On the twelfth day of Christmas, Sydney gave to me: a fun filled date full of events! Begin the countdown to Christmas with these 12 events and have yourself a merry little Christmas this December!


1. QVB Enchanted Garden



You might never imagine Santa out of his North Pole home but at QVB you’ll find him in an Enchanted Garden. Replacing the snow white with lush greens, merry elves to magical fairies and Santa’s humble home with a delightful dome encircling the wondrous set up. Anyone can visit the Enchanted Garden to tell Santa your wish list, to have Santa bless your relationship, or to celebrate being able to spend time with your loved ones with the most loving man himself.

There’s no doubt that Santa is December’s Man of the Month, which means everybody wants a photo of him. Because of that, you will have to make a booking so check out the website below for more details. If the wait is too long, you can charm up your day by walking through the brightly buzzing QVB. Don’t forget to have a look at the magnificent Swarovski crystal tree! Christmas in the summer and Santa in the garden, it’s an unusual sight but a beautiful one nonetheless! Catch Santa before he flies out on Christmas Eve and visit the QVB!

When: 8 November to 24 December 11am to 4pm everyday
Where: Level 2 Queen Victoria Building, 455 George St, Sydney NSW
Event info: Here


2. Martin Place Christmas Tree



It’s a Sydney spectacle not to miss: The Martin Place Christmas Tree! This tree isn’t just an ordinary tree though, in the spirit of spreading joy, you can text a message to the number 0467 939 627 or tweet it with the hashtag #sydxmastree, and have it displayed on the tree! With the seasonal shopping frenzy all around the city, the jolly buskers and even carol singers about, this Christmas tree truly brings all Sydney-siders together. 

When: 26 November to 25 December, 12pm to 12am everyday
Where: 48 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 1000
Event info: Here


3. Santa Fest



Celebrating the father of Christmas himself, Santa Fest honours the MVP of the season: the sincerely selfless, reindeer riding, belly shaking jolly soul: Santa Claus! Just like the merry man, the festival welcomes everyone from all over the world. For those who want to have a lovely night outdoors but are an indoor Netflix-lover at heart, you can have the best of both worlds at the Santa Fest Open Air Cinema. For those with a family, check out the Santa maze for a little adventure and maybe even have your kids be a part of the Santa Fest Kids’ Competition!

Surrounded by giant inflated Santas to small garden-gnome sized Santas, Santas that light up as bright as Rudolph’s nose, and even Santas made of milk crates, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year at Santa Fest! 

When: 27 November to 24 December, 10am to 10pm everyday
Where: Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000
Event info: Here


4. Christmas Projections



Vivid Sydney isn’t the only projection event to look forward to every year. The Christmas projections leading up to the merry night is a colourful gift not to miss! A few in the city to check out are the ones in Martin Place, Saint Mary’s Cathedral Square, and Town Hall. Check out the links below for three of the events for more details on the dates and times of when each place begins their colourful exhibitions. 

These projections not only will lift up your spirits and light up you smile, they also contribute to adding little bit more colour than the usual fluorescent lights that light up the busy city. Stopping by to have look will be an uplifting end to a busy day’s work before that Christmas break, or a cheering sight to take a break after a long day of present shopping with the family. It can even be the final touch to a romantic date, sure to impress your date and sweep them off their feet! Adding creative colours to some of Sydney’s iconic buildings, these projections will give you another reason to visit these sites again. 

For more information on;
Martin Place, click here | St. Mary’s Cathedral, click here | Town Hall, click here


5. Santa’s Magical Kingdom



Santa Claus isn’t the only one coming to town this year, his whole magical kingdom is! This year, Santa’s Magical Kingdom is expanding from their usual Melbourne crowd and making a stop through Sydney. This may well be a Christmas miracle of its own and something you wouldn’t want to be absent from. 

