Fix your sweet tooth cravings without leaving your home


Admit it, I’m not the only one who occasionally dreams of having a chocolate fudge sundae in the middle of the day. There’s just something about desserts that ignite a primal hunger in me. I could spend hours dreaming up my next dessert escapade, contemplating between pistachio gelato or warm fudgy chocolate cake.



The biggest problem I have with my dessert addiction is how inconvenient it is. The closest “dessert store” to my house is the ice cream cooler at 7-11, and there are days when Paddle Pops just don’t cut it. However, after discovering Deliveroo, it’s become so easy to just order a tiramisu on the fly.

Thanks to Deliveroo, here are 15 of the best desserts you can now get in 32 minutes or less. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to send someone their favourite cake for their birthday when you can’t celebrate it with them or send a loved one her favourite dessert when she’s down, now you can – all you need is a smartphone or laptop!


1. Cocoa Bolas from Cocoa Colony




With numerous branches opening in Singapore, Cocoa Colony is the latest and perhaps the greatest chocolate dessert outlet to open on our shores. Using only the finest cocoa beans and the highest quality chocolate, the products they served me were some of the best I have ever tasted.

Their signature dish is the Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bola With Peanuts ($6.90) which requires a hammer to break through and uncover the crispy, gooey chocolatey interior. If you thought the act of breaking the sphere open was great, the chocolate within will have you clamoring for more.

The other desserts are also worth trying. Pair them with a Cocoa 76 ($6.00) for a winning combination.

You might like: Dark Chocolate Cocoa Bola With Peanuts ($6.90), Cocoa 76 ($6.00)
Check out their online menu here!


2. S’mores Fudge Cake from The Car-Rousel Cafe




A bed of roasted marshmallows on top of a warm and gooey dark chocolate fudge cake, I’m beginning to question my sanity as I look as this beautiful creation. It swaps out the graham cracker in the s’mores for a thick slice of moist fudgy goodness. Nothing says indulgence more than this dessert right here.

You might like: Chequered Flag Fudge Cake ($6.50), The Road Home Cheesecake ($6.50)
Check out their online menu here!


3. Signature Ice Cream Flavours from Marble Slab Creamery




Everyone’s favourite customised ice cream parlor has jumped on the delivery bandwagon. It’s now giving you the option to take home their classic/signature ice cream concoctions. Chocolate lovers, go for the Willy Wonka ($9.50), its rich and dark chocolate flavor will win over anyone with a sweet tooth instantly.

Marble Slab Creamery also has ice cream cakes for those looking for something for celebrations and gatherings.

You might like: Willy Wonka ($9.50), Cookie Dough Drizzle ($9.50)
Check out their menu here!


4. Belgian Waffles from Rokeby Bistro




This hidden gem in the Jalan Riang area serves up quality Aussie cafe produce with a slight local twist. The waffles here are different from the typical fare at other cafes as they serve only Belgian waffles. However, the waffles here are crisp and have a great eggy taste that I adore.

A local twist on regular waffles would be Rokeby’s Cendol-licious Waffles ($12.73). They come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, jade cendol, gula melaka, and condensed milk. It feels like an actual chendol but with the texture and fluffiness of a waffle. Definitely taking the best of two worlds and melding them into one complete dish.

You might like: Cendol-licious Waffles ($12.73), Peanut Butter & Banana Waffle ($12.73)
Check out their online menu here!


5. Poached Pears from Pardon My French




We don’t immediately think of poached pears when people talk about French desserts – we often gravitate towards macarons and crepes suzette instead. Created in 1864, the poached pear has become an integral part of French cuisine and a must-have at any proper French establishment.

Pardon My French soaks their Ruby Pear ($6.50) in red wine and serves it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. The red wine sauce which the pear is sitting in is not for the faint hearted, the flavors of the spices and wine are extremely pronounced. This dish is might have been created for cold winter nights, but it’s been given a facelift with the addition of a cold element, making it perfect for the sweltering Singapore weather.

