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DBS/POSB Is Now Giving You Free K-Dramas, Magazines & Music Streaming So You Can Homebody All You Like

Entertainment deals for DBS/POSB Cardmembers

Back when Teo Heng was still a thing, it seemed that most Singaporeans’ favourite pastime was singing their hearts out at the KTV – minus the hostesses. While that may seem like a distant memory, you can now bring the KTV to your own home with DBS/POSB entertainment deals

Other than wholeheartedly belting out Whitney Houston and JJ Lin bops with a KKBOX subscription, being a DBS/POSB Cardmember also gives you cheaper access to various streaming services and publications. If you’ve been scrambling for ways to pass the time at home, or just happen to be a fan of good deals, here are some that you can look forward to:

– Online movie, drama & music streaming –

1. meWATCH – Up to 50% off streaming subscription


With Shang Chi and Squid Game taking over the film and series industry, what better way to celebrate Asian pride than to indulge in classic Thai, Korean, and even local dramas? Aside from streaming all sorts of Asian dramas and anime series, meWATCH allows you to keep up with local Mediacorp productions before they’re even aired on TV.

For fans of both Western and Asian shows, you can get a 3-month bundle deal that’s 49% off both HBO GO and meWATCH Prime, giving you a subscription for $36.60 (U.P. $71.64). Otherwise, you can also get 50% off a 6-month subscription of just meWATCH Prime at $29.70 (U.P. $59.40).

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Valid till 31st Mar 2022.

2. Viu Premium – Free 30-day trial & up to 50% off subscription

Viu premium

For those who missed the initial K-drama hype for shows like Descendants Of The Sun, you can finally catch up with a 30-day free trial of Viu Premium. From popular variety shows like Running Man to highly-anticipated K-dramas such as the upcoming Viu Original, Now We Are Breaking Up featuring Song Hye Gyo, this streaming service is a Koreaboo’s dreamland.

Even if you’re not done bingeing your shows after 30 days, DBS/POSB cardholders can subscribe to the streaming service at up to 50% off the usual subscription rate. So, if you’re looking for new Korean guys to swoon over or a new drama to binge all night long, Viu Premium is a go-to.

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Valid till 31st Jul 2022.

3. KKBOX – 1-month free music subscription & discounted rates


With a DBS/POSB card, you can groove along to your favourite music and even sing your heart out with a friend with a free 1-month subscription (U.P. $9.90/month) on KKBOX. The platform is home to a whopping 70 million songs across various genres and languages, so you never have to run out of queued up songs in your playlist.

Fun fact: They even have a function which allows you to listen with your friend and connect remotely, meaning you’ll be tuning into the same songs at the same time but at different locations. What better way to connect than with music?

singing karaoke

It’s a good chance to try the music streaming service out, in case you plan on opening your home as the next sing-along party destination once we can have more guests over – channeling long-awaited KTV vibes. This promotion lasts all the way till 30th June 2022, and you can even get a year-long subscription at 25% off if you decide to continue with it.

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Valid till 30th Jun 2022.

4. Catchplay+ – Free 1-month subscription for movie rentals


If you miss the classic vibe of renting movies, Catchplay+ brings back some of that nostalgia with its own version of digital rentals. Aside from the top blockbuster hits, its digital catalogue offers a selection of independent films and international masterpieces for you to expand your repertoire of movies.

With DBS/POSB deals, you can watch them with a free 1-month subscription (U.P. $9.90) with one rental ticket (U.P. $6). If one month’s not enough for you, new users can also enjoy a monthly discounted rate at $6.90 after the end of the month-long subscription.

Find out more about DBS/POSB deals for Catchplay+.

Valid till 31st Dec 2021.

5. DocuBay – 33% off memberships for unlimited documentaries 

watching Docubay

Nothing screams “cultured” more than watching documentaries to pass the time. Check out DocuBay if you’ve exhausted your list of documentaries and are seeking more to satiate your thirst for knowledge. It’s home to a wide selection of award-winning films on topics like nature, history, and biography.

Using the DBS/POSB Card deals, you can get 33% off either a 3-month membership (U.P. $9.99) or a yearly membership (U.P. $29.99). Now you’ll have tonnes of bingeing material that’ll actually nourish your brain.

Find out more about DBS/POSB deals for DocuBay.

Valid till 31st Dec 2021.

– E-reads –

6. Storytel – 45-days free trial for audiobooks & eBooks

listening to audiobook

Introverts will tell you that reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks are great ways to pass the time when you’re stuck home alone. Even if you’re on the go, eBooks are key to making book consumption a more convenient affair. With DBS/POSB deals, you can get a 45-day free trial of Storytel which offers an array of titles for you to read or listen to. 


With around 250,000 titles to choose from, Storytel allows you to add a little spice to your menial everyday tasks, and get educated during your daily workout routines. Especially for those who may not want to listen to music while on the move, you can keep yourself entertained on your daily walks or commutes with a wide selection of audio books. 

Find out more about DBS/POSB deals for Storytel.

Valid till 31st Dec 2021.

7. SPH – Complimentary 3-month access across 8 titles

SPH subscriptions

The days of flipping through a magazine while you’re on the pooper are never truly over. Now, you can scroll through three out of eight SPH Magazines of your choice with a complimentary 3-month access to keep yourself in the loop of the top fashion trends and hot celebrity gossip.

With options like Female Singapore, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and Home & Decor Singapore, there’s a range of lifestyle selections for you to peruse. Following the 3-month complimentary access, DBS/POSB cardholders can also enjoy 20% off a 1-year subscription to any of the eight titles available.

Find out more about DBS/POSB deals for SPH.

Valid till 31st Aug 2022.

8. Vogue Singapore – Annual subscription at $55 (U.P. $61)

Vogue magazine

As an icon of the fashion industry, Vogue is always churning out content that is fashion-forward, thought-provoking, and empowering. The Singapore edition is no different, serving as not just an important contributor to the fashion industry, but a publication that distributes diverse and inspiring content coupled with top quality photographs.

vogue cover
Image credit: @voguesingapore

DBS/POSB Cardmembers can find inspo to bring your wardrobe to the next level with a year-long Vogue print subscription at just $55 (U.P. $61) for those who miss the nostalgia of flipping through magazines. Regardless, you can look through their editions and stay up to date on fashion trends, celebrity outfits, and up-and-coming talents in the industry.

Find out more about DBS/POSB deals for Vogue Singapore.

Valid till 30th Apr 2022.

Find more ways to beat boredom with DBS/POSB deals

Watching movie

Though having to stay indoors for prolonged periods might have put a dampener on our spirits, our time spent at home doesn’t have to be boring. As any introvert would tell you, bingeing movies and indulging in books are great ways to pass the time. In addition to that, DBS/POSB Cardmembers are able to snag an assortment of entertainment deals.

These include discounted access and even free subscriptions to the aforementioned streaming services. Whether you have a friend to share them with or not, you can still save up to 50% for a yearly subscription.

With access to KKBOX in particular, you can even get ready to open your home for a sing-along house party once restrictions are lifted.

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This post is brought to you by DBS.
Photography by Tasha Sun.