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CircleDNA DNA Test

CircleDNA Reveals Not Only Your Ancestry, But Tips For Dieting, Disease Prevention & Family Planning

CircleDNA’s Premium DNA test

For the longest time, DNA testing was a concept mainly tied to dramatically deciphering the identity of one’s father – from Mediacorp shows to Dr Phil. That, or you wanted to go a step further in detailing your family tree. Today, medical advancements allow those who are health conscious – and want to unlock tips to live their best lives – to do so via DNA insights.

And the results comprise far more info than your ancestry, although that’s pretty cool too. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out about their unique ancestral makeup? On top of that, CircleDNA’s test also gives insights that can potentially mould your everyday life and long-term habits.

These include tips to help you pick the best diet and exercise, step up prevention of diseases you’re at risk of, and have a smoother family planning journey based on what your child might inherit.I gave the DNA test a whirl myself, and here’s how it went.

Get 500+ reports of your DNA results, across 20 categories

CircleDNA App Results Report

CircleDNA’s Premium DNA Test is said to be the world’s most comprehensive DNA test kit to date, but I was not prepared for just how detailed the results were going to be. I was chuffed to be able to find out my ancestry composition – apparently I have 9.82% Vietnamese blood. Does that explain my undying love for pho? But the report was packed with loads more info.

CircleDNA App
Image adapted from: CircleDNA

There are a total of 20 categories your DNA will be tested for, from more obvious info like disease risks, drug responses, and skin characteristics to factors you never knew could be determined by one’s genetic makeup.

DNA Test For IQ EQ
Image adapted from: CircleDNA

Examples include how well you handle stress, musical inclinations, and even your potential for success based on elements like EQ and info processing power. It’ll also determine your predisposed aptitude in numerics and languages, and level of creativity – finally I’ll get to validate my straight As in English and Art and consistent flunking of Maths…

DNA Test For Diet & Nutrition

On top of just straightforward stats you can digest at a glance, each DNA test result also comes with an in-depth report so you can delve deeper into what exactly it means, how it affects your life, and most important of all: actionable steps you can take to make your DNA work in your favour.

There are over 500 reports detailing crucial insights you can’t get even from a full-body checkup. As I scrolled through my results and the ensuing guides, it almost felt like I held the cheat code of how to navigate every aspect of my life based on this newfound knowledge of my precise genetic makeup. Talk about the ultimate life hack!

Unlock insights on diet & exercise, disease prevention & fertility

DNA Test For Stress, Sleep & Exercise

Finding out whether you’re genetically wired to be able to hold a note or have 2 left feet is great fun, but CircleDNA’s info-packed reports are also able to help optimise all-important matters in your life – from diet and drug responses to stress, sleep, and sensitivity to pollution.

For instance, I’ve been struggling with my weight and level of fitness since I was in Secondary School, and the report was able to determine that I have a predisposition to lower appetite control, above average waist circumference, and elevated risk of weight regain. Booo!

DNA Test For Appetite Control & Body Type
Image adapted from: CircleDNA

Thankfully, they don’t just drop the bad news and go. I was able to read helpful diet, fitness, and well-being guides right on my phone, and each of the tips were tailored to my DNA results instead of being a general how-to made for the masses.

DNA Test For Disease Risk & Prevention
Find out which diseases you’re a carrier for or at higher risk of, and get actionable steps to rectify or at least alleviate them.
Image adapted from: CircleDNA

We’ve heard it a thousand times: prevention is better than cure. CircleDNA tests for risk levels and even early detection of numerous diseases, including cancer and brain health conditions like dementia. With that, you’ll be able to rectify bad habits and adopt positive ones sooner rather than later.

DNA Test For Family Planning
Some family planning risks that are screened for include cystic fibrosis, deafness, and Sickle Cell Disease.

For couples who are trying to have a baby, the report also packs vital family planning info on the conditions you’ve inherited genetically, and have the potential of passing on to your bundle of joy.

Knowledge is power, and being aware of certain genetic mutations allows you and your partner to be better equipped to care for your child. The insights will allow aspiring as well as expecting parents to take action and prevent said conditions from being passed on.

Painless DNA sample collection & free 1-on-1 consultations

CircleDNA DNA Test Swab Sample Collection

If you’re wondering how the DNA sample is collected, let me and my genetically determined low pain tolerance assure you that it’s fuss-free and totally painless. Just swish a swab around your inner cheek, pop the swab in the test tube, give it a good shake and off to the lab it goes. 

Mailing DNA Sample FedEx

Thereafter, you can pack it in the provided prepaid FedEx package and either schedule a courier pickup service, or drop it off at a local FedEx branch. Your DNA sample will be shipped globally at no extra charge, and all that’s left to do is await your DNA test results. The full set of reports will be sent straight to your phone via the CircleDNA app within 18 business days.

CircleDNA Complimentary 1-On-1 Consultation

For folks who’d like to up the ante and optimise your health and well-being even further, CircleDNA’s Premium DNA Test includes 2 complimentary 1-on-1 consultations with health and genetic professionals.

This means you can schedule a 30-minute call at your convenience to unlock even more insights, with options like weight management coaching and a genetic counselling session to help you unpack all that info.

Try a DNA test to optimise your health, well-being & levels of success

It’s pretty mind-boggling that we’re living in a day and age where anyone could go for a DNA test any time, and unlock so many insights that can help us level-up the way we lead our lives.

CircleDNA Premium Kit

Priced $899, CircleDNA’s Premium Kit is the most comprehensive and includes 2 free 1-on-1 consultations.

However, there’s also a Vital DNA Test ($279) which is able to produce roughly 125 reports including ancestry composition, dietary and nutrition, and well-being in general. This condensed test kit also includes 1 consultation. Those who buy the Vital Kit also have the option to upgrade to Premium on their CircleDNA App, which covers over 350 reports.

Regardless of which kit you opt for, it’ll be a one-time purchase ‘cause a DNA test only needs to be taken once a lifetime.

As a special treat for TSL readers, you can also enjoy 20% off storewide purchases with the promo code TSL20. It may be a bit of an investment, but think of the impact it’ll make in your life when it unlocks insights you’d never be privy to otherwise.

Whether you’re looking for concrete ways to get your diet and fitness in order or wish to reach your potential in terms of natural strengths and talents, finding out your genetic makeup and being handed an in-depth guide could very well help you change the way you live your life.

Get the CircleDNA DNA Premium test kit today

This post is brought to you by CircleDNA.
Photography by Huiwen Chan & Gan Guat.