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10 Super “Extra” Inventions Singaporeans Never Knew They Needed In Their Lives Until Now

Inventions to upgrade your life


Growing up as Singaporeans, most of what we do is driven by practicality and purpose. We ain’t got time for “extra” things we think are unnecessary or absurd (read: reindeer noses/antlers stuck onto cars every December to Mozzie Clapping at NDP ‘17).

But sometimes we’re too quick to shoot down brilliants idea because of their apparent ridiculousness and here are 10 underrated inventions that scream “extra-ness”, but also far exceed in usefulness. Just rein in your judginess and you’ll see: 


 1. The Giant Durian Opener


durian opener

Image credit: Alibaba

Durian sellers will think twice about pulling a fast one on you when you’re carrying this Giant Durian Opener around the lorongs of Geylang. Not only does this durian opener let you bust the fruits open on the spot for inspection, they’re not half as menacing as a parang. 

So if you missed out on #grabdurian in early August, this is the tool to help you make up for lost time, and uncover the golden goodness hiding beneath a prickly surface. 

Durian Opener
Where to buy: Alibaba


2. The Egg Cuber


Egg cuber to shape eggs weird inventions singapore

Image credit: The Guardian

A really out-of-the-box invention, this Egg Cuber will reshape the way you think about eggs. Not only will eggs become more space-efficient in tupperwares, you’ve also have better consistency when they’re diced up for your popiah party. And you can even draw dots onto them and they instantly turn into dual functioning edible dice.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any more extra than this, your eggs can also be reshaped into little chicks: 

egg shape mold cute bento weird inventions singapore

Chick-shaped eggs made from Myojo’s mold! Image credit: @txh_as_alwayss_duh

No need to decide which came first – chicken or egg – because they come together with this chick egg mold from Myojo’s limited edition decoration kit. 

Myojo Noodle Decorating Kit 
Where to buy: Myojo


3. The Pizza Scissors  


Pizza scissors eat pizza without dirtying hands weird inventions singapore

Image credit:

Each of us swears by our favorite pizza chain. But whether it’s Pizza Hut, Sarpino’s or Domino’s, pulling apart the slices can be messy business, especially with massive amounts of cheese glueing them together.

Made for easy pizza slicing, the Maestro Pizza Scissors is for days where your pesky pieces refuse to separate from each other. With sharp blades and a base support for the slice, these specific scissors are a game changer. It’s probably only thing more extra than eating pizza with forks and knives. 

Maestro Pizza Scissors
Where to buy: Amazon 


4. The Prawn Peeler 


Prawn peeler peel prawns without dirtying your hands weird useful inventions singapore

Image credit:

You’ve been strategically avoiding ordering prawn dishes on your dinner dates with bae, because nothing is less sexy than having prawn juice all over your fingers.

But spare yourselves the lecheh prawn-peeling process with this Shrimp Peeler in tow. You still have to wash it after use, but at least you score brownie points with your S.O. when you effortlessly hand them ready-to-eat morsels, sans the exoskeletal bits. 

Prawn Shrimp Seafood Shell Peeler
Where to buy: Qoo10 | Lazada 


5. The Finger Food Grabbers


chicken finger

Image Credit: 

You have that one designated friend you count on to supply you tissue papers whenever you eat out. But for outings where they don’t tag along, the Trongs will be the extensions to your regular fingers, giving you a firm grip on finger foods at barbecues. It will also keep your hands are grease-free on the hunt for the best chicken wings across Singapore.

Potechi Potato Chip Grabber weird inventions singapore

Image adapted from: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Also part of the starter kit for the “I-don’t-wanna-use-my-hands squad” is the Potechi Potato Chip Grabber. This button-operated grabber not only works out your fingers, it also improves your hand-eye coordination, making the Potechi the ultimate companion to keeping greasy fingers at bay. 

Where to buy: Shopify

Potechi Potato Chip Grabber
Where to buy: Amazon


6. The Protractor for cheese or pizza


Cheese protractor tool to measure cheese when cutting weird inventions singapore

Image Credit:

Your most calculative friend will be all over this Cheese Degrees Cutting Board and your primary school teacher will be proud you paid enough attention in geometry class to even think of buying one of these. 

Cheese protractor to measure cheese when cutting it weird inventions singapore

Giving mathematical precision to your food slices, this board teaches you the difference between cubes, chunks and slices. 

