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5 Home Decor Tips To Nail That Muji Aesthetic Effortlessly For Your HDB Or Condo

Minimalist HDB designs

We’re all familiar with the phrase “less is more”. All die-hard Muji fans swear by this – clearing their homes of any clutter in hopes of achieving the minimalist aesthetic. But there needs to be a balance. Too much of something is never a good thing, but too little, and our homes are in danger of appearing lifeless and empty.

While it takes real skill to get the minimalist look without being uninspiring and boring, here are 5 design tips for your dream home.

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Note: All prices accurate at time of writing, subject to change over time.

1. Style with bright pops of colour

Image credit: Design4Space

This design might be going for a simple look, but it’s not at all lacklustre. With furnishings all decked out in soothing pastel shades, it offers a cosy and homely feel. Not to forget the occasional potted plant in a room or two for the nature-inspired Muji look.

Image credit: Design4Space

With that said, we can all agree that the Muji aesthetic can’t be without wood – this flat has got smooth panes of ash wood everywhere for a streamlined look. The clever choice of basic colours makes the fully equipped kitchen area appear cleaner, neater, and more spacious – a joy for anyone who cooks at home.

Cost of renovation: $32,000

2. Use a room divider or slidable door

Image credit: Design4Space

One of the pain points of decorating an HDB flat is the severe lack of space – BTO flats are getting smaller these days. It takes solid skill to create art on a tiny canvas, but this masterpiece was created with the help of a stripped wooden divider. This creates the illusion of two spaces instead of one, making the flat seem more spacious and multifaceted.

Image credit: Design4Space

While many of us are guilty of having our knick-knacks strewn messily about, this design has a built-in shelving to helps us organise our clutter. It comes together with the rather innovative slidable wall that leads to the rooms. Gives you some rare but much-needed privacy in a tiny HDB flat when relatives or guests visit!

Cost of renovation: $27,000

3. Decorate with unique furniture staples

Image credit: Design4Space

For an eye-catching design, it doesn’t necessarily need to be bright and in-your-face. With airy white curtains and a pale grey bed frame as the backdrop, something different but subtle like this will stand out sufficiently. Take the two rose-gold geometric hanging lamps in this bedroom – it grabs our attention while exuding elegance.

Image credit: Design4Space

This design features a bed that’s based on ground level – similar to a Japanese futon – so it’s key furniture piece for all want to take that Muji aesthetic one step further.

Cost of renovation: $19,000

4. Have large windows for natural light

Image credit: Design4Space

Here’s something that all HDB dwellers should consider: a massive window that spans across an entire bedroom wall. You’ll have tons of sunlight streaming into the flat during the day, and your house will appear brighter and more spacious.

Image credit: Design4Space

With a neutral colour palette made up of whites and browns, this design reminds us of a tastefully-decorated resort hotel. It’s perfect for all those who want to feel like they’re on a relaxing holiday when lounging at home.

Cost of renovation: $55,000

5. Stick to natural elements

Image credit: Design4Space

If your home’s lacking in space, use natural elements like wood to keep it looking consistent. Check out the quirky fan – its wooden blades complements the wooden flooring and furniture. Add in a customised wooden door and some bamboo blinds together with a couple of bespoke chairs and you have a home that’s uniquely yours!

Image credit: Design4Space

Don’t hesitate to add pops of bold colours everywhere such as a pastel pink hanging lamp and a bubblegum blue sofa.

Cost of renovation: $33,000

Affordable home renovation in Singapore

The minimalist aesthetic is all the rage these days – some homes are entirely decked out in Muji furniture. But it’s not easy to strike a balance when it comes to this particular style. Too much, and you’ve got a cluttered mess. Too little, and it’s lifeless and utterly devoid of any personality.

This is where Design4Space comes in, with minimalist designs that’ll transform your blank slate of an HDB into a Muji showroom. Whether you’re after an airy space or functional decor, Design4Space is fully equipped with both skills and experience – they’ve done it all.

If you’re less about minimalism and enjoy other home-decor styles, that’s possible too – check out their HDB renovations that were done on a $30k budget.

Find out more about Design4Space here

This post was brought to you by Design4Space.
Cover image adapted from: Design4Space
Originally published on 19th March 2019. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 22nd June 2021.


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