Clarke Quay lunch deals  


Clarke Quay lunch deals

For those who work in the CBD, affordable lunch options can seem few and far between, much less value-for-money lunch sets. 

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all lunch set options you can possibly find near town, you might have overlooked Clarke Quay. Yes, the stretch known for its vibrant nightlife has plenty of lunch options, and they come with unexpectedly great deals too! 

These lunch promos run from Monday to Friday (except PH or stated otherwise), and they’ve even got treats for kids on Sundays!  

Note: Below prices may not be inclusive of GST and Service Charge. 


1. Bayang – $15 2-course set lunches with satay or beef rendang


Bayang - 2 course set lunch

Think Bali, and beautiful beaches to nua around and unwind with delicious grub come to mind. Well, minus the beach, you too can have a similar relaxing experience by dining at Bayang, with their authentic Balinese cuisine and cosy, Indonesian-inspired decor.

Indulge in their 2 course set lunch ($15) for a main that also comes with a dessert and a drink – iced lemon tea or fresh lime juice. For your main, choices include Fried Rice with Sate (Satay) Chicken, Beef Rendang with Yellow Rice and Crackers, XO Fried Rice with Fish Fillet in Mango Salad, and Mee Tek Tek with Crispy Chicken Wanton.

Bayang - fried rice with satay

Kickstarting our meal was Fried Rice with Sate. The fried rice was fragrant and flavourful, and complemented well with the tender and slightly charred chicken satay. 

Bayang - mee tek tek with crispy chicken wanton

If you’re looking for something more noodle-based, there’s Mee Tek Tek with Crispy Chicken Wanton. Unlike the soft and silky wanton we are more familiar with, the crispy chicken wanton gives a satisfying snack-like crunch.

For the picky kiddos who often crave fried food, Bayang has a special kids menu available on weekends just for them! Their choices of mains include Fried Noodle with Satay Chicken and Sunny Side Up Egg, Deep Fried Chicken Chop with Fries, Fish and Chips, and Fried Rice with Chicken Drumlet. Each meal also includes a drink and dessert.

Bayang - interior

Address: Block A, 01-05, Singapore 179024
Telephone: 6337 0144
Opening hours: Tues-Sat: 12PM-3PM, 6PM-1AM | Mon & Sun: 12PM-3PM, 6PM-11PM


2. The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS – $15 2-course set lunch 


We love ASTONS for their affordable Western cuisine that comes in generous portions, and you can expect the same at The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS. This time, with Dry Aged and Premium Steak.

the ranchsteakhouse by astons - fridge for dry-aged beef

They’ve got an exclusive fridge for dry-aged beef displayed for all to see, adding to the atas, fine-dining vibes of the restaurant.

the ranchsteakhouse by astons - set lunch main courses

For $15, you get a main course and a soup of the day. Choices of mains include the Ranch Open Burger, Mushroom Linguine with Truffle Cream and Corn-Fed French Spatchcock

the ranchsteakhouse by astons - ranch open burger

The star of the show has to be their RANCH Open Burger. Atop the stack of bacon streaks and beef patty lies a glorious, perfect-looking soft-boiled egg, calling out to you to break and watch the golden yolk ooze out and down the layers of burger – don’t forget to IG-story it! 

The RANCH Steakhouse By ASTONS
Address: Block B, #01-15, Singapore 179021
Telephone: 6256 0334
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 12PM-3PM, 5PM-12AM | Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 12PM-3PM, 5PM-1AM


3. Spice World Hot Pot – $15 4-course Chinese set lunch with free flow appetizers


Spice World Hot Pot - interior

The oriental decor’s a dead giveaway – for authentic Chinese cuisine, head to Spice World Hot Pot, a restaurant chain from China that serves Sichuan-style hot pot dishes.

spice world hot pot - 4-course set lunch

If you’re loading up on carbs for lunch instead, you can opt for Chongqing Noodles, Chinese Sauerkraut Instant Fried Rice or Yangzhou-style Fried Rice as your preferred main. Alternatively, go for Pork with Cabbage Dumplings or Pork with Leek Dumplings for a lighter meal.

spice world hot pot - chongqing noodles

Chongqing Noodles

On top of the mains, their 4-course set lunch ($15) also comes with a dessert of the day and free flow appetizers, sauces, snacks, fruits and drinks. 

spice world hot pot - free-flow sauces

Over 10 different types of free-flow sauces. Experiment with the flavours by mixing the different sauces around, and be surprised by how well they blend together!

For something novel and also, well, IG-worthy, Spice World’s Teddy Bear and Hello Kitty-shaped Mala steamboat are… unique to say the least. Only 20 are available each day, but even if you’ve missed it, their regular hot pot menu is also available for lunch. 

Spice World Hot Pot (香天下火锅)
Address: Block B, #01-06/07, Singapore 179021
Telephone: 6265 9777
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 1030AM-4AM | Fri, Sat: 1030AM-6AM


4. Hooters – $10 3-course set meals with chicken wings


Your long-awaited cheat day is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with some midday indulgence at Hooters

Hooters - Hooters Burger

With an extensive 3-course set lunch menu ($10) of 10 main courses to choose from, the struggle to pick just one was real. To narrow it down, if you’ve got a soft spot for some meaty beef, the Hooters Burger makes a great option. Served together with curly fries, sandwiched between the burger is a juicy beef patty meat-lovers will enjoy.

