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Circles.Life Weird Challenge

You Can Now Win $10,000 From Circles.Life By Just Posting Wacky IG Reels, Plus Freebies Till 31st Mar

Circles.Life “Weird” Challenge

Take a quick look around and you’ll notice that pretty much everyone is documenting something on social media. And if you’re reading this, there’s no doubt you’ve already picked up the know-how on showing snippets of your life and personality on the likes of IG and TikTok. 

Well, it turns out you can now win cold, hard cash just by doing that – up to $10,000 to be exact. Enter #theweirdchallenge from Circles.Life, which allows you to get your hands on an array of prizes just by sharing your “uniqueness” on Instagram. On top of that, score goodies such as $0.01 coffee as part of Circles.Life’s 3.14 perks. Read on to find out how to get in on this.

Post your weirdest reel on IG to win up to $10,000

Circles.Life WeirdChallenge
Get creative and put on a skit to that’s bold and unforgettable.
Image credit: Circles.Life

The challenge is pretty straightforward: simply turn your weirdest traits into a skit, film yourself, and upload it to your IG Reel. Lucrative prizes await the most creative submissions, so don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary that’ll make it hard for viewers to peel their eyes off your video. Now’s your time to slay

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  • Grand prize: $10,000 and a 1-year complimentary promo plan subscription
  • 2nd prize: $2,000 and a 1 year complimentary promo plan subscription
  • 3rd prize: $1,000 and a 1 year complimentary promo plan subscription 
  • Top 30 prizes: $100

Be sure to get your buddies to share and like your videos, because there’s also a Crowd Favourite Award of $1,000 that’ll be picked from the top 30 submissions. 

Kishan taking a selfie
There’s no need for a fancy setup – you can use your mobile phone to film yourself.
Image credit: Circles.Life

You’ll want to get in on this challenge ASAP, as the first 50 people to enter will get their hands on Grab vouchers worth $20 as an extra perk. The first 500 submissions from existing Circles.Life users will also score unlimited data for the month of April and will be in the running to win a 1-year subscription to their Unlimited Data plan (worth $576).

All you have to do now is to post your weirdest IG reel, and make sure your caption begins with tagging @circleslifesg, and ends with the hashtag #theweirdchallenge. The final step is to fill up the challenge submission form and cross your fingers that you’ll come out of this with an extra $10,000 in your bank account. 

Get $0.01 coffee & discounted goodies

Circles.Life Weird Challenge
Image credit: Circles.Life

While you’re planning your weirdest skit for the challenge, be sure to look out for perks galore in the Circles.Life app as part of 3.14 Circles Day. These goodies are available from now till 20th March, and Circles.Life users can claim these well-deserved rewards. 

Some perks to kope now: 

  • Get a cup of Flash Coffee for just $0.01 – 314 cups will be given out daily at 1pm
  • Get a 2-week F45 pass for $31.40 (worth $49).
  • Get up to 31.4% off your yearly Viu subscription.

Check out what else is in store for you on 3.14 Circles Day.

Join Circles.Life’s weird challenge


Whether you’re a creative soul, someone who feels right at home in front of the camera, or are just plain quirky, Circles.Life’s “weird” challenge is worth a shot. After all, you might just get your hands on a whopping $10,000 prize, or at least, some equally appealing cash prizes and freebies. 

Circles.Life has also partnered up with local content creators such as @j.jaikishan, and you can get some inspiration for your reels by heading over to their pages. You have till 31st March to submit your weirdest skit, so get cracking now

Find out more about Circles.Life’s “weird” challenge here

This post was brought to you by Circles.Life.
Cover image adapted from: @thesmartlocalsg