Santa’s Magical Kingdom is the whimsical land all children dream about. Bringing snow to the Sydney summer, grab a skate and glide on into the Snowland and the Snow Castle for some frisky fun. Afterwards, kick of the skates and stroll through the Christmas Wonderland and watch the imaginative adventure unfold. When you’re tired of skating and walking, give rides a go! From The Crazy Roller Coaster, Cliff Hanger, Tea Cups, Merry Go Round, and so much more, you can continue the fun without rest! When you want to slow down and recharge, keep up the amusement and have a seat with Mrs Claus for a good old storytelling time. Perhaps you’ll find out a few secrets about Santa not many know! There are far more magical wonders in the Kingdom than mentioned here so to get the full experience, make a booking and you’ll be in for an otherworldly sleigh ride this Christmas!

When: 12 December to 24 December
Where: Sydney Olympic Park, 1 Showground Rd, Sydney NSW 2127
Event info: Here


6. Kensington Street Christmas Bazaar



The excitement of Christmas aren’t just in households, they’re all over Sydney and in the streets! But one of the most elated, electric, and ecstatic places is the Kensington Street Christmas Bazaar! Not to be missed, this event fills the street from one end to the other with plenty of international and local cuisines, a plethora of must-have items, and a heart full of Christmas spirit. 

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a hectic run from one store to another! Right here on Kensington Street is the ideal place to find whatever thoughtful gift to present to your loved ones this year. Whether that may be a quirky artwork for your creative friend, a couple ring for your significant other, a toy soldier or a cute dress for your children, the list is endless!

If a gift is a bit too personal, why not buy a few macaroons, cakes, or tarts for an early Christmas treat? With gourmet chefs brightening the markets with colourful, tasteful, fragrant foods, you’ll find they’ve really taken this event as an opportunity to flaunt their talent! From sweets to spicy delectable, from the local meat pies to the international Laksa Noodle Soups, you’ll be seeing, smelling, and tasting cuisines from all over the world in stalls next door! Treat yourself and your loved ones to a day of shopping and eating at Kensington Street, it’s the bazaar before Christmas!

When: 13 December from 11am to 8pm
Where: Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Event info: Here


7. Town Hall Christmas Concert



With choirs from institutes all over Sydney coming to put on a soulful performance, you’ll hear more than the sleigh bells ring this season at Town Hall’s Christ Concert. Not to mention, sounding just as majestic as it looks, the Grand Organ will entrance you into the giving spirit and your night into a brilliant memory.

As is Christmas, this concert is for everyone. Make sure to check the ticket prices and other event information on the website below joining in on the grand night.

When: 15 December from 8pm to 9:30pm
Where: Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney
Event info: Here


8. Hyde Park Christmas Fare



Christmas feast has come to you in the form of stalls! Check out the Hyde Park Christmas Fare for sugary sweets, baked bites, and tasty treats to stock up on the desserts before Christmas! With stalls upon stalls of famed shops such as Black Star Pastry, Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Cornersmith and Cicada Chocolates, it’s a foodie’s favourite festival. Catering to all taste buds, there will be more than just the sugary delectable. Look out for a few samples of meat, hard to find but much needed herbs and condiments, garden-fresh vegetables, and plenty of tealeaves and coffee beans stalls.

Not to worry, it’s not a fare without trinkets! As you munch on your edible buys, browse the assembly of jewelleries, the carefully displayed artworks and crafts, the comfortable looking furniture and humble home decors, all waiting for a home. Assembling all things delicious, lovable, and desirable, the Hyde Park Christmas Fare is like a pop-up shop of everything on your wish list. Make a stop at Sydney’s most well known park and countdown to Christmas with the sweetest way possible!

When: 17 December from 4pm to 9pm
Where: Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Queens Square, Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
Event info: Here


9. Carols in The Domain



Carols aren’t just at doorsteps in Sydney, they also are at a larger venue: The Domain. This iconic event is known as Australia’s largest free Christmas concert, and it promises an afternoon of elation. 

The cheerful concert of carols brings choirs, orchestras, artists, and bands from corners of town to celebrate with all of Sydney this joyous time of year. Just as the spectacular voices will catch your ear, the venue itself will catch your eyes as The Domain is a must-visit item for all Sydney-siders. The garden will whisk you away from the city noise and set the jubilant mood to celebrate the season!

This event is perfect for holiday loving families, couples, and friends to squeeze in the last few great memories before the year comes to end. Hand in hand with your loved ones among the angelic voices of the talented performers, there’s no better way to end the year and welcome the next. Don’t just sit under the tree this Christmas, sit under the stars and sing your holiday favourites with your loved ones at The Domain!

