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Watch the Sydney Fireworks at these 10 venues that will give you the perfect vantage point to celebrate 2015 and welcome 2016! From cruises to operas, Sydney knows how to have a Happy New Year!


1. Midnight At The Oasis



When midnight is what you’re counting down to, why do it anywhere else than at The Oasis? Giving you a sensational view of harbour flare up with a fantastic fury of lights, a tasteful three-course meal exploding with flavours mimicking the bursting light works, and a dance floor to pop and lock like the colours in the sky, this New Year combination is the ultimate experience.

As you dine before the night’s display begins, the evening harbour and the outdoor lights will set the mood quite nicely for the last few moments of the year. Share such a special momentous occasion with your friends, family, or significant other, and this will definitely be a night to look back on.

When: 31 December, 7pm to 12:30am
Where: Fleet Steps South, Mrs Macquaries Point (Entry via Art Gallery Rd)
Event Info: Here


2. Lawn With The View



You know you’ll have an excellent view of the fireworks when the name itself claims it! From of Sydney’s best city oasis, The Royal Botanic Garden, you’ll be having a picnic to remember! Included in the ticket prices is entry to an incomparable vantage point, a gourmet picnic hamper sporting entrees, main, desserts, and supper, and access to their bar to keep the buzz going! Keep in mind that there won’t be any parking available so public transport is the best way to attend. 

There will also be a fittingly relaxing music playing, the perfect way to set the mood to reminisce about the adventures of 2015 with your loved ones. This event is open to all of Sydney, so whether you’d like a New Year’s kiss, a family group hug, or cheers to lasting friendship with the light show as the backdrop, you’re sure to have a picture-perfect moment. Begin 2016 with a moment to remember, head on to the Lawn With The View!

When: 31 December, 7pm to 12:30am
Where: Bennelong Law, Royal Botanic Garden & The Domain Sydney (Entry via Macquarie Street)
Event Info: Here


3. La Bohème or The Opera Gala



For an all class, all out welcome to the New Year, The Opera House has put on two glorious performances to go along with the Sydney firework show! Both the La Bohème and The Opera Gala will have you in captivated bliss, hearts bursting with child-like wonderment, and a uproar of applause!

A love story for you to fall for, La Bohème compsed by Giacomo Puccini will set your heart out on the kinds of adventure you wish for in the New Year. Following a journey of friendship and love and all it’s ups-and-downs, it’ll give you a new perspective on some of life’s purest matters. The Opera Gala is a night full of tunes to fill your ear with joyous notes and your heart with divine happiness. Each piece will take you on an emotional journey that will have you appreciating the moment. Better yet, theatregoers will be able to see the Sydney Fireworks show during the show intervals! 

When: 31 December, 7:45pm for both shows
Where: The two events have different venues within the Opera House so check the website below
Event Info: Here


4. Taronga Zoo’s New Years Eve



Nothing will make you feel more like a New Years in Australia than being surrounded by native animals with a Sydney skyline as the backdrop. Once again hosting New Years Eve for the betterment of the environment, this bucket-list zoo will contribute all proceeds to the Taronga Zoo Foundation, which works to conserve wildlife.

Although welcoming all crowd, families with children will find this charity event particularly appealing as it is safe and away from the hectic harbour while still having a stunning view of the fireworks. You’ll be sitting on your own picnic chairs or matt while everyone everywhere else will be standing squished up against a sweaty stranger.

As you stretch out in your own humble space, you can lay out your home-brought picnic or check out The Taronga Food Market! End 2015 with live concerts, food stalls, animal exhibits, and fireworks all while giving back to Mother Nature!

When: 31 December, 6pm
Where: Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 Australia
Event Info: Here


5. Opera Bar Beach Party



Exceeding their previous year’s traditions, this harbour side bar brings the beach to the harbour for New Years. For those who want the fireworks and the dance floor, the Opera Bar Beach Party is the event to end 2015 with!

Along side of the impressive live entertainment and acts lined up, you’ll be enjoying five hours of delicious finger foods with their package. And to go with that, you’ll have a plethora of cocktails and spirits to keep you swooned throughout the night! As if things couldn’t get any better, this 18+ event will have you dancing away under the stars, under the disco lights, and under the fireworks! You won’t just dance the night away; you’ll be dancing the year away at this Beach Party! Keeping it at a good mix of wild and classy, Opera Bar will start you off on the right foot for 2016!

