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Cookyn Inc takes team-bonding to a whole new level with their programmes and activities centred around a kitchen. Be it a private party or a corporate team-building event, Cookyn Inc has the facilities to cater for up to 80 pax. (Bookings over 80 pax will have to be conducted off-site.)

Their spacious, modern kitchens are equipped with the latest gadgets are sure to inspire all first-time cooks. Cookyn Inc also prides itself on providing exclusivity — no matter how large or small a group, you can be sure that you will have the kitchen all to yourself.

TheSmartLocal team had the pleasure of going down to their premises at Ah Hood Road to participate in The Kitchen Challenge, Cookyn Inc’s signature event recommended for groups of 14 pax onwards. Here’s how our experience went.


Pre-Event Briefing



b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A2111.JPGBefore we got our hands dirty we were first made to draw lots to divide ourselves into two teams. Each team was divided according to the types of cuisines we were meant to prepare for the day — Vietnamese or Spanish. Each group also had to pick a leader for their team. b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-7.JPGI’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food so imagine my excitement when I placed myself in the Vietnamese camp! Our menu for the day included fresh rice rolls and Vietnamese-style marinated chicken. Each group received the help of a mentor who oversaw our preparation.

We were given one and a half hours to complete the tasks assigned to us. Our host for the day Amanda was really enthusiastic in getting us in the mood for some serious cooking. 


Let the Cooking Begin!


b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-9.JPGI was reminded of Masterchef when we were given the signal to begin. Everyone instantly rushed to their stations and began chopping, peeling and slicing away at their ingredients. Thanks to the folks at Cookyn Inc, all our meat and vegetables had already been measured and set aside. This made our jobs easier and for my cooking-averse colleague, bearable.b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-12.JPGWe powered through the prep for our dishes within the first half-an-hour and felt really proud of ourselves. One-and-a-half hours? Pfft. We were almost done! 

THEN. We realised the reason for the generous time period.


The Sudden Surprise



Amanda, suddenly told us to stop doing whatever we were doing. Each group was handed an envelope with a small budget. With it we could buy anything we wanted to, either to supplement our existing dishes or to create new ones. We had 30 minutes to plan, grocery shop and return with our items. 

Seeing as we only had a limited budget, we felt a green papaya salad would be a perfect addition. We had extra vegetables and vermicelli from the fresh rolls and decided to use them in the salad as well. Alas when we arrived at the supermarket at Zhongshan mall which is 5 minutes away from Cookyn Inc, there were no green papayas OR green mangoes OR canned tapiocas or anything that we had in mind.

With 10 minutes left, we decided on substituting the green papayas with granny smith apples and hoped for the best.b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-13.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-11.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-10.JPGWe returned to the Cookyn Inc kitchen with heaps left to do and not much time left on the clock. That was when we started to panic. It was a mad rush to make sure our presentation portion was well, presentable, and that there were enough portions for everybody. b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-17.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-19.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-21.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-20.JPGFinally it was time to present and time to eat! Each team took took turns to present our dishes and to give a brief description of what we prepared for the day. The team that came up with Spanish dishes had amazing presentation skills but I think my team won hands down for creativity.


Judgment Time!


We were scored on several aspects of the challenge, including creativity and presentation. I am proud to say my team won! We received a mystery prize at the end of the challenge.b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-18.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-22.JPGThen, it was time to eat!


My Takeaways from Cookyn Inc


b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-23.JPGIt’s always nice to get out of office and to interact with colleagues in a different setting, especially when it’s over food. Cookyn Inc really provided a fun and conducive environment for all of us to get to know each other (and our cooking abilities) a little better. I also particularly liked that the dishes were delicious and simple to make.

Everyone in the kitchen was able to participate, regardless of whether you were a closet masterchef or a complete cooking noob. The best part about this experience was having to sit down at the end to savour the fruits of our labour. We loved our food so much some of us even brought some portions back! b2ap3_thumbnail_Cookyn-25.JPGThe facilitators at Cookyn Inc were helpful, energetic, and nothing short of professional. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was clear that my colleagues did too. At the end of the day, as clichéd as it sounds, teamwork in any organisation is crucial for success and it wouldn’t hurt to spend a day fostering cohesion with an activity as fun and wholesome as Cookyn Inc’s.


Getting to Cookyn Inc


To find out more about the programmes offered, check out Cookyn Inc’s site.

Cookyn Inc is located in Home Team NS JOM Club House, Balestier. It’s just next to the Cafe FIX, which is also under the The Food Explorer Group along with Cookyn Inc and Grub.

Address: 31 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329979
Phone: 6748 4848

This post was brought to you by Cookyn Inc.