Because love has no boundaries


Cover Photo, SG Couples

At the beginning of a relationship, we’re all careful to be the best versions of ourselves: polite, well-dressed, and accommodating. But after this honeymoon period ends, you start to get comfortable, and what follows turns out to be quite rabak – with daily pang sai updates, Netflix in old PE tees and FBTs, and binge-eating on dabao-ed food in bed.

After all, if you’re going to eventually to move into a BTO together, you might as well start getting comfortable now. Here’s what happens to every Singaporean couple when they finally reach that peak level.


1. Pimple popping is your new couple hobby


Pimple Popping, SG Couples

If you’re having a bit of trouble reaching that stubborn pimple, no problem – bae has literally got your back. What are partners for, right?

This is the ultimate bonding activity, because most of us won’t even help our BFFs squeeze their blackheads – if you can see pus ooze from your SO’s pores and still love them the same, you know they’re something special!


2. You’ll feel comfortable making a mess eating chili crab


Chilli Crab, SG Couples

At the start, it’s all cafe-hopping, with you picking at dainty salads while sipping on a latte. But eventually, you find yourselves sitting at the kopitiam in your most lupsup t-shirt and flip flops. Bae orders the biggest chilli crab for you – he knows your past salad days were just a cover-up for the pig you really are.

Despite the fact you’ve gained love handles, and he’s lost all the ab definition he once had, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your loved one happy from a good meal.


3. Periods are a shared pain


Period Pain, SG Couples

Periods are something that boys just can’t seem to get their heads around, but they’re gonna have to deal with it when they start dating. At first, they’re horrified by the thought of actual blood coming out from down there but soon, they’ll be pros when dealing with their PMS-ing girlfriends. 

Armed with chocolate, yew yee oil, and a good movie, the guy is now trained to soothe his lady. And he ain’t fazed when he sees blood leakage on the bed. 


4. Still kissing when one of you falls sick


Sharing a cold is somehow romantic now. Despite your high fever and glistening snot, your other half still happily kisses you on the mouth after bringing you meds, fish porridge and placing a hot towel on your forehead. 

And if they fall sick from kissing you, they claim it was all worth it and the process starts all over again. Except you’re the nurse this time.


5. Your underwear is no longer new and sexy


Gone are the days of lacy black underwear and fresh branded boxers, hello cotton granny panties and holey boxers. Once you get deep into a relationship, neither party cares about the smaller details anymore, and even encourage the other to dress comfortably after a while. 

Underwear, SG Couples


When you do slip on something prettier than your scruffy undies, however, the notion won’t go unnoticed! Your lover will appreciate the effort and be enormously flattered that you’re getting dolled up to impress ‘em. *wink*


6. Shaving in front of each other


Shaving, SG Couples


We’re not naturally hairless, although we like to pretend to be we first start dating someone. Soon enough though, both parties will start donning their natural hairs with a new sense of pride. When you know the attraction is more than just physical, what’s a bit of hair now?


7. You stop holding in farts


Farting, SG Couples

Your stomach hurts, your butt is tightened…but you can’t help but release a monstrosity that smells worse than rotten durian. You nervously look at your other half, who’s trying not to gag while laughing. Safe to say, that’ll be the start of many farts to come. 

At first, the paiseh levels are high. But soon enough, you’re both farting away at each other without a second thought. Ah, sweet love.


8. Their mum starts texting you more than them


Mum Phone, SG Couples

When your boyfriend’s mum started contacting you, you were a bit weirded out. But in a bid to win her favour, you complied, sending her updates of meals that you and bae were having, or a casual selfie from time to time. However, soon you started enjoying texting her, and you’re kind of BFFs now. 

And while bb sits bored, waiting for you to finish your chat, you’ve basically gotten yourself a second mother you can get advice from.  


9. No make-up becomes the norm


In an attempt to look chio and keep her flaws hidden, the girl would frantically wake up 30 mins before her SO to slap on some BB cream and draw on some brows. No way could she allow him to see her bare-faced. He’d be scarred forever. 

Cut to this day, and girl is casually walking around, with glasses on, zero makeup, not even brows and guess what – she was wrong, he still thinks she looks stunning.


10. The toilet door is always open


Poo Conversation, SG Couples

Nowadays the toilet door is always unlocked, whether you’re taking a quick wee or a huge dump. You’ll most likely give a running commentary if it’s the latter, much to your lover’s disgust. I mean, if it’s a good one – they’ve gotta know right?

And when you’re in a relationship this comfortable, you know they’ll always be there to Whatsapp you when you’re doing your business on the loo, too.


You’re gross, but at least you’re gross together


While some of these points may shock singles, couples who are deeply in the “comfort level” will definitely be able to identify with and take pride in them. There’s something special about truly knowing another human being in all their disgusting glory, and still loving them anyway.

Congrats to those of you who’ve made it to this peak level – now that’s what we call #relationshipgoals!