Cheese Degrees Cutting Board 
Where to buy: Uncommon Goods


7. The Oreo Dunker


Oreo dunker to keep hands clean weird inventions singapore

Image Credit:

Made for dunking Oreos into milk, the Dipr will forever change the way you eat your favorite black and white biscuits. You’ll never again have bits of your cookies lost in a tall glass of milk with this trusty hook, made to fit perfectly with the diameter of a standard Oreo cookie.

Timing is key to achieving your desired cookie texture and there’s even a scientific study that breaks down the exact duration to achieve perfect consistency – 3 seconds – proving that people sure take their dunking very seriously. 

Ps. The Dipr is proven to work with other circular items like Babybel cheese and salami

 The Dipr
Where to buy: Amazon 


8. The Banana Wine Bottle Stopper


Cute banana wine bottle stopper weird quirky inventions singapore


Described as being 4-inches in length, you’re not sure if this Banana Wine Bottle Stopper is a product of jest or practicality. But sealing your wine bottles with this airtight stopper keeps your pinots and cabernets fresher for longer.

Just how tight the fit is we’re not sure, but the tighter it is, the better it fulfills it’s ban-ana function: banning you from having one glass too many. 

Fred’s Top Banana Wine Bottle Stopper 
Where to buy: Amazon 


9. The Veggie Razor


Vegetable shredder veggie razor weird inventions singapore

Image Credit: Fred & Friends

With all the hype surrounding the girl who repurposed food around the office into makeup, it’s clear we’re low-key drawn to weird alternatives that can achieve the same purpose. And this definitely includes vegetable peelers disguised as shavers. 

Even though it bears a blade specially for peeling vegetables, the unconventional handle might cause some mix ups with your actual shaver. So please keep your eyes peeled or you’ll wind up with carrots with extra flavor. 

 Fred’s Close Shave Vegetable Peeler 
Where to buy: Amazon


10. The Edamame Stress Reliever


Singaporeans live high-stress lives – judging from the sheer number of fidget spinners in circulation these days. So if you’re looking for the next up and coming fidget gadget, this Edamame Stress Reliever was made to keep your hands entertained. 

Cute edamame stress reliever cute inventions singapore

Image adapted from: Sera Chan and Toys

Heads will turn on the MRT, because holding this convincing pod might make it look like you’re eating on board. But one thing’s for sure, even if you’re confronted by intimidating train personnel, you won’t even break a nervous sweat because you’ve already squished out all the pent-up stress. 

EocuSun Edamame Stress Reliever
Where to buy: Amazon 


BONUS: The Selfie Fork


Nissin selfie fork giveaway weird inventions in singapore

You’ve had the idea before, but finally someone has combined the humble fork with a selfie stick, making the selfie fork a reality. Perfect for days when no one’s around to take candid shots of you eating your gram-worthy food, this selfie fork will come in handy. But please note: the thick-skin required to whip this out in public is sold separately.

For those of you who are paiseh to using this outdoors, use this fork in the secrecy of your home – watch your favorite Mukbang channel or even film your own series with this. 

 And if you’re done eating alone, this is your gateway to eating with your kakis wherever you are. Simply FaceTime or WhatsApp video call them on your phone and you’re face-to-face with them over a piping hot bowl of noodles. 


Extra ways to win


Selfie stick selfie fork Nissin giveaway

What – more chances to win stuff?

If you’ve been trying to redeem yourself from being the most “extra” person in your squad, prove to your judge-y friends that you’ve so much more to offer with this list: from Oreo dippers to cheese protractors, absurd inventions can serve very important purposes. 

But if you were wondering how to get your hands on the limited edition Selfie Fork, you won’t be able to check it out in your online shopping cart.

Starting this September, Nissin’s prized Selfie Fork is one of over 10,000 prizes to be won. Simply pick up a Myojo Bowl* in or Chu Qian Yi Ding Bowl (Sesame Or Chicken) and stand to win some limited edition items. 

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Nissin lucky draw grand prize giveaway

1,200 people stand a chance to win The Grand Prize – a Selfie fork!

Nissin giveaway smartphone stand

And if the Selfie Fork made you go “what the fork”, aim to win this instead – this smartphone stand serves to prop up your phone for easy drama watching. 

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This post was brought to you by Nissin.