Restoring Dignity through work


dignity kitchen mooncake

Looking to hunt some mooncakes down just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival, we made a trip down to the heart of Serangoon, where we were told of a a little-known food court entirely staffed by the disabled and disadvantaged.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Nex shopping mall is social enterprise eatery Dignity Kitchen – the first of its kind in Singapore.


The mooncakes


Served by the friendly staff, the mooncakes come with thin but fragrant pastry. I especially loved the double salted egg lotus paste mooncake which were a nice fusion between sweet and savory without being over the top.

dignity kitchen mooncakes

Now into its third year, Dignity Kitchen’s mooncakes are lovingly handmade by the beneficiaries as part of their fundraising efforts. All proceeds go to helping the social enterprise in equipping the less fortunate with skills to support themselves. 

dignity kitchen mooncake

Satisfy your sweet tooth, and fill your heart by supporting this social enterprise by pre-ordering Dignity Kitchen mooncakes! They are going at $42 for Lotus Paste, $50 for Single Salted Egg Yolk White Lotus Paste, $58 for Double Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Paste for 4 pieces. 

Check out their full mooncake selection here!


They have board games too!


So instead of looking around for more Pokemon to catch, drop by Dignity Kitchen instead. Not only can you eat great food for a good cause, you can even play board games for free here! Everyone’s warm and friendly here, so take your time out to say hi to everybody, from the patient deaf staff manning the drinks stall to founder Mr Koh who can be spotted on most days. 

dignity kitchen

Started in 2006, Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school which equips its beneficiaries with valuable skills to help them find employment. The Hawker Training Programme lasts for 6-8 weeks, after which attendees will get a work placement so that they can utilise the skills they learnt to eke out a living.

dignity kitchen