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MCCY x Kult free escape room

This Roving Escape Room Lets You Solve An Exciting “Art Heist” Mystery With Random Teammates

Collab & Conquer roving escape room

Whether it’s pretending to be a bunch of detectives solving a murder mystery or attempting to get out of a haunted mansion, an escape room has the magical power to transform you into anything. With that in mind, MCCY is joining forces with Kult Studio and Gallery to bring us Collab & Conquer, a roving escape room that comes with a good twist.

What’s that you ask? Well, you’ll be teaming up with people at random to form your very own squad and find a missing painting together – so get ready for a day of intense fun and making a friend or two.

The Escape Room experience

MCCY x Kult Collab and Conquer team briefing

The team getting prepped before heading in

I had the pleasure of joining forces with a bunch of new friends for my very own Collab & Conquer adventure – so trust me when I say that it was nothing short of fun. After all, we had the hot case of a stolen painting on our hands, and we had to come together to solve it.

And if you’re wondering how on earth we managed to solve an entire art heist with a time limit ticking away, here’s how we did it:

1. Teamwork makes the dream work

free escape room activity

This puzzle involved all of us helping each other

The idea of meeting new people and working together can get some of us in a nail-biting sitch, but chances are, everyone joining is in to have a good time. Plus, you’ll get to meet people from all walks of life, which might just be the golden ticket to solving the puzzle. You’ll find that some are more visual while others are more analytical, so it’s great having a diverse mix of teammates.

I was lucky to have some math-geniuses on my team, which helped us whizz right through the puzzles that involved numbers.

2. Don’t overthink it

Here’s the truth: we weren’t really trying to solve a real-life mystery with a criminal mastermind watching our every move, meaning there wasn’t a need for us to get over-analytical with the clues.

collab and conquer escape room

So if you find yourself spending more than 10 minutes working on a clue, try backtracking and looking at it from a new perspective – it’s probably less complicated than you think.

3. Keep calm and carry on

solving the puzzle free escape room

A few seconds before we solved the mystery! Not pictured: us screaming in desperation just 5 minutes before.

There’s bound to be a moment during your escape room shenanigans when everyone is hit with the realisation; what if we never get out of here? But I’ll admit that that’s my favourite bit because it usually always ends with everyone laughing over the silliness of it all, and finally trying to piece the puzzle together again. All while staying calm, of course.

collab and conquer free escape room

The end result = Some happy “detectives”, a sense of accomplishment from solving it as a team, and a whole bunch of giggles.

Step out of your comfort zone with Collab and Conquer

making new friends with Collab and Conquer

Step aside, Collab & Conquer Detective Squad coming through 

Friendship makes the world go round, and if you’d like to add a few new buddies to your social circle, head down for MCCY x Kult’s Collab & Conquer Escape Room Experience, which will be taking place across the month of February at Hillion Mall and Our Tampines Hub.

All you have to do is register online anytime from now till 16th February for the slot you want. Not to worry if the registration slots are full, ‘cuz there’ll be some walk-in slots open on the day of the event too. And here’s the icing on the cake: it’s free! You’ll also get to have a go at other exciting games during the weekends, with a chance to win Koi vouchers and other exclusive prizes.

Hillion Mall
 Outside Bukit Panjang MRT Station
Dates: 4th-10th February 2019
Address: 17 Petir Rd, Singapore 678278

Our Tampines Hub
Festive Entrance (next to OTH Hawker Centre)
Dates: 11th-17th February 2019
Address: 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

Sign up for an escape room adventure here!

This post was brought to you by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.
Photography by: Pichan Cruz