9 Best Chinese New Year Hampers To Gift Your Loved Ones In The Year Of The Dragon

CNY hampers Singapore

If the omnipresent dong dong qiang songs weren’t indicative enough, then here’s a PSA: We’re officially entering Chinese New Year season, people. That means planning visits with the fam, queuing up to draw out angbao money, and spring cleaning the house.

And with visitings comes the time to think of a perfect gift for whoever’s hosting. Enter hampers, AKA the fail-safe go-to for door gifts and well wishes. But these CNY hampers for 2024 come with a chock-full of munchies that aren’t just your usual chicken essence-and-abalone combo. So, if you’re stressing over what to get your boss or relative, take a deep breath and read on:

1. Mdm Ling Bakery – Steps To Prosperity ($158)

Image credit: Mdm Ling Bakery

Besides an abundance of wealth, let’s admit that we also wish for an abundance of snacks. Mdm Ling Bakery’s Steps To Prosperity is a dish come true for those who are always reaching for the snack jar. Picture this: 12 festive bites housed in an intricately carved wooden box that you can turn into a trinket drawer afterwards. 

You can anticipate local recipes like Kopi Siew Dai Cookies, original bakes like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Chocolate Almond Cookies, and other classics like Pineapple Balls. Literally no crumbs left behind.

Shop on Mdm Ling Bakery.

2. Janice Wong – Flower & Chocolate Gift Set ($163)

Image credit: Janice Wong

It’s no surprise that 甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi) features heavily on CNY couplets, given that it wishes all sweet and loving relationships for the upcoming year. If it’s one of your go-to CNY greetings, you can consider getting the Flower & Chocolate Gift Set Box of 9 ($163) from Janice Wong.

Given that Valentine’s Day falls on the 4th day of Chinese New Year, it makes a worthy gift for your SO as well, with its fresh flowers, colourful chocolates, and pretty packaging. 

Shop on Janice Wong.

3. Far East Flora – Lunar Blessings Gourmet Hamper ($161.32)

Image credit: @fareastfloracom via Instagram

With more than 90 hampers to choose from, it’s no surprise that you’ll be spoiled for choice when you shop at Far East Flora. Look out for the hampers that start with the product code CTG which are available from $38. On top of enjoying savings of up to $310, you can also get free delivery when you order from now till 1st February 2024.

One such hamper is the Lunar Blessings Gift Hamper ($161.32). Besides having steamboat essentials such as top shell, it also contains snacks such as lava cheese egg rolls and prawn crackers, making it a great all-rounder to gift others.

Shop on Far East Flora.

4. Noel Gifts – Evergreen Blessings Hamper ($183.12)

Arranged like a pyramid, the Evergreen Blessings Hamper ($183.12) from Noel Gifts could very well be amongst some of the tallest hampers around. Besides featuring CNY goodies such as pineapple jam biscuits and green pea snacks, it also boasts an Eiffel Tower-shaped bottle of French brandy, which sits at the very top.

Products in the Blooming Fortune range come in a box in the shape of a giant “福” (fu) – Mandarin for fortune.
Image credit: Noel Gifts

To wish others an abundant year ahead, you can also consider the range of Blooming Fortune Gift Hampers (from $163.50) all of which include tins of abalone and bottles of bird’s nest. Some of these even have a purple crystal money pot ornament, perfect for attracting all that extra huat.

If you need something more affordable for house visits, look at the Spring Greetings Hamper range (from $85.02).  These contain assorted treats such as chocolates, dried mushrooms, and egg rolls.

Shop on Noel Gifts.

5. Eu Yan Sang – Auspicious Abundance CNY Hamper ($198)

Image credit: Eu Yan Sang

Health is wealth, and this Auspicious Abundance CNY Hamper from Eu Yan Sang promises both. Find Bird’s Nest Collagen Beverages, Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Cordyceps & Huaishan, Honey with Royal JellyRoasted Pistachios, and a Bird’s Nest Gift Set inside this trove of goodness.

You can’t go wrong with some trusty Triple Prosperity Abalone either, which are believed to bring luck to whoever eats them. Live long long!

Shop at Eu Yan Sang.

6. Sunny Hills – Fortune CNY Assorted Gift Box ($44)

Image credit: Sunny Hills

As Marie Antoinette once said, “let them eat cake” – and that we shall, with the Sunny Hills Fortune CNY Assorted Gift Box. You’ll not only get a limited edition tote bag with an adorable dragon print, but 6 assorted pastry boxes filled with cakes and waffle cookies. 

The Apple Ping-An cake in particular, has customers fawning over the tangy apple and roasted sweet potato flavour. This year’s edition also includes a banana waffle cookie shaped like the character 春 (chun) – Mandarin for spring.

Shop at Sunny Hills.

7. Joy Avenue –  Blessings CNY Box Hamper C ($65)

Image credit: Joy Avenue

If you’re looking for a fuss-free and budget-friendly option, you can consider Joy Avenue’s Blessings CNY Box Hamper C ($65). Besides featuring staples such as Chicken Essence and prawn rolls, it also sports pineapple cakes and dried shiitake mushrooms. You can also include your wishes on a gold foil balloon for an additional $12.

Shop on Joy Avenue.

8. Price Club – Treasure Trove Hamper ($128)

Image credit: Price Club

If you know someone whose kitchen cabinet is lined with canned seafood, they’re most likely familiar with the brand, Fortune. This Chinese New Year, surprise them with a whole basket of Fortune products from Price Club, which feature hotpot faves like abalone, razor clams and scallops.

The Treasure Trove Hamper also has LaDiva White Truffle Olive Oil and Royal Select Sparkling Red Grape Juice for the most atas of taste buds. And hey, it’s a great excuse to sabo your giftee into hosting reunion dinner.

Shop at Price Club.

9. Pulse Patisserie – Emperor’s Chest Hamper ($198)

Image credit: Pulse Patisserie

Decked out in an auspicious red and gold, the Emperor’s Chest Hamper houses pastries such as pineapple tarts and cookies in its treasure chest shaped box. It’s also sealed with a dragon seal to prevent unwanted hands from snagging the goodies inside.

Despite its appearance, there’s no need to peer over ancient maps to find this treasure. You may choose to pick your order up at their brick-and-mortar store at 42 North Canal Road, or top up an extra $18 for doorstep delivery.

Shop at Pulse Patisserie.

Best CNY hampers to get in 2024

With CNY hampers, all the hassle of selecting a miscellany of gifts has already been expedited for you. Now, all you have to do is show up, smile, and hand your friends or relatives any one of these glorious gifts.

Here’s to feasting our eyes and treating our tummies in 2024!

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Originally published on 20th December 2022. Last updated by Mattias Tan on 16th January 2024.
This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Cover image adapted from: Noel Gifts, Janice Wong, Sunny Hills

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