When: 19 December from 12pm to 11pm
Where: The Domain Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney NSW 2000
Event info: Here


10. The Grounds Winter Wonderland



A good old barbecue on the beach might be your traditional Christmas cook out but on the few days before, why not enjoy a festive feast at The Grounds? With a whole course of appealing appetizers, mouth-watering mains, delightful deserts, and delectable drinks all planned out, it’s a Christmas dinner like no other!

To think that The Grounds of Alexandria could get any prettier is hard to imagine but they won’t disappoint. With candle lights on the tables to set the intimate mood and the Christmas lights above to lift the atmosphere, there will be mesmerizing lights to brighten up the night. The colours of the food, from the glow of the people, and the beautifully embellished interior will make merry your souls! Let’s not forget the setting: The Atrium, the indoor garden of The Grounds. The potted plants, the humble build, the vintage furniture, all seem like year-round decors but in this Winter Wonderland, they only add to the Christmas spirit. You’ll have to book a spot for you and your loved ones to be a part of this fairy-tale like event, as everyone wants a spot at the dining table! This meal is not one you want to skip, join the wonder of the Wonderland and head over to The Grounds!

When: 20 & 21 December from 7pm to 10pm
Where: The Grounds of Alexandria, 7A, 2 Huntley St, NSW 2015
Event info: Here


11. Christmas Warehouse



It’s the only house that’s just as colourful, bright, and joyous as Santa’s, but much, much closer: The Christmas Warehouse! Known as Australia’s largest Christmas store, this is the place to be to gather shimmering ornaments, steamers of all shades, stockings of all sizes, snow-in-a-can, inflated reindeers, dancing mechanic Santas, and any sort of festive decoration you can possibly imagine!

It can be hard to get into the merry season when the summer sun relentless shines down on Sydney, and there’s no sign of reindeers in the sky but don’t worry; one step into this jolly jungle and you’ll be right in the Christmas spirit! You’ll see endless rows of decorations ecstatically waiting to Christmas-fy your home. You’ll see the Christmas Warehouse took no shortcuts with their job and jubilantly filled up every crevice, corner, and crack of the room with gleeful trinkets! With stores in Sydney, Alexandria, Campbelltown Castle Hill, Erina, Penrith, and Wollongong, plus with their online service, there’s no way you’ll miss out on their exuberant sales! Let everyone know you’ve got the spirits and the stocks to deck the halls this December, and get your Christmas fill at the Warehouse today!

When: Until 25 December (Trading hours may vary for each location)
Where: Check out website store locator to see all store locations and hours
Event info: Here


12. Fish Market 36 Hour Christmas Marathon



It’s not the traditional Christmas sale, it’s not the traditional Christmas dinner either but it’s definitely an event worth a visit. It’s the Fish Market 36-Hour Christmas Marathon. It’s true, seafood isn’t the first thing that comes to mind this season but neither are summer during December and a BBQ cookout for Christmas dinner! Australia has always been known for being loud and proud about their uniqueness, and this event is no different!

If you’ve ever been to the Fish Market, you’ll know how spacious it is. If you haven’t, just wait and see! This event is the perfect time to visit the market because it’ll be dutifully decorated! Don’t mistake the bright colours from being just from the Christmas lights though; you’ll see it’s also from the freshly caught sea foods too! Outdoors are several restaurants that are just as buzzing as the Market and is a great way to take a break from the happy hubbub. A stroll on the boardwalk or catching a sunset over the horizons is sure to get you feeling a euphoric tranquillity! Join the hustling hysteria over delicious deals on equally delicious seafood and count down the last day and half until Christmas at the Fish market!

When: 5am, 23 December to 5pm, 24 December
Where: Sydney Fish Market, Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Rd, NSW 2009
Event info: Here


Embrace the jolly season


Just because it’s summer in December and a white Christmas is near impossible in Sydney doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate just as well as the rest of the world! These twelve events are proof that Sydney Siders know what it means to have the holly, jolly spirit! Let others know if there are more events to celebrate the season and leave them in the comments below!