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5 Feel Good Daily Life Upgrades To Low-Key Pamper Yourself

Simple Ways To Treat Yourself


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PSA for all my fellow penny pinchers out there – it’s time to loosen up on our cheapo ways and start treating ourselves to life’s many guilty pleasures. “Why?” you ask? As the ever-enduring L’Oreal catchphrase goes – because you’re worth it.

If the fear of severely overspending is keeping you from treating yourself, fret not. Between riding in a luxe Audi on your next GrabCar ride and getting express passes to beat long queues, there are several feasible ways for you to get through your day extra comfortably, by only spending a little bit more than usual.

Here are 5 day-to-day things you can reasonably splurge on:


1. Ride in luxury cars like Audis and BMWs from just $7.50 with GrabCar Premium


Ride in style like a micro-influencer – with GrabCar Premium’s recently reduced fares, even everyday people like us can get around town in different luxury cars on a daily basis. Sure, it technically costs more than a JustGrab ride, but let’s pull up some figures to see why it’s not that much more than you think:

  1. The minimum fare for a GrabCar Premium used to be $15 – it’s now $7.50.
  2. The minimum fare for a typical JustGrab is about $5, so with GrabCar Premium’s revised fare of $7.50, the gap isn’t ludicrously wide.

And with frequent promos popping up like pokémon, expect your rides to be extra affordable.


2. Use Spotify Premium and Netflix all day every day without maxing out your mobile data


Why settle for Youtube rips of your favourite songs when you can get a Spotify Premium subscription for $5.90/mth via Singtel Music? It works off of unlimited data and it doesn’t have ads, so listen at will!

wide range of music on spotify


With Prince’s entire catalogue having been made available earlier this year and Taylor Swift’s just this month, now’s a good time as any to jump on the bandwagon.

watch all tv shows on netflix


If TV shows are more your drift, there’s the M1 Entertainment Data Plan which allows you to Netflix and chill all you want for $4.90/mth – no longer will you need to scour shady websites for working streaming links.


3. Skip long queues like a boss using all-access passes


Nothing beats the feeling of triumphantly cutting to the front of a never-ending queue. Lest you forget, it’s the school holidays so attractions like Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and ArtScience Museum are bound to be packed.

Beat-the-crowd passes like USS’ Universal Express Pass will cut you some major waiting time – they go for $88+, only a few bucks more than their $76 1-day pass.


4. Order food delivery since delivery charge = your own travel fare


If #2 prompted you to get Netflix, then you’ll likely want to stay in to binge-watch the latest seasons of “Master of None” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. And we all know no binge-watching session is complete without some good old food delivery. Food is life, after all.

Most food delivery services like Deliveroo and Where to Eat have a $3 delivery charge – pretty pocket-friendly when you factor in the travel fare that you’d otherwise have to spare when getting the food yourself.

FYI: There are healthy food delivery options like Food Matters Singapore too – it’s a subscription service that’ll both prepare and deliver your food according to a plan of your choice.

They even have an extensive menu. Source


5. Watch movies like a badass VIP


Heading to the movies by yourself is more common than most people realize. The next time you feel like catching a movie solo, treat yourself to the full cinematic experience – and we’re not talking 3D flicks or IMAX blockbusters, but wining and dining a la premium cinemas.


Prices for premium cinemas may have you raising an eyebrow, but think about what you’re paying for – cinemas like Golden Village Gold Class and Cathay Platinum Movie Suites come with leather-recliners, pillows, blankets and intimate settings. Some even come with personalized in-house service and complimentary F&B – it’s basically the whole movie-and-a-dinner deal.


Splurging is caring, so go ahead and Treat. Yo. Self.



Remember, spending on yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being irresponsible or frivolous. Sometimes it just means that you’re taking care of yourself. So whether it’s to make life a little bit more comfortable and easier to get by, or simply to make yourself feel better, there’s nothing wrong with spending some extra cash on life’s simple pleasures!


GrabCar Premium – A Viable Every Day Travel Option



Don’t let the word “Premium” hold you back – with Grab’s reduced prices and depending on your destinations, the difference between hopping on a GrabCar Premium and any other Grab option won’t set your wallet back all too much.

If you’re thinking of getting on a GrabCar Premium, don’t just save it for a special occasion – travelling in a luxury car isn’t just about prestige; comfort’s a huge part of it too. After a particularly long day, you deserve to be treated to a pleasant ride home.

And we’ve got a little something special for you – just use the promo code TSLVIP when you take a GrabCar Premium 4-seater ride from now till 30th June, and enjoy $6 off your ride!

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