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ChiroKare – How To Fix Your Backaches Once And For All

My First Chiropractic Session at ChiroKare


I’m sure I’m not alone in this: I go for massages on a fairly regular basis, only to fall asleep halfway and not even be aware of what I’m paying good money for. The results last for the rest of the day, before I go on to sleep in a fetal position at night and wake up the next day with a sore back. Repeat.

Prior to my visit to ChiroKare Spine and Nerve Clinic, I knew next to nothing about chiropractic care. But after only one session with Dr. Kim, my back instantly felt more loosened up and I now know how to better manage my posture.

For those wondering what happens at a chiropractor, here’s how my experience went.


Step 1: Consultation


Dr. Kim first established the objective of the session – to primarily identify any issues that I might have with my spine and how to improve them, as I was but a first-timer.

As someone who’s taller than average, I suffer from what I term “tall people problems” – I was slightly hunchbacked, and sometimes experience stiffness in my back that I’ve come to dismiss as the norm rather than regard as a problem. No biggie, right?

Wrong. Dr. Kim’s clear and comprehensive examination opened my eyes to issues I didn’t even know I had. They say your eyes are the window to your soul – well, the posture is the window to your spine.

From a picture taken earlier of me to evaluate my overall spinal alignment, Dr. Kim pointed out that my left shoulder dropped lower than my right, which meant my arms visibly hang at different heights. I mean, it’s not a huge problem at the moment, but neither is it the best feeling in the world knowing that you have arms of unequal length.

Dr. Kim was amazingly observant – from movements as trivial as tilting my head and arching my back, he quickly discerned the issues with my spinal alignment.


Step 2: Treatment


Then came the moment – the spinal adjustment.

Let me provide some context: I’m not only ridiculously ticklish but was also very nervous – possibly the worst kind of patient at a chiropractor.

Yet, it was a pleasant experience even for me. Dr. Kim’s friendly yet professional disposition gave me every reason to feel comfortable – he was understanding and reassuring, making sure to always let me know what to expect and what he was trying to achieve before each crack of the back or adjustment of the hip.

When your spine is misaligned, this can cause pressure on your nerves, affecting the function of your body. As such, Dr. Kim strategically loosened up my joints and adjusted my spine back into its proper alignment. As much as all that cracking sounded intimidating, it actually felt soothing and restoring; the sound of your joints cracking are actually just air bubbles being released, easing your spine back to a proper position.

Many associate chiropractic care with contorting and twisting one’s body in all ways and manners, but I was particularly impressed by the ‘gentler’ techniques at Chirokare. With the quick thrust applied on my back, part of the chiropractic drop table would depress to cushion the impact while adjusting my spine. It was a lot less demanding and forceful than I had expected it to be.

It was also almost a mini science lesson of sorts – Dr. Kim also explained that the Activator, the spring-loaded instrument above, was used to deliver an impulse to certain points along my back, achieving greater precision to adjust my spine than is possible with one’s bare hands.

Throughout the session, I felt much at ease in Dr. Kim’s hands – he knew exactly which points to apply pressure on to relieve the tension on my back, and conducted the treatment with confidence.


Step 3: Aftercare


In the mere 20 minutes of my appointment, Dr. Kim relieved a great deal of stiffness in the problem areas along my spine. As it was my first time at a chiropractor, I had a ton of questions to ask, all of which Dr. Kim answered patiently and honestly.

I was also recommended simple exercises and actions, tailored specifically to my work routine, exercise habits and sleeping position, to improve my posture.


The Verdict


My visit to ChiroKare was informative and worthwhile – even for someone like me with no severe spinal problems, it was good to know how to take care of my spine and maintain a good posture. I also left feeling much more relaxed and relieved of muscle tightness. That being said, Dr. Kim still recommended regular chiropractic sessions for greater effectiveness and longer-lasting results.

Of course, ChiroKare also treats more severe spine and nerve problems such as slipped discs, scoliosis, chronic back and neck pains, as well as sports injuries and more. Our readers will get to enjoy the following promotion by quoting ‘The Smart Local 30/50 when making an appointment:

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