Hooters - Hooters wings and fries

And with Hooters being famed for their original chicken wings, of course we had to get their Hooters Wings with Fries. The wings came coated in mild spicy Hot Sauce, but if you’re up for it, you can request for their spiciest sauce, aptly named 911. 

hooters - original chicken wings

It’s tempting to have all 7 wings all to yourself, but it’s good for sharing between 2 too. 

The lunch set also comes with an ice cream and a soft drink, must-haves for the stifling heat of sunny Singapore. 

But with such unforgiving weather, the soft drink might not be enough to quench your thirst. So add $5 for a refreshing mug of Tiger Beer – it’s never too early for a little bit of alcohol!

If day drinking isn’t your thing, or you wouldn’t want to attend an afternoon meeting reeking of booze, top-up $2.50 for their soup-of-the-day instead.

Address: Block D, #01-03, Singapore 179023
Telephone: 6332 1090
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM-12AM | Fri, Sat: 11AM-2AM


5. Talay Thai – $15 2-course Thai set meals 


Step into Talay Thai, and you’ll be greeted with a cocktail bar and a neon sign that reads “Love You Long Long Time”. Despite its modern bar-like interior that seems more befitting for night dining, here’s where you can feast on traditional Thai cuisine during lunch to deal with BKK withdrawals. 

talay thai - pad thai

At an authentic Thai restaurant like this, there’s no giving Thai street food classics like Pad Thai a miss. Squeeze the lime in and give the stir-fried noodles a thorough mix for a savoury burst of flavour with every mouthful, together with some devilishly red Thai chilli flakes. 

talay thai - green curry chicken with rice

Also offering a tinge of sweet and spicy is their Green Curry Chicken with Rice. The curry’s thick and creamy, with chunks of chicken soaked in all the goodness. 

Talay thai - main courses

You can get each dish at just $10, or top up $5 for an additional soup of the day with their 2-course set lunch ($15). Aside from Pad Thai and Green Curry Chicken Rice, other mains include Phad See Ew and Basil Chicken with Rice.

And good news for mummies and daddies: come on Sundays, and one kid under age of seven gets to dine for free with every 2 paying adults!*

*Not valid with other promotions, discounts, offers or any credit card privileges.  

Talay Thai 
Address: Block E, #01-05, Singapore 179024
Telephone: 63371838
Opening hours: 12PM-10.30PM, Daily


6. Hutong – $15 3-course set lunch with dumpling soup


Hutong - interior

Amidst the glitz of Clarke Quay lies Hutong, with traditional Chinese decor that sets it apart from the modern settings all around. 

hutong - 3 course set lunch

For such a fancy ambience, their 3-course set lunch is a steal. It consists of an appetizer, a main course, and a bowl of soup – all for $15. You’ll also get to enjoy a cup of hot tea or fresh lime juice.

Hutong - dumpling soup noodle

If you’re looking for something light but hearty, Hutong’s Soup Noodle with Dumpling is it. Slurping down the springy noodles, warm soup, and silky-smooth dumplings is especially ideal on rainy days.

hutong - fried rice with spicy XO sauce

For more flavour, they’ve also got dishes like Fried Rice with Spicy XO Sauce to set your taste buds on fire.

The other main you can opt for as part of their set lunch is Crispy Noodle with Vegetables and Mushroom. Cream of corn is the fixed soup choice, but you can choose between steamed spicy shrimp wanton and deep fried spring roll for the appetizer.

Hutong (胡同)
Address: Block D, #01-07, Singapore 179023
Telephone: 6336 0212
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 12PM-3PM | 5PM-11PM


7. Muchos – $15 3-course set meals with vegetarian-option enchiladas and tacos


If you’re craving some Mexican cuisine, head to Muchos, which has a 3-course set lunch ($15) that consists of a main course, a drink, soup of the day and dessert. For mains, they’ve got Mexican favourites like Soft Tacos, Enchiladas and Fajitas.

muchos - fajitas chicken meat

muchos - fajitas wrap

If you’re unfamiliar with Mexican food, the fajitas served might leave you feeling somewhat confused. Some spoonfuls of rice, 3 sauces, lettuce, tortilla wraps, and a hot plate of sizzling meat with speckles of capsicum – what exactly am I supposed to do with them? 

The answer:

  1. Spread the fillings – sour cream, guacamole, and salsa onto the tortilla wrap
  2. Sprinkle bits of lettuce on top
  3. Add strips of juicy, tender, chicken 
  4. Wrap it all up and enjoy!

muchos - enchiladas

Enchiladas are rolled tortillas, but filled with shredded chicken and beans, and drenched in a variety of sauces, such as sour cream and salsa. 

For the vegetarians or veg-lovers among us, you can replace the chicken or beef with vegetables.