You might like: Ruby Pear ($6.50)
Check out their online menu here!


6. Sticky Date Pudding from Pies & Coffee




I can think of fewer things that I’d rather end my meal with than a warm and gooey Sticky Date Pudding. Despite how great this dessert is, it has become increasingly hard to find a good Sticky Date Pudding in Singapore. Most of the options available have dense or overly moist cakes, the others have lackluster sauces.

The Sticky Date Cake ($6.80) at Pies & Coffee is one to remember. The homemade toffee sauce was the star of the show, soaking into the cake and giving a buttery richness which made me come back for more. Paired with a scoop of ice cream to add body and richness, the calories here are more than worth putting on .

You might like: Sticky Date Cake ($6.80), Carrot Cake ($7.80), Lime Meringue Tart ($6.90)
Check out their online menu here!


7. Watermelon Strawberry Cake from Cream & Custard




It was a year ago in Sydney when I tried my first Watermelon Strawberry Cake, and it has been my go-to standard for cakes since then. It was almost impossible to find anything of the sort in Singapore. Until now. Cream and Custard has come up with their take on my dream cake, complete with a watermelon slice in the middle.

The Watermelon Strawberry Cake at Cream and Custard is in league of its own. The balance of flavors is outstanding, the sweetness of the rose cream is varied with hints of acidity from the strawberries. The slice of fresh watermelon provides textural contrast and just the bit of crispness this dish needs. It is everything a die-hard cake fan needs.

You might like: Watermelon Strawberry Cake ($6.80), Triple Chocolate Devil ($6.80)
Check out their online menu here!


8. Salted Caramel Souffle from Madame Patisserie




I’ve tried to make souffles countless times, and I’ve failed every single time. It’s so difficult to do, so imagine my surprise when I found out Madame Patisserie delivers souffles to hungry diners. I couldn’t fathom how that would even be possible when most restaurants don’t even serve this dish.

The souffle is served with sea salt and a caramel paste on the interior, and should be a must try for fans of salted caramel. If the souffle is even half as good as how I imagine it to be, Madame Patisserie might just be Singapore’s queen of dessert delivery.

You might like: Salted Caramel Souffle ($19.26), Bombe Alaska ($23.54)
Check out their online menu here!


9. Local Ice Cream Flavors from Regroup X Scoop Therapy




Scoop Therapy has slowly been crawling up on my list of top ice creams in town. With flavors like Earl Grey Vanilla and Dark Dutch Chocolate ($10.00 for four scoops), you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to variety here.

The standout flavors here at Scoop Therapy are the localized ones. Try their Coconut Gula Melaka and their Salted Egg Yolk ($10.00 for four scoops) – yes salted egg yolk now comes in ice cream form, and it’s still as good as before.

You might like: Salted Egg Yolk ($10.00), Coconut Gula Melaka ($10.00)
Check out their online menu here!


10. Glutinous Rice Balls from Hong Kong Dessert




Hong Kong is well known for their cheap and tasty desserts – a perfect sweet finish to any meal. With dishes like Mango Pomelo and Fried Durian Rolls, this unassuming stall tucked away in Ang Mo Kio has restaurant quality desserts, served at a fraction of the price.

Try the Glutinous Rice Ball With French Pink Rose ($4.20). While traditional tang yuan is served with either a ginger or peanut soup, Hong Kong Desserts opts for a modern twist in their soup with pink roses. The taste of the pink roses is subtle and tastes like a lighter version of rose water. It marries well with the black sesame paste in the tang yuan and gives the dish a beautiful lightness.

You might like: Glutinous Rice Ball With French Pink Rose ($4.20), Fried Durian Roll With Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80)
Check out their online menu here!


11. Churros from GRUB




Everyone comes to GRUB for churros. The churros here are so popular that my mum constantly bugs us to bring our dogs to Bishan Park so she can get her fix. Well, problem solved mum, you can now get churros delivered without having to make excuses!

