: UOB Cardholders enjoy 10% off menu prices for all Party Sets and Buffet Packages from 9 February to 5 March 2015, and orders placed by 9 February enjoy free delivery for Party Set and Buffet Packages (excluding deliveries from 18 to 20 February 2015).

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