Address: Block D, #01­-04, Singapore 179024
Telephone: 6338 4748
Opening hours: 12PM-12AM, Daily


8. Tomo Izakaya – Don/bento sets from $11 to $15.50


Japanese food is hard to resist – just the thought of melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, fresh sushi and even a simple bowl of oyakodon is enough to get us drooling. The only thing that puts us off from indulging in them every day? The price.

But while Japanese grub is often expensive, it’s surely not the case with the bento and don lunch sets at Tomo Izakaya

tomo izakaya - don and bento sets

Both the sets include free-flow miso soup and rice, while the bento set also comes with thick slabs of sashimi and a light appetizer. 

tomo izakaya - tori karaage bento

Under their bento set menu, they’ve got 5 different bentos you can take your pick from – Tori Karaage, Chicken Namban, Nori-Salmon, Pork Tonkatsu and Pork Soki. We went with the Tori Karaage Bento ($13), and absolutely loved how crispy the deep-fried chicken was! 

tomo izakaya - chicken oyako don

That’s not all. You can also opt for the don set, which comes in 6 different kinds – Chicken Oyako, Pork-Sutamina, Pork Cha-Syu, Unagi-Tamago, Tomo Ten and Ebi Chili. To power through the day, we got their Chicken Oyako Don ($11), with its protein-fuelled combination of chicken and egg well-simmered together.

Tomo Izakaya
Address: Block A, #01-04, Singapore 179020
Telephone: 6336 0100


9. Xiao Chen Gu Shi – $10 Bak Kut Teh/Chicken Rice sets


xiao chen gu shi - bak kut teh

There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot bowl of bak kut teh for a good pick-me-up, especially after pulling through a tough morning at work. You deserve nothing but the best – take your comfort to the fullest by heading to Xiao Chen Gu Shi, said to be home to the best bak kut teh in Clarke Quay. 

xiao chen gu shi - bak kut teh and chicken rice set

You can opt for their Bak Kut Teh set ($10), which consists of a bowl of bak kut teh and two sides – braised peanuts and salted vegetables. The peppery broth was light with no-frills, bringing warmth to our bellies, while the pork ribs were meaty, tender, and peel off the bone effortlessly. 

xiao chen gu shi - chicken rice

Or, get the other all-time favourite local dish you can find at Xiao Chen Gu Shi – chicken rice. Their Chicken Rice set ($10) comes with 4 sides, 1 soup, and a complimentary barley drink. Each bite of the soft and chewy chicken meat was a refreshing one, especially when paired with crunchy greens and dipped into both chili and ginger sauces. 

xiao chen gu shi - bak kut teh set

Xiao Chen Gu Shi (小陳故事)
Address: Block E, #01-08, Singapore 179024
Telephone: 6336 0939
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11.30AM–6AM | Sun: 12PM-10PM


10. Fremantle Seafood Market – $15 2-course set lunch with fresh seafood


Named after the Australian port city best known for its fresh seafood, Fremantle Seafood Market is where all you seafood-lovers will be in for a treat.

fremantle seafood market - fish and chips

Fish & Chips 

Crispy on the outside and tender in the inside, the two huge pieces of succulent fish battered to a beautiful golden-brown were an absolute delight, especially when paired with thick, chunky fries and the standard tartar sauce to dip into. 

fremantle seafood market - fremantle seafood aglio olio

We also got their Fremantle Seafood Aglio Olio, served with fresh, juicy prawns, clams, and squid.

fremantle seafood market - set lunch main courses

You can get a main by itself for just $10, or enjoy a 2-course set lunch ($15) for a main of your choice and a soup of the day. Besides Fish and Chips and Seafood Aglio Olio, your choice of mains also includes Grilled Cajun Chicken and Oven Roast Ruby Snapper.

And as part of their Sunday Treats, one kid under age of seven gets to dine for free with every 2 paying adults, available daily.*

*Not valid with other promotions, discounts, offers or any credit card privileges.

Fremantle Seafood Market
Address: Block E, #01-05/06, Singapore 179024
Telephone: 6337 1838
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 12PM-11PM | Fri-Sat: 12PM-2AM


CBD lunchtime deals


lunch at clarke quay

The last thing you’d want while having a meal is to be stressing over when the “summon auntie” will appear every 5 minutes. None of that at Clarke Quay, with free lunchtime parking every Monday to Friday*, from 12.30pm-1.30pm! 

clarke quay - sunday playdates

Besides weekday treats, Clarke Quay also promises a good time for kids and adults alike on weekends. Join them for Sunday Playdates on the first Sunday every month from 12pm to 5pm, a family-friendly activity featuring carnival game booths and bouncy castles at the Fountain Square.

You’ll need some energy before and after those games, so fuel up with this list of lunch options above!

*Excluding public holidays. 

clarke quay - lunch by the quay

And good news for CapitaStar members: scan valid lunch receipts from participating outlets at Clarke Quay, and earn 3X STAR$®! T&C at the bottom of the page here

If you aren’t a CapitaStar member…yet, no worries. Sign up to be one via this link or Self-Service Kiosks at Clarke Quay, and you can earn 10,000 STARS®! 

Find out more about Lunch by the Quay here!

This post was brought to you by Clarke Quay.