9 Eco-Friendly Reusable Masks To Get & Level Up From Vending Machine Ones

Eco-friendly reusable masks

Face masks are now an essential part of our lives as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19. Since we all have to mask up even for minor tasks outside like getting kopi, using disposable options makes it far too easy to rack up loads of non-biodegradable waste. The solution: eco-friendly, reusable face masks.

We each have a duty to take care of Mother Earth, and we can do so by investing in reusable goods. We’ve compiled a list of reusable masks by local brands to snag that are eco-friendly and designed for comfort, safety and style.

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1. Bamboo Straw Girl – masks made from batik offcuts

Image credit: Bamboo straw girl

Bamboo Straw Girl is a homegrown social enterprise that focuses on waste reduction. Their batik reusable masks are made from leftover fabric that would otherwise go into the incinerator. These vibrantly coloured masks are available in small, medium and kid sizes. 

Additionally, 100% of profits from mask sales are donated to Migrants We Care to support the migrant worker community in Singapore – so you can rest assured knowing every dollar is well-spent. 

Price: from $15

Get Bamboo Straw Girl masks

2. Copper Line – high-tech protection against germs

Image credit: @copperline.official

Studies have shown that copper has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and viruses. This explains the range of copper-infused products that have sprung up during this pandemic, including Copper Line’s face masks. 

These masks make use of a 6-layer filtration system, that includes its patented copper filter, to effectively block out 99.9% of harmful bacteria. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter within also makes this a handy bit of gear during the haze season too. They’re also made of eco-friendly fabric that is free of bleach. 

Price: $45.90

Get Copper Line antibacterial masks

3. Minor Miracles – handmade by graduates affected by COVID-19

Image credit: @claritykisses

Face masks obscure our smiles, and if everyone knows you for that, Minor Miracles’ reusable masks feature bright, cheerful designs that make up for it. Each mask is sewn and drawn by fresh fashion graduates who’re currently unable to find jobs due to COVID-19. 

Sales open every 2 weeks, so set a reminder for their next round which opens on 31st July 2020 to grab them before they’re sold out! 

Price: $12

Get Minor Miracles reusable face masks

4. Olive Ankara – eye-catching African cotton wax prints

Image credit: @oliveankara

Olive Ankara is a unique Singaporean label that uses African wax printed fabrics. Their zero-waste policy ensures that fabric usage is fully maximised with offcuts turned into headbands, scrunchies, and of course – eco-friendly, reusable masks.

There are 28 unique designs available, and you could even try to find a matching scrunchie made from the same fabric. They also come with a pocket to insert a surgical mask for extra protection!  

Price: $19

Get Olive Ankara face masks

5. CYC Made to Measure – quirky localised designs

Kopitiam chair print, HDB print and white lace mask.
Image credit: CYC Made to measure

CYC Made to Measure is a local tailor that has started their own off the shelf mask series during the pandemic, with interesting designs that cater to specific occasions. 

Choose from their corporate series – which features muted colours like navy and olive green, or their technicolour series for prints with iconic local elements such as HDB flats and kopitiam chairs. Or if you’re getting hitched, do it in style and safety in their bridal lace mask!

Price: from $20

Get CYC Made to Measure face masks

6. Rentadella – soft satin for a feminine look

Image credit: @rentadella

As its name suggests, Rentadella is a fashion rental platform based in Singapore, allowing women to wear an endless wardrobe without having to own it. 

They’ve launched a series of reusable satin masks that are designed in compliance with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for fabric masks, and it has an adjustable nose bridge and straps for optimal fit. Moreover, these satin masks don’t just look dainty – they’re also breathable and cooling.

Price: $19.90

Get Rentadella face masks

7. 1929 – with mask extender for headdress wearers

Image credit: 1929

1929 is a Singaporean family business that was started when mask shortages caused prices to skyrocket, and it aimed to improve access for people who had difficulty getting them. Hence, for every 2 masks purchased, 1 is donated to migrant workers and elderly folk in need.

Their masks are treated with antimicrobial agents found in hand sanitisers and antiseptic wipes, which can last up to 100 washes. Through testing at TÜV, a global safety standards centre known for their automobile certifications, their water-repellant masks are proven to offer protection close to that of disposable surgical masks.

For those who wear a headdress such as a hijab, you can get their mask extenders which are adjustable and compatible with other masks.

Price: from $25 

Get 1929 face masks

8. TwinkleBlueBoutique – cheongsam-inspired face masks for CNY

Image credit: @twinkleblueboutique

You wouldn’t want to pair your cheongsam with a surgical mask when you’re doing your Chinese New Year visitations. Opt for these cheongsam-inspired face masks by Joanne Ual to complement your qipao instead.

The outer layer is made from satin silk and the inner layer is 100% cotton for comfort and breathability. There is also a filter pocket with a washable N95 filter sewed in.

These masks are a hot commodity though, so you’d have to make a pre-order from Joanne’s store TwinkleBlueBoutique whenever she drops another release.

Sign up to be notified whenever there’s a new drop from TwinkleBlueBoutique here.

9. SABRINAGOH – reusable origami face mask designed for comfort

Image credit: SABRINAGOH

While face masks with facial contours and pleated fronts are commonly found, local label SABRINAGOH’s origami mask is a sure standout with its avant-garde design. 

It comes with behind-the-head elastic bands that’ll secure the mask in place throughout the day. During a meal, you won’t have to find a place for your mask and potentially expose it to more germs – simply fold it into a neat necklace!

SABRINAGOH uses eco-friendly fabric made from plant-based and recycled materials to make these masks.

Price: from $21.90

Get the SABRINAGOH Origami Mask

Choosing the best eco-friendly reusable face masks

Since we’ll all be masking up for the foreseeable future, let’s do it in a way that is sustainable for the environment and comfortable for ourselves. It’s also a great way we can #supportlocal and contribute to local communities while keeping ourselves protected. 

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Cover image adapted from: @claritykisses, CYC Made to Measure, SABRINAGOH
Originally published on 27th July 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 19th January 2021.

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