Themed LEGO sets for Christmas


It’s that time of the year again. Where Christmas trees and baubles are dusted off, roast turkey recipes pop up on Google searches, and every inactive WhatsApp family group comes back to life with plans to catch up over a festive dinner.

Unlike your buay paiseh friends who would have no qualms about pasting an Amazon link on their Secret Santa wishlist, it’s a lot harder to shop for something that kids are guaranteed to like. 

Here are five themed Lego sets that’ll nail you that Best Parent/Aunt/Uncle award.


1. City Themed Lego Sets


mountain police headquarters

At some point of time or another, some of us have aspired to be a police officer while growing up. Which is why the LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters is a favourite among kids. 

The set features a 2-storey police headquarters and comes with interactive features like a rotating satellite dish, jail cells with breakout walls, escape ropes and even a helipad. There’s even a net-shooting vehicle that looks like something straight out of an action movie! 

mountain police headquarters boxes

Another set from the CITY series is LEGO City Hospital. This three storey hospital features an operating room, x-ray room, ambulance and helicopter. Develop your little one’s civic mindedness with a set suitable for 6-12 year olds.

Where to get: 


2. Disney Princess Castel Themed Sets


cinderella's dream castle pieces

Every princess needs a castle and Cinderella’s Dream Castle is an upgraded take on a classic. It includes cool features like a rotatable dance floor as well as modular rooms that can be swapped around to build your own dream castle. 

Aside from Cinderella, the set also comes with a pony with its own cart and Prince Charming himself. Essentially everything you need to recreate every romantic scene from the movie itself.

cinderella's dream castle box

Where to get: 

Cinderella Dream Castle (S$149.90)  Bricks World | The Brick Shop


3. Friendship Themed Sets


heartlake city resort

Heartlake City Resort is the LEGO set for anyone who ever dreamed over having their own slice of paradise. Released only this year, the set is modelled after a luxury resort that wouldn’t look out of place in any fantasy dream holiday.

Boasting functions and features like slides, tobogas, windsurfing, and aquascooters, the Heartlake City Resort set will help hype your little one up for any family vacations coming up.

mia's camper van

For kids more interested in roughing it out in the outdoors, you can consider another set from the LEGO FRIENDS series – Mia’s Camper Van.

heartlake city resort box

Where to get:

LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake City Resort set (S$199.90): Bricks World | The Brick Shop

LEGO FRIENDS Mia’s Camper Van (S$79): Bricks World | The Brick Shop


4. Fantasy Themed Sets



Since its introduction in 2011, LEGO’s NINJAGO series has become one of its most popular themes for older kids. I mean, we’re talking about ninjas after all right? 

Within the NINJAGO range, two standout sets would be the Firstbourne and the Dieselnaut, both instantly recognisable from the spin-off TV series. 

ninjago black

The sets are highly posable, have several movable elements plus both include minifigures that are bound to keep any NINJAGO fan happily occupied for hours on end.

ninjago boxes

Where to get: 


5. Other Themed Sets


3in1 pirate roller coaster

The LEGO CREATOR 3in1 Pirate Roller Coaster set is as fantastically over-the-top as it sounds and it is basically cheating if you’re competing to win the title of parent who has given the coolest Christmas present.

Featuring water cannons and shark carriages, the set can also be rebuilt three different ways for three different playing experiences. You’re essentially getting three sets for the price of one. Talk about value for money.

duplo farm adventures

LEGO DUPLO Farm Adventures will help your 2-5 year old toddler learn about animals and care for them. It features a farmhouse with an upstairs bedroom and toilet, barn with a bell and string function to make it go up and down, tractor, picnic bench and a slide.

technic rally car

The LEGO TECHNIC Rally Car is an automobile set with over 1,000 pieces, designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience older kids (10-16 year olds). 

It features a working steering and suspension, opening hood, 2-fan engine cooling system, V6 engine with moving pistons and a well-equipped cockpit with opening doors, racing seats and roll cage.


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LEGO sets for children


Whether you’re shopping for an aspiring policeman or the princess of the house, LEGO pretty much has you covered when it comes to getting a great gift!

All LEGO sets listed here are available at LEGO Certified Stores such as The Brick Shop and Bricks World, as well as all participating stores islandwide.

This post was brought to you by LEGO.