Where To Buy Back To School Safety Supplies – Face Shields, Kids Mask & Anti-Touch Devices

Covid-19 – Kids face mask, shields and more

Kids face mask, shields and more
Image adapted from: HealthLab, Mr. Low

2020 has been a year of embracing changes and heading back to school comes with its own set of new rules, namely dining face masks and shields to keep little ones safe while we tackle the remaining cases of COVID-19 in the community.

Heading back to school after the holidays usually sparks a stationery and book shopping spree, but this year, we’re looking at backpacks filled with protective gear as well. If you’re looking to stock up on more face shields, masks and anti-touch devices to keep your kids ultra protected, here’s where you can get them:

Where to get anti-touch devices

Image credit: HealthLab

Most of us remember to use our knuckles or elbows to press lift buttons, but for kids, it’s much easier for them to forget about germs and touch dirty surfaces and their faces in a scarily quick succession. 

Image credit: HealthLab

To remind them to keep their hands clean, anti-touch devices might do the trick. There are several different designs available online, but if you fancy your kiddo going a whole day without touching any doors, buttons or handles, check out the Hands-Free Safe Distancing Tool. This nifty multifunctional contraption priced at $7.90 can be used to press lift buttons and even open doors.

Where to get kid-sized disposable masks

Image credit: HealthLab

For those who haven’t heard, kids masks are gaining popularity as they bring little ones a better fit as compared to typical adult-sized ones or standard surgical masks. Measuring 14CM x 8.5CM, kids masks are better suited for tiny faces to provide just the right amount of coverage and comfort for all-day wear in and outside of school. 

Not to mention, they are usually made with softer fabric to allow better breathability making it easier for parents to convince younger kids to keep them on without complaints.

You can get disposable HealthLab kids masks on Qoo10 for $29.90 for a box of 50 pieces

Where to buy face shields for kids

Image credit: Mr. Low

To keep your little ones ultra-safe, the government has announced that children above the age of 2 should wear either a face mask or a face shield at all times. And thankfully, Temasek Foundation will be providing a face shield, among other protective items, for each pre-school and primary school child free-of-charge.

If you’d like to get an extra or two as a backup for use outside of school, you can find these online as well. They’re listed on online shopping platforms like Carousell from $3.90 with a variety of designs from rainbow prints to cartoon characters to choose from.

BONUS: Other protective supplies and items

Where to get mini-hand sanitisers and pocket-sized wipes

Image credit: HealthLab

A mini-hand sanitiser for your mini-human is a must-have in any back to school essential kit during this period. 

For something that’s easy for your kid to keep in their pockets for regular use, you can get a 50ML bottles of Dettol hand sanitisers here in bundles of 10 for $29.90 and compact Dettol wipes on Qoo10 for $14.90 for a bundle of 8.

P.S. MOE has also announced that every preschool, primary school, secondary school, special education school and junior college student will get a 50ML and 500ML bottle of sanitiser by 8th June 2020.

Where to buy UV phone sanitisers

If you haven’t heard, your phone probably has more germs than a toilet bowl does and UV phone sanitisers are one of the newest, chemical-free ways to free your phone from nasty germs. 

A relatively affordable yet effective option is the Zygienic UV Phone Sanitizer, now on sale at $69.90 (U.P. $89.90). A dream come true for germaphobes, this portable sanitiser is said to kill up to 99% of germs in just 15 minutes, leaving your mobile phone as possibly the cleanest item in your possession. They also have free shipping now with the code “juneonly”.

Kids face mask, shields and more and where to buy them

Community cases might be under control but having your kids go back to school during a pandemic can make any parent anxious. With these masks, sanitisers and other coronavirus back-to-school protective equipment, you can rest assured that they’re in a bubble of protection while getting the education they need.

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