When: 31 December, 6pm to 3am
Where: Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW 2000
Event Info: Here


6. Fort Denison



If planning and organising a memorable New Year is just too stressful for you, Fort Denison will answer all of your struggles! With transportation there and back organised, champagnes, beers and wines catered all evening, canapés along with a fully fledged five course meal, and live entertainment to add keep you upbeat all night long, there is absolutely no way you’ll be bored. Just because it’s New Years Eve doesn’t mean the only highlight of the night should be the fireworks; Fort Denison will make all of it a night to remember!

Along with all of the exquisite services that come with this island package, you’ll have a front-sea view of the fireworks. To top it all off, you’ll be able to see the Harbour of Lights Parade in front of you as well with the magnificent landscape with the back drop. After a long year, it’s time to spoil yourself at Fort Denison! What better way to end the year than an island getaway that’s still close to home?

When: 31 December, 6:45pm to 12:15am
Where: Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour, NSW 2090
Event Info: Here


7. Bradleys Head



Choose between The Amphitheatre, The Mast Precinct, and Athol Lawn at Bradleys Head for an oustanding view of the New Years’ fireworks! With the panoramic view of the skyline, you’ll be able to watch the fireworks expand in their full form and light up the last night of 2015 from a comfortable picnic spot.

All three venues at Bradleys Head will have pre-purchase gourmet picnic hampers to buy, a few food outlets, and live music and entertainment to enhance the countdown experience! As these are outdoor events and alcohol-free, families, couples, and a group of friends who want to a calmer welcome to 2016 can get away from the wilder crowds. Relish in the nature, sit back on the prefect picnic spot, and watch the first moments of the New Year light up the Sydney landscape!

When: 31 December, 3pm to 12:30am
Where: Bradleys Head Amphitheatre, Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
Event Info: Here


8. Captain Cook’s Cruises



The closer the venue, the better the view! Why not join the harbour for the New Year’s fireworks? Captain Cook’s NYE Cruises will have you sailing through to the next year with a breathtaking sight of the light works. Up close and personal to the vivacious colours, you’ll be sitting front seat as you look into the bright show before you and the bright year ahead!

On these cruises, you’ll have food to talk over with your loved ones about the many memories collected in the past year. As you dance down memory lane, you’ll have drinks keep the stories coming and perhaps some hearty Australian banter to go with the more embarrassing ones! To add on to the festivity that was 2015, you’ll be whisked away in the magic that is Sydney’s firework show. With absolutely nothing held back, Captain Cook will take you on your first adventure of 2016, and perhaps one of your most unforgettable ones yet! When in doubt, just follow the Captain! Cruise onto the New Year with Captain Cook!

When: 31 December, times vary on the cruises so check the link below
Where: Pier 26, Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour NSW 2000
Event Info: Here


9. Harbour of Light Parade



It won’t just be the fireworks lighting up Sydney on New Years Eve! Matching the bright explosions in the night sky, the dark harbour will be illuminated by vessels outlined with ropes of light! You’ll begin to see the multi-coloured floats set sail a little after 9pm fireworks, meaning it’ll be one vibrant show after the other. Many mistake the fireworks to be the only Sydney show on New Years Eve, but keen Sydney Siders know the Harbour Lights is the grand lead up to it all!

Of course, the Harbour Lights will be much calmer than the magnificent fireworks, making the whole night full of different surprises. Celebrate the coming of a New Year with the fireworks, and reminisce on the past year with the nostalgic calm of the Light Parade. Watch the city, sky, and harbour light up in arguably Sydney’s most vibrant nights, don’t miss out on the Harbour of Light Parade!

When: 31 December, 9:15pm to 11:30pm
Where: Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour, NSW
Event Info: Here


10. Home



Another year gone, and another year comes, what better way to celebrate time than surrounded by your loved ones? Although all the events on this list are Sydney’s best, perhaps the only down side is you’ll be weaving through a sea of strangers. Bringing the celebration to you live on television, radio, and the link below, say hello to 2016 without the whole city crowding around you.

As Australia’s more international city, catching the exuberant light works from home is great for those who have cultural New Year traditions to uphold but also want to celebrate the Sydney way! Whether it’s a family dinner with local foods, sticking up good luck charms for a fortunate year, or a potluck of all sorts, you won’t have to choose between them and the fireworks! Lose the crowds and honour the festivity in your own home!

When: 31 December, 8:30pm
Where: ABC1 on TV, or live stream on the link below!
Event Info: Here


Ending the year with a blast


As the year comes to the end, it’s time to look back on the good times and buckle in for the better! With one of the world’s best firework shows, Sydney is in for a treat! If there are other ways to end the year with a bang, let us know in the comment section below!