F&N’s new Five Abundances Variety Pack 

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With less than a month till the annual CNY festivities kick off, you’re probably rushing to fill your kitchen and dining table with tasty goodies to play top host. But beyond stocking up on snacks, a must-have is a fridge full of refreshing drinks for your guests. A common staple? F&N sparkling canned drinks.

Taking the popular Chinese blessing “Wu Fu Lin Men literally, which means 5 blessings at your doorstep, their newly-launched Five Abundances Variety Pack includes 5 classic flavours for you and your kakis to share during gatherings this New Year’s celebration.

2020 festive variety pack for the Year of the Rat 

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Specially created to fit the theme of the Year of the Rat in 2020, the box has a cartoon rat design on it for extra huat this year. Plus, its fun splash of orange and red colours on the box make it easily striking from afar at the supermarket.

f&n cny festive pack packaging

Accompany your CNY feast with 5 classic flavours

f&n cny festive pack flavours

Groovy Grape, Cheeky Cherryade, Cool Ice Cream Soda, Outrageous Orange, and Sarsi – sip on these 5 classic flavours to wash down your overload of CNY snacks like pineapple tarts and Bak Kwa. 

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Known as go-to options for soft drinks in every household, F&N’s iconic Outrageous Orange and Groovy Grape flavours gave us an instant throwback to our fond childhood memories. The Cool Ice Cream Soda flavour is also another favourite, that served as a sweet midday treat on a hot day. 

With 18 cans in each Festive Pack, your guests will likely be able to get the favourite of their choice among the 5 range of flavours. 

Celebrate CNY with F&N’s Five Abundances Variety Pack 

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Whether you’re hosting a CNY gathering or fretting over the perfect potluck item to bring to the party, F&N’s Five Abundances Variety Pack is certainly up to the job. With 5 different options, you can rest assured that there’s a flavour for everyone at the party. It even comes with a makeshift handle at the top to make carrying it around a tad bit easier. 

While most of us are used to grabbing a 6-pack of canned drinks during this season, save yourself the trouble by picking up 18 drinks with 5 different flavours at one go instead with this variety pack. Best of all, each variety pack is going for a low price of just $12.95 for 18 cans – i.e. around $0.70 per can. Think about how much you’ll be able to save while still keeping your guests’ thirst quenched.

F&N’s Five Abundances Variety Pack is available islandwide at all supermarkets and convenience stores now, so stock up on ‘em ASAP to treat your friends and loved ones during bai nian sessions! 

Get F&N’s Five Abundances Variety Pack here

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Photography by Nadia Loewito.

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