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Do.Main Bakery Along Tanjong Katong Releases New Savoury Menu

About Do.Main


Prior to visiting Do.Main, my world of bread was limited to kaya toast or white bread with Nutella. If I happen to feel a bit more atas then I’d buy something from Subway. I had no idea there were so many different types of bread, or such a thing as an”authentic French baking style”, which Do.Main uses.

Do.Main Bakery was conceptualised and is owned by chef Frederic Deshayes, who has brought the flavour of France to the Singaporean table. Aside from freshly baked baguettes, chouquettes, puff pastries, tarts, Danish pastries, choux pastries and entremets, they now have a series of home-style French dishes too!


Savoury Menu


Do.Main Bakery has recently updated their menu to include savoury menu items to accompany their sweet treats, and they’ve already become hugely popular menu items. What I found interesting about this place is that everything is made in the oven – even their savoury dishes!


Special Soup of the Day: Pumpkin Soup ($6.50)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9194-Copy.JPGI love soup, but hate pumpkin, so when this little bowl of orange goodness sat on the table in front of me, I can’t deny feeling slightly apprehensive. The soup wasn’t spectacular, but it got me to drink it all up and certainly didn’t taste like it came from a packet. 

Their soups come with a basket of toasted bread, which goes amazing with the soup. 


Charcuterie Platter ($20)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9250-Copy.JPGThis was a board of duck pate with pistachios, pork rillette, and kurobuta pork ham. This dish comes with a basket of mixed bread, and you should eat the meats with bread or they will blast your tastebuds into outer space. By far the dish with the strongest flavour, this may not appeal to tastebuds overly accustomed to the milder local taste.


Cassolette Oven-Baked Escargots with assorted Bread Basket ($16)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9217-Copy.JPGOne of the dishes that didn’t completely overwhelm my tastebuds, this escargot dish was surprisingly enjoyable. Oh and the sauce is so good here. Don’t finish it all with just the escargot – dip the bread in it and savour its goodness.


“Tartiflette” Rate Potatoes with Reblochon Cheese and Bacon ($16)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9221-Copy.JPGI enjoyed this one very much. I mean, how could you go wrong with potatoes, Reblochon cheese and bacon? The only thing about this is that the cheese is very strong, reminiscent of blue cheese. I mean, just look at those chunks of cheese!

This is a heavy dish with extremely rich flavour. It’ll probably leave you with just enough room for a tiny dessert if you’ve got a big appetite. This is a French classic and is the ultimate French home comfort food.


Baked Ravioli with Comte Cheese ($14)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9226-Copy.JPGThis is their version of Mac and Cheese and is one of the tamer flavours among the savoury dishes. Unlike in the Tartiflette, the cheese isn’t overpowering and is served in the perfect amount. Although it looks unimpressive, it was a favourite at the table and had everyone clamouring for more.


Vegetarian Lagsane ($14)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9240-Copy.JPGThe tomato flavour is this was woah.

I don’t usually eat vegetarian anything, so I wasn’t sure what to expect for this one. All I knew was I saw quite a lot of green and I wasn’t too excited about it. But what I tasted threw me off a little bit because it was just so tomatoey. And that was a surprisingly good thing. 




White Coffee Cake ($8)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9258-Copy.JPGI don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the way it tastes and caffeine does nothing for my productivity level. But I quite liked this cake. It doesn’t taste like coffee when you bite into it, and has a bit of a beany taste and was quite creamy. The coffee comes as an aftertaste, which was strangely pleasant.


Royal Chocolate Cake ($8)


This cake tastes just like Ferrero Rocher, but in cake form. It has a dry base that gives it a good crunch while the cake itself was soft and creamy. If you can appreciate Ferrero Rochers, you will LOVE this cake.


Paris-Brest ($5)


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9255-Copy.JPGThese were light, sweet creamy treats that I really enjoyed popping into my mouth. I could have a whole bucket of these.


Salted Caramel Eclair ($5)


When these were first served to us, we all thought it was a sausage and were kind of confused. I think it’s because of the caramel that gave it an orange glow like sausages have. These didn’t taste anything like sausages. These were amazing happiness-in-a-bite salted caramel eclairs.

Unlike regular eclairs, these weren’t mostly hollow on the inside. These ones are completely filled with cream. Yum.




b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9277-Copy.JPGI actually enjoyed the food here, or maybe that was just me thinking “I need to like the food here because it’s legit French.” Just kidding – the food is actually pretty good. The flavour here is extremely rich, sometimes even a bit too strong, and can get quite heavy. It may not appeal to those who are used to Singapore’s milder flavours.

Perhaps I found it overwhelming because I tried so many dishes at once – if I had come for just one savoury dish and one dessert, it might have made for a far more pleasant experience. One thing I really like is the way their breads are served in little weaved baskets. Presentation adds to every experience, and Do.Main definitely has this one in the bag.

Rating: 7/10


Getting There



Address: 226 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437015
Opening Hours: 8AM – 9:30PM (Tuesday – Thursday) | 8AM – 10:30PM (Friday – Sunday) | Closed on Monday
Contact: 6348 1406

This post was brought to you by Do.Main Bakery.