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Like all working ladies, I’m always scared of making my next facial appointment. Not because of the difficult extraction sessions, but dealing with the aftermath of having red, blotchy skin the next few days. Which is why once a month, I skip the Friday night cocktails and opt for my facial treatments.

Thankfully, there’s no need to sacrifice anymore TGIFs because D’Skin’s facial treatment didn’t leave any red blotches on my skin. This homegrown treatment centre prides itself on providing detailed skin analysis for their customers, so that they can administer the most effective treatment based on your skin type.

Read on to find out what D’Skin treatment did for me and how it can help you!


My Facial Treatment


Upon arrival, I was first given a warm drink and made to fill out a form detailing any current skin troubles and previous facial treatments. As the staff advised, the information provided is crucial for them to provide the best and most effective results for your skin.

Thereafter, I was administered a skin evaluation using a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system called Soft Plus. What this machine does is it helps to test your skin’s sebum, hydration, elasticity, melanin, pores and skin pH level before generating a report specially for you.

I had relatively dry skin on both sides of my cheeks, dull skin and some light pigmentation, so the Stem Cell Facial Treatment (120 minutes, $368 before GST) was recommended for me.

The Stem Cell Facial treatment helps to improve your overall skin condition by encouraging renewal, repair and regeneration of your skin using stem cells, which are cells that can take on any role in the body. Essentially, you’re absorbing new cells that will in turn improve your skin condition without any cosmetic surgery.

After learning how the stem cells worked, it was time for me to try it out for myself!

After removing my makeup, I heard the dreadful whistling sound – the steamer was ready. I usually hate having the steamer because it’s hard to breathe through the steam or that it’s far too hot on my face, but amazingly the steamer here was bearable and -gasp – slightly enjoyable.

On top of that, my beautician also informed me that a trained extraction specialist would be attending to me right after the steamer to extract my blackheads. Yes, you heard that right, D’Skin hires an extraction specialist just to specifically tend to your stubborn blackheads.

Extraction was over in a breeze and there was no discomfort or pain, much to my delight. For me, the mark of a good beautician is how fast you fall asleep during your treatment and the beauticians here certainly had skill because during my face and neck massage, I was fast asleep like a baby.

30 minutes later after the final cooling mask to tighten my pores had been removed, I had changed back to my outfit and was seated at the front desk of their Novena D’Skin outlet sipping warm tea. I was also given a Phyto Stem Cell Concentrate (30ml, $168) to introduce into my daily skincare routine to help maintain a healthy and more radiant complexion.




The highlight of my experience at D’Skin was not seeing any red patches on my face. I’ve got relatively clear skin but had expected some sort of redness due to the extraction. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my skin post-treatment was blotch-free and glowing. I was even confident enough to take a train at peak hour home with a bare face!

For the next few weeks, I incorporated the Phyto Stem Cell Concentrate, which is perfect for all skin types, into my daily skincare routine. Just a small pea size for the entire face worked wonders and I’ve been experiencing clearer, brighter skin.


The Verdict


I’ve been going for facials for almost a decade now and I can say the service at D’Skin was remarkable! The staff at D’Skin were informative and explained each step of the way to ensure that you are aware of your skin condition and how to better maintain it.

They displayed a good understanding of the different skin types and their required treatments. My beautician was gentle throughout the process and constantly checked if everything went smoothly. I also appreciated how they didn’t try to hard-sell anything while at it.

For those girls and guys who have not taken the first step to incorporate facial treatments as part of their skincare regime, D’Skin is an excellent place to pop that cherry and experience the most pampering facial treatment I’ve ever had.

Rating: 8/10


Getting There


There are four D’Skin outlets located conveniently around Singapore in Heartland Mall, HDB Hub, Novena Square and their newest outlet in Seletar Mall. Visit their website here for more information on their outlets and services.

Address: Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road, #03-03/13/14/15, S 307683
Tel: 6252 5822

This post was brought to you by D’Skin.