9 Corgi-themed Home Decor Items For The Fluffiest Butts Under $20

Corgi-themed home decor items

If you’re one to go absolutely crazy over adorable corgis, I feel you. After all, what’s not to love about their long ears, short legs, and the fluffiest butts we’ve ever seen? Because of how irresistible they are, it’s almost a ritual for corgi lovers to collect all sorts of themed knick-knacks to profess our love for these cuties.

From DIY paintings to door curtains, check out these nine corgi-themed home decor items to deck your home out with. A plus point is that these items are wallet-friendly as well, with all of them being under $20.

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1. Paint by numbers kit

Image credit: Shopee 

Busy bees in the modern corporate world who are always stressed and tired can now unwind with some relaxing art therapy where you can paint adorable corgis. It’s completely DIY, and you can do it right at home since all the materials are provided for you. This means no extra shopping for art materials or forking out time and money for an art jamming sesh.

Even if you don’t have a single artsy cell in your body, these paint by numbers portraits will help you paint down to a tee because all you have to do is colour within the stipulated area. With cute visuals of a cartoon corgi as the final product, you can treat yourself to the view of your fave doggo daily and add a pop of colour to your home at the same time.

Price: $5.80-$12.80

Shop corgi paint by numbers on Shopee

2. Mini flower pot

Image credit: Shopee 

If corgis are your kryptonite and you’re one with green fingers, you will love this corgi-themed mini flower pot, perfect for succulents and small plants. Made of high quality resin, you can either use it to spruce up your home garden or even bring it to your office desk to lift your spirits while chiong-ing your work.

Price: $8.24

Shop corgi mini flower pot on Shopee

3. Doormat

Image credit: Qoo10 

Imagine returning home thoroughly spent to a corgi awaiting your arrival at the door. Well, if you can’t have a real one, this corgi-themed doormat will have to do. Plonking it at the doorway will be a great addition to your entrance – plus, the mats come in various designs you can choose from, including a cheeky one with two corgi butts for a his-and-hers vibe.

Price: $12.90

Shop Corgi doormat from Qoo10

4. Tissue holder

Probably the only appropriate time to stare at a butt.
Image credit: Shopee 

Tissue holders don’t really spring to mind immediately when we think of home decor, but there are actually lots of fun designs to choose from that can really liven up a living space. This corgi butt tissue holder takes the cake because of its hilariously genius design. 

Besides, their iconic fluffy rears are also known to be super soft – perfect for holding those soft 3-ply tissues. The tissue-holding tushie also comes with a car seat strap, making this a versatile purchase for car owners.

Price: $5

Shop corgi butt tissue holder

5. Mousepad with wrist support

Image credit: Shopee 

Kickstart your daily WFH grind with this corgi-themed mouse pad, which comes with cheeky ergonomic wrist support. We’re talking both functionality and a one-of-a-kind design here, and it’s not hard to see why you would be adding this item to your cart now.

Price: $14.80

Shop corgi mousepad on Shopee.

6. Cushion cover

Image credit: Shopee 

Why get boring solid-coloured cushion covers when you can get a corgi – or many – on them instead? With a slew of patterns to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these cushion covers to declare just how much of a corgi enthusiast you are.

These covers are made of linen and are relatively eco-friendly and durable enough to withstand frequent washes for those who like their pillows smelling fresh and clean 24/7.

Price: $7.58

Shop corgi cushion covers on Shopee.

7. Corgi butt wire protector

Image credit: Shopee 

Everyone can attest to this: having your charging cables fray near the end is really annoying, and not to mention dangerous. This corgi butt wire protector will not only keep your wires in tip-top condition, but the silicone-made design is also adorable as heck. How’s that for a win-win situation?

True corgi aficionados would also know that not all of them have golden fur, and this product lets you choose between two colours for #representation of the lesser-known but also just as cute Cardigan Welsh corgi.

Do note that this product can only be used for iPhone charging cables.

Price: $1.95

Shop corgi butt wire protector on Shopee

8. Wall stickers

Image credit: Shopee 

Who said wall stickers are only for kids? Simply paste these corgi-themed wall stickers around your light switch or near your desk and you can catch a glimpse of this adorable pup everyday while adding some life to a plain wall.

There are also six designs to choose from depending on your favourite corgi pose.

Price: $2

Shop corgi wall stickers on Shopee

9. Door curtain

Image credit: Shopee 

When it comes to prints, sometimes, the bigger the better. This corgi-themed door curtain sure does not hold back, and you can now treat your eyes to this larger-than-life corgi that spans the width of your door. Made of thick cotton linen, it is durable for frequent passes through the doors at home.

The product comes in two sizes depending on the dimension of your door, and actual corgi owners can even request for customised prints if having your own furbaby’s face beats any other design out there.

Price: $18.25-$19.99

Shop corgi door curtain on Shopee

Decorate your home with corgi-themed items

From adorable flower pots to charging cable protectors, these corgi-themed home decor items are fur-real cute and also extremely affordable. If you just can’t get enough of these fluffy bois and girls in your life, you can now clear an entire cart’s worth of corgi items without splurging hard. 

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee, Shopee, Shopee, Qoo10

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