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8 Places In Your House That Are Secretly Collecting Dust & Dirt, Causing You To Sneeze All The Time

Dusty and dirty areas at home

They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. But at home, the dirty places that you have no clue about can breed bugs and trigger allergies.

Yes, deep cleaning your flat is not fun and you’d rather spend that 4 hours shuffling through TikTok instead. But if you wake up one day to find yourself scratching your skin and scalp, then it’s time to drag a rag through these 8 places at home that are secretly collecting dust and dirt.

1. Under the mattress

Your mattress that you’ve had since uni seems to have a finite shelf life weathering stains and spills. But if you haven’t given it a thorough cleanse, then you might be shook by the bacterial bacchanal beneath it.


On average, you spend roughly 8 hours rolling in bed and shedding all sorts of things: dead skin cells, eyelash extensions, and greasy hair – you name it. Initially, they’ll seem quite harmless. Until they rent out a space underneath your mattress and invite dust mites over, then it’s a whole different ball game.

Over time, these mites defecate and create an ideal environment for bacteria and fungal spores to thrive. If left untouched, the latter can give you a serious case of skin rashes and infections.

And those brown stains? That’s your drool mark.

2. Rubber seals inside washing machines

It’s entirely possible that the very device that turns dirty laundry into clean ones is a festering cesspool of germs. Yep, we’re looking at your washing machine.


You’re probably out there thinking your washer is squeaky clean given how often it’s been rinsed with soap and water. But if you lift up the rubber seals inside your washing machine, you’ll find mould so old it’s evolved the ability to talk.


That’s because you’ve perhaps been guilty of leaving wet clothes sitting in the drum for too long and forgetting to keep the door open to air it out. Either way, you’ll need to deal with that black and green grime asap.

3. Below sofa cushions

The couch is sort of like your bed: you spend an absurd amount of time sitting, napping, and snacking on it. While you might have cleaned the top of the seats before, you most likely haven’t paid a lot of attention to the area below them.


Similar to the world beneath your mattress, the space below your sofa cushions has been harbouring dust, hair, Lays potato chips, and crusty pizza crumbs since the 90s. Of course, that also means dust mites, bacteria, and fungal spores have been living rent-free on your couch.

4. Beneath the fridge

So you’ve just Marie Kondo-ed the fridge and even invested in plastic containers to organise your groceries. Good for you. But we’re going to make a guess and say you didn’t clean the space beneath the fridge.


Go ahead and take a trip down under. We bet you’ll find a couple of rotten food scraps, dust bunnies as big as your dog, and a sock that’s been missing for months. 


Another offender is the top of the fridge. The sweater of dust it’s wearing can affect the air you’re breathing in at home. If your SO or flatmates are prone to sinus infections or pneumonia, cleaning the top of the fridge and cabinets is a must.

5. Vegetable compartment inside the fridge

Billed itself as the freshest zone, the vegetable compartment inside the fridge is actually the most filthy place where bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria live.


But don’t blame the veggies just yet. Your greens are usually innocuous. However, when handling and storing them improperly, you can increase the risk of cross-contamination with other items inside the fridge such as meat. 

Plus, vegetables and fruits release water which creates a moist environment for germs, yeast, and mould to thrive in.

6. Base of sliding doors

Opening a sliding balcony door or window can sometimes feel like a game of tug of war. One of the reasons is that you’ve been neglecting the base that’s filled with debris.


You might be tempted to call the handyman or your dad. But if you’d rather be an independent adult, roll up your sleeves and start scrubbing. Maybe all your sliding door tracks needed was a good clean.

7. TV & monitor screens

You can bet your bottom dollar your TV and computer screens have been gathering dust. And there’s an explanation to it.


Generally speaking, screens are dust magnets. When turned on, their electrical charges attract dust particles. That’s why after streaming the entire season of Bling Empire, you might see your TV, laptop, and whatever screen you’re using take on a ton of gunk.

To continue to watch your fave shows in HD, you might want to consider giving your screens a quick wipe down.

8. Under the carpets

You, your pet, and everyone else in your household have been stepping on the carpets almost everyday. So naturally, that’s where all the gut-churning dirt is hiding.


As usual, we tend to run the vacuum on the surface and around the carpets and call it a day. But if you take a peek under the carpets, you’ll discover a whole lot of hair, dust mites, and microscopic gunk. 

Plus, if you have kids in tow, you’re probably guilty of sweeping the dust under the carpets in the name of convenience.

Get rid of dirt & dust at home with Magiclean

TBH, your flat is probably full of dirty nooks and crannies that you tend to overlook when it comes to cleaning. Since you won’t be deploying a professional to deep clean your house any time soon, you’ll need the right tools to tackle dirt and dust. Meet Magiclean Wiper Series.

wiper-magicleanThe entire Wiper series is made in Japan.

When it comes to cleaning inaccessible spots, the Wiper Mop will be your bestie. It is extra compact and comes with a flexible mop head that can easily reach under the sofa, bed, fridge, and anywhere in between. Not to mention, the sleek and minimalist design means it won’t look like an eyesore in your utility area.


Having a good mop is, however, not enough. You’ll also need some wiper sheets to effectively eliminate dirt at home. To catch all of the dust, hair, and pet fur lurking around, consider using the Magiclean Wiper Dry Sheets


Containing 500,000 micro fibres, these sheets can capture tiny particles and do things that your broom can’t.


To further relieve your space of gunk, alternate between dry sheets and Wet Sheets. Made with antibacterial cleaning agents, these wet sheets can degrease the floor and kill 99.9% germs on surfaces. In fact, they are listed under NEA’s Interim List of Household Products that are effective against COVID-19. 

You can choose between Lemongrass and Bergamot, Fresh Mint, and Happy Rose to make your place smell like a million bucks.

magiclean-wet-sheetsThe Wet Sheet Strong comes in both Regular and Lemon scents.

Alternatively, opt for the Wet Sheet Strong if you’re tackling stubborn stains after cooking or BBQ-ing.

Both dry and wet sheets are disposable so you won’t have to worry about washing your cleaning tools afterwards.

Unless you’re a certified clean freak, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the hidden filthiness of your home. But, getting your space thoroughly cleaned keeps you sane and allergy-free. Just make sure you grab the right tools and products to make your mess a lot more manageable.

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This post was brought to you by Magiclean.
Photography by Ian Sim.