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10 Reasons to Fly Qantas in 2015

All-New A330


Traveling is now all the rage. It used to be exclusive to businessmen or rich families who would go on holidays twice a year. Now, it’s the year 2015 and everyone is itching to explore every nook and cranny of the globe. But instead of scrambling for the fastest flight out, start your adventure by making your flight an experience itself.

Qantas’ A330 carrier has undergone the revamp of the year. From cabin renovation to more efficient service, travellers are bound to arrive at their destination in style and utmost comfort. We’ve rounded up 10 reasons why you should fly with Qantas and it’s not just because the koalas already did it.


1. The new Business suite gives you all the space you need


Source: Qantas

For Business passengers, there’s ample space to lounge and work, on top of storage for one’s electronic devices. Also a world’s first, passengers are free to recline into bed-flat position from take-off to landing. Now THAT is comfort.


2. You are entitled to inflight amenities


Source: Qantas

Long haul flights can get one in a bit of a low down and as much as you’re thankful aeroplanes have lavatories, a step up on the freshener level can help lift the mood. Every passenger on international flights will receive basic comfort amenities ranging from eyeshades and oral care on Economy flights to skin care from ASPAR in exclusive Kate Spade and Jack Spade kits for Business flyers.


3. You get a welcome drink after take-off


Source: Good Design

Flying Qantas makes you feel like a VIP no matter what class you’re on. Every passenger is entitled to a welcome drink on board from a range of Bickford’s cordials, well renowned in Australia. Qantas will be offering exclusive flavours such as Lemon & Elderflower and Pink Grapefruit, which will make you feel as fancy as they sound.


4. You can download your favourite reads from the Qantas app



Source: Qantas

Besides using the Qantas app to check your necessary flight information, it allows you to access PressReader, a reading platform where you can read almost every publication you please. Want a fashion magazine? No problem. Catch up on the daily news? Got you covered. If you’re itching to read Sports updates in Italian, there’s a magazine ready for you as well. Your favourite local publications will also be available for browsing with 35 titles available. The app entitles flyers to 12 hours of unlimited access prior to their flight, where they can browse and store their favourites for a read later on.


5. Your inflight entertainments are the latest blockbuster hits


Source: Qantas

If your roomy seat is making you too excited to sleep during an all-night flight, you get to select the latest movie premiere, news, comedy or drama series that will keep you company from an interactive touch-screen. Available for all passengers on selected international and domestic flights, you’ll be so entertained you won’t even remember you’re flying.


6. They have a new extensive inflight menu – including healthy food


Source: Qantas

Sometimes airplane food can taste like they’re made from cardboard, and I refrain from ordering them when I fly. But with Qantas’ new inflight menu, I foresee eating everything on board. Passengers can enjoy offerings of more generous meals four options, a new healthy-eating food category and comfort foods en route to flight destinations.


7. Passengers can pre-order their meal online


Source: Qantas

As if new menu options isn’t good enough a luxury, international passengers can now order their meals online prior to flight. Using Select on Q Eat service, one can browse for up to four food options, with exclusive access to the fourth dish. Mealtimes will then be automatic and seamless, giving the impression of a personalised dining experience.


8. There are all type of snacks when you have the munchies



Source: Qantas

If you can’t wait for scheduled mealtimes on board, Qantas provides a roaming snack service that cabin crew members will offer when they patrol the aisles. From pulled beef sliders to ice-cream bars, you know that your inflight hunger will cease to exist.


9. You get more attention from the cabin crew


Source: Qantas

In lieu of the revamped dining service and efficiency of manoeuvring around a roomy cabin, passengers get more personalised time with cabin crew members to fulfil flight requests. With all the undivided attention you’re bound to be getting, I suggest you get used to being treated like royalty.


10. They have a “koala class”


Source: Qantas

When it was reported that four koalas will be on loan to Singapore from Australia, images of the cuddly animal were pictured to be flying in a Business class Qantas flight, being served mineral water and eucalyptus leaves. Besides the fact that it was a publicity stunt, it was a world’s first from the Australian airline. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop one thinking how adorable it was.


Undivided Class


With all the comfort and premium benefits one is bound to receive when flying with Qantas, I know I’m not one to be picky with class. Be it Economy or Business class, the flight experience just keeps getting better and better. Now where to next?

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This post was brought to you by Qantas.