The churros here are fried to a golden brown and lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar. Served with creme anglaise and a rich dark chocolate sauce, these churros are perfect for sharing and family occasions. Highly recommended for Valentine’s Day sharing platters.

You might like: Churros ($9.63)
Check out their online menu here!


12. Gourmet Chocolates from teuscher




One of the most famous chocolatiers in the world, teuscher has outstanding product quality, a perfect last-minute gift option for a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re confused on what to get, teuscher has already curated the top five most popular items on their delivery menu for buyers. Any of these choices will make you and your significant other extremely happy. After all, chocolates and flowers are a timeless Valentine’s Day combination.

You might like: 16 Pieces Dark-Only Truffles Box ($68.00), 16 Pieces The Original 1947 ™ Champagne Truffles (Dark) ($68.00)
Check out their online menu here!


13. Bird’s Nest Soup from It’s Dessert By Old Hong Kong




This wouldn’t be a proper dessert list without the king of Chinese desserts – bird’s nest soup. It’s Dessert serves the bird’s nest two ways: in a smooth almond cream or in a clear sweet soup with ginseng and red dates.

Although I may not be a huge fan of bird’s nest, I can recognize the health benefits of consuming it. A smoother complexion and a fix for sore throats is always a plus in my books!

You might like: T256 Double Boiled Bird’s Nest with Am Ginseng & Red Dates ($53.29)
Check out their online menu here!


14. Decadent Milkshakes from Once Upon A Milkshake




Milkshakes are the only drinks that I would pair with my burgers and fries. I love the sweet contrast they add to your savoury meal because you can sip it mid meal. Just imagine having a hit of smooth chocolate just as you’re eating a spoonful of beef stew, it really does enhance the flavor of the tender beef.

The drinks at Once Upon A Milkshake come in some many wonderfully scrumptious flavours. My favourite is their Real Strawberry Milkshake ($4.00/$6.00) which reminded me of fresh strawberries from the farm dipped in freshly whipped cream.

The other flavours here are excellent as well, and if you’re looking for something a little different, try their Durian Mao Shan Wang Milkshake (Starts at $7.00). Supposedly a must try for all durian loving fans out there!

You might like: Real Strawberry Milkshake ($4.00/$6.00), Durian Mao Shan Wang Milkshake (Starts at $7.00), Double Chocolate Milkshake ($6.00/$9.00)
Check out their online menu here!


15. The Chocolate Nut Doorstop from P.S Cafe




I’ve saved one of the best desserts for last, just a mere glance at it sends me into a state of trance. Despite how good this cake is, some people might not be willing to brave the queues at the P.S Cafe outlets. Well, you don’t have to that anymore with the assistance of Deliveroo, just order away and prepare a scoop of ice cream to go along with it.

The three layers of this cake are composed with great thought, each one provides a different variation in terms of taste and texture. The caramelized nut layer in the middle was the standout, it provided a slightly burnt and bitter taste which accentuated the cocoa flavor from the other two layers.

If you’re looking for a cake that will impress someone special, this is the cake you want to give. It looks outstanding, tastes spectacular and you can get it delivered straight to his/her house without risking any damage.

You might like: Chocolate Nut Doorstop ($17.12)
Check out their online menu here!


Have your desserts in just under 32 minutes!


If you’re looking to cap off your meal with sweet treats but you’re too lazy to travel and get it yourself, Deliveroo was made for you.

The website is intuitive and easy to access, all you need to do is key in your postcode and proceed to order! The prices are reasonable, with no significant mark up. And the delivery fee is a flat $3, a small fee for the convenience.


Delivery takes a average of 32 minutes.

What’s more, you can enjoy even more savings on top of your first order, just key in the code “TSLROO” upon ordering and you’ll get $20 off. This offer is on valid till the 19th of Feb, so order quick!


If you thought those savings were ludicrous, Deliveroo is offering FREE delivery services on ALL orders during the CNY period (on the 8th and 9th of Feb). So if you’re looking to host some friends over the long weekend, there’s never been a better time to check out what Deliveroo has to offer.

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