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It’s lunch time and you’re getting hangry. The mere thought of cold, wet rain slapping against your calves and having to brave through crowds in search for something to eat gets… a little overwhelming. It doesn’t help that the nearest hawker centre isn’t anywhere near you.

Whether it’s wet and stormy or hot and humid, here are 5 new amazing restaurant options by Deliveroo that’ll arrive at your doorstep within an average time of 32 minutes.




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The unassuming appearance of Putien’s Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon ($10.17) belies the skill needed to perfect this staple of Chinese cuisine. Springy hand-made vermicelli is infused with a rich stock of pork bones and chicken. The chilli sauce provided also adds a tangy and spicy punch to the dish.

Another must-order from their menu is the Homemade Bean Curd ($11.66). Stir-fried with mushrooms, carrots and sugar snap peas, the hand-made beancurd has a silky melt-in-your-mouth texture that pairs well with the bee hoon.


2. Sushi Tei


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If you’re looking for a quick bite, Sushi Tei has got an extensive menu with 16 different makis! Their Spicy Tuna Mayo Tobikko Maki ($6.40) is generously stuffed with tuna salad, and their Ebi Avocado Ebikko Maki ($7.40) is a delectable combination of prawn, cucumber and avocado.

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For those who aren’t fans of sushi (you’re seriously missing out), try their Chicken Curry Rice ($12.70) served with tender chunks of chicken, onions and carrots. They also thoughtfully separate the gravy from the rice so you don’t have to settle for a soggy and goopy meal.


3. Pepper Lunch


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While the takeout version of Pepper Lunch isn’t served on its signature hot plate, the set still sizzles in flavour. BBQ Premium Beef & Hamburg Set ($18.40) comes with a hearty portion of sliced beef and a hamburg beef patty that’s balanced out with a refreshing side of corn and long beans. It’s a pity their signature Honey Brown and Garlic Soy sauces were missing. Otherwise, this would have been a complete meal. 


4. Imperial Treasure


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Nothing feels quite as comforting as a warm bowl of E-fu noodles on a cold rainy day. A staple at most Chinese restaurants, Imperial Treasure’s Stewed “E-Fu” Noodles with Fresh Mushroom & Shrimp Roe ($17.15) is served with mushrooms and shrimp roe that adds a burst of flavour to the dish. 

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Not all Roast Pork ($12.85) are created equal and Imperial Treasure’s rendition ranks among some of the best in Singapore. The crispy skin is well-complemented with tender lean meat, and layers of succulent fat. We’re huge fans of this roast pork on its own but for an added oomph, dip the meat into the creamy mustard sauce on the side.


5. Fish & Co.


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If you want to #treatyoself, choose Fish & Co.’s Seafood Platter ($24.56)*! The dish offers generous helpings of grilled prawns, grilled calamari and white fish that are lightly charred, giving it a delicious smoky flavour. And if that isn’t enough, the platter comes with a side of paella rice and chips. Their garlic lemon butter sauce also adds a bright zingy kick to the platter! 

*The Paragon outlet serves their Seafood Platter ($29.91) with King prawns!


Because lunchtime food deliveries save lives 


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It can get busy at work sometimes but it shouldn’t mean that you should skip lunch. With Deliveroo, you’ll be powered through the day with a plethora of options that’ll keep your belly nice and warm — through a few mere clicks!

New Deliveroo customers can also use exclusive TSL promo code ‘TSLROO2‘ to get their delivery fees ($7 code) waived off their first two orders. The code is valid until 30th April 2017, so get your orders quick!

Satisfy your lunchtime cravings with Deliveroo!

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