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Flipside Esplanade 2018

Image adapted from: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

They always say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work isn’t ideal either. What every child needs is a good combination of both.

Enter Flipside, an arts festival from 25 May to 3 June that will convert the Esplanade into a large educational playground for you and your kids. From giant LED puppets to Japanese myths, there are approximately 200 activities and performances to look forward to – so the fun never ends!

 Below are our top picks on what you should look out for at the 10-day long event:


1. String Symphony – giant LED puppet


Your kid might have watched Pinocchio being brought to life by Mister Geppetto’s hands. But at Flipside, they can be the ones bringing a puppet to life – a giant one illuminated with 600 LED lights, no less.

String Symphony

Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Brought over from Aussie, String Symphony will have you and your kid working together with a bunch of other visitors to manipulate the puppet. All that’s needed is a little teamwork and coordination and you’d have the puppet coming to life right in front of you. 

Check out the massive puppet in action in this video:

String Symphony
Dates: 25 May – 3 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: Fri: 5PM–10.30PM | Sat: 4PM–10.30PM | Sun – Thu: 4PM–9.30PM
Location: Esplanade Courtyard Green
Price: Free

*There will be no performance on 30 May, Wed.


2. Dans I’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite – puppet show and workshop


Moving on from String Symphony, Dans I’Atelier by the award winning Tof Theatre takes puppeteering in a whole different direction. 

In a 20 minute-long unusual comedic performance, audiences will learn about the art of making puppets, but with a twist – instead of a straightforward demonstration by the puppeteer, this “lesson” is first conducted by the star of the show – the puppet itself.

Dans I’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite

Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Watch as it attempts to bring itself to life in a performance that, according to reviews, ends with a literally explosive finale!

For those who wish to learn more about puppet-making, there is an optional Chantier Frigolite puppet making workshop you can sign up for where you’ll learn how to make puppets of your own out of styrofoam.

Dans I’Atelier & Chantier Frigolite
31 May – 3 Jun 2018
Timeslots: Thu & Fri: 5PM & 7.30PM* | Sat & Sun, 2.30PM & 5PM 
Duration: Performance only: 20 min | Performance & Workshop: 1h 20 min
Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Price: Performance only: Regular – $12 | Concession (students, NSF, seniors) – $11
Performance & Workshop: Regular – $28 | Concession – $25 

* Workshop is not available for Thu & Fri, 7.30PM.
** Admission for performance & workshop is for those aged 7 and above. Admission for performance only is for those aged 5 and above.  


3. GRIDI – modern music instrument


A modern music score board, GRIDI allows you to bring to life a music score by placing balls in different spots.


Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

It might seem complicated at first, but this is super fun to experiment with, and even those without a music background will soon get the hang of creating their own electronic music.

Check out this version of Billie Jean on GRIDI:

Dates: 25 May – 3 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (excluding PH): 8PM–10.30PM | Sat: 1PM–10.30PM | Sun & PH: 1PM-9PM 
Location: Esplanade Concourse
Price: Free


4. Yosuke Ikeda – mime, magic, and comedy show


Yosuke Ikeda

Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

A mime, magic and comedy show combined, Yosuke Ikeda from Japan brings about a light-hearted bout of entertainment to young and old alike. 

During this 30 minute-long performance, there will be surprise after surprise – possibly more than Marvel’s Infinity War – as Ikeda throws out tricks while grooving along to classic tunes such as Hello Goodbye by The Beatles.

Yosuke Ikeda
Dates: 25 & 26 May 2018
Timeslots: Fri: 7.30PM & 9.30PM (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre) | Sat: 3PM & 5PM (Esplanade Concourse) | 7.30PM & 9.30PM (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre)
Duration: 30 min
Location: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Concourse
Price: Free


5. Urashima Taro – Japanese fairytale


It’s not just about the kids here – since Flipside is meant for the whole family, there are programmes suited for adults as well. Steal some time with your spouse away from the little ones, with Urashima Taro by Rouge 28 Theatre.

Urashima Taro

Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Inspired by an ancient Japanese myth, this puppet show brings to life a story of a poor fisherman who is invited to stay with princess of the sea in her underwater palace after saving a turtle. But there’s a dark turn – find out how the tale ends at the Esplanade Theatre Studios!

Through a blend of puppetry, drama and video projections, the storytelling is kept dynamic and captivating throughout the entire 1h duration. The most amazing part? There is only one cast member helming the stage – solo artist Aya Nakamura.

Urashima Taro
Dates: 31 May – 3 Jun 2018
Timeslots: Thu – Sun: 7.30PM | Fri & Sat: 7.30PM & 9.30PM
Duration: 1h
Location: Esplanade Theatre Studio
Price: Regular – $38 | Concession – $28

*Recommended for audiences aged 13 and above. Admission for ages 10 and above only.


Visit Flipside Festival at Esplanade this June holiday


string symphony day time

String Symphony
Image credit: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Spin things up this school holiday and make the the most out of this well-deserved break with the fun and educational line-up at Flipside. Starting on the last day of school on 25th May and running 10 full days, Flipside at Esplanade is bound to, well, flip an uneventful holiday the right side up.

Find out more about Flipside here!

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