Things to eat at Chinatown Point

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Think Chinatown, and you probably think of spectacular decor and light displays ringing in the new Lunar New Year. That said, a hidden gem lies in their resident shopping mall – Chinatown Point – which happens to be a treasure trove of dining options that’ll satisfy all cuisine cravings and budgets.

The month of February sees a slew of takeaway promos for their restaurants and food stalls, so you can tabao meals in air-conditioned comfort, or just cop some snacks as you stroll through the streets of Chinatown and soak in the festive vibes.

1. Egg Stop – 10% off for all set meals

Image credit: @eggstopsg

Inspired by Korea’s cult classic sandwich chains, Egg Stop features thick toast and generous fillings sure to satiate even the most ravenous of appetites.

Using dense slabs of buttery brioche, you can choose between ingredients such as Chicken Ham & Cheese, Turkey Bacon & Cheese, Smoked Chicken, Beef Teriyaki & Egg, and the vegetarian option of Spicy Corn & Cheese.

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-51A

2. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken – $1 OFF Signature Combos

Image credit: @continents

Great news for anyone with a soft spot for good ol’ fried chicken. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken is slashing a dollar off their signature combos, namely the Large Fried Chicken, Pop Chick (salt and pepper popcorn chicken) and Pop Bites (crispy popcorn chicken).

Hailing from Taiwan where throngs of night market-goers queue for their fried offerings, their massive crispy chicken cutlets are not to be missed.

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-52B

3. Lou Yau Taste Of Malaysia – Limited Edition “Taste of Porksperity Set”

Image credit: Lou Yau Facebook page

As part of Lou Yau – Taste Of Malaysia’s limited time promo, their iconic hor fun noodle dishes will be receiving a premium Iberico Black Pork upgrade. Choose from either the Chee Yoke Fun – pork noodle soup – to come with slivers of tender Iberico Black Pork, or the Signature Hor Fun, which comes with Iberico crispy fermented black pork belly.

Make it a “Taste of Porksperity Set” with an additional $1.50, which includes a Preserved Kumquat Drink to cut through all the richness.

Promo valid till 26 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-52A

4. Xiao Ban – Free soya milk tea with every $10 spent OR 2-for-1 premium waffle

Image credit: @uyen_sunrise

If your sweet tooth is kicking in, Xiao Ban offers a healthier option with organic soya bean dessert options.

Offering rich and creamy delights like Dark Chocolate Milk + Soy Beancurd and Matcha Beancurd Pudding, their premium gelato and waffles are like the next-level version of neighbourhood bakery staples. The #nostalgia is strong here!

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-51C

5. Ah Xin Mala Tang – hit 600g worth of ingredients to get a Chinese Burrito for $1 (U.P. $5.60)

Image supplied by Ah Xin Mala Tang

Buddy up with your fellow mala lovers to reach the 600g mark when racking up ingredients. If you’ve ever wanted to go all-out and indulge in every morsel of meat, veggies and carb your spice-loving self desires, here’s your chance.

Image supplied by Ah Xin Mala Tang

What’s more, you’ll get treated to their signature Chinese Burrito for only $1 (U.P$5.60). Wrapped in a healthy crepe made out of corn flour and a bean mixture, the hefty wrap contains egg, ham, pork floss, bacon, and crispy fried crackers.

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-50B

6. GoFit – 50% off 2nd order on selected bentos

Image supplied by GoFit

Your new year’s resolution to stay fit and eat healthy just got a whole lot easier. GoFit offers bentos that look good, taste great, and are filling enough to keep you staying away from unhealthy snacks in between meals.

Grab your fellow clean-eaters to choose from the Thai-Style Chicken Bento, Black Pepper Duck Bento, Teriyaki Chicken Thigh Bento, Green Box, and GoFit Box.

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-51B

7. U, Me & Snacks – Free drink with every $5 spent

Image credit: @umensnacks

When you’re feeling peckish, nothing hits the spot quite like an array of savoury, deep-fried snacks. Few do it quite as well as U, Me & Snacks, offering a huge selection of seafood bites, fried chicken, finger food and more.

For the health conscious, they also have boiled options including the unique Squid Ink Cuttlefish Ball, Tobiko Sea Urchin Ball and Shrimp Cheesy Fish Ball. Yum!

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-51

8. Prima Deli – Buy 1 Mini Bites, get 2nd box 50% off

Image credit: @primadelisg

Known for their delectable pastries, Prima Deli is having a promo for their Mini Bites range. Choose from bite-sized Fruit Tarts, Philadelphia Cheese bites, Custard Puffs, Chocolate Eclairs or Chocolate Cream Puffs.

Image supplied by Prima Deli

Whichever you get, be warned that they’re majorly addictive. We recommend seizing the opportunity to stock up on multiple boxes, ‘cause these miniature goodies will be snapped up in a jiffy.

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-50C

9. Cio Enzyme Drink – Buy 3 get 1 free upsize

Image adapted from @ciosingapore

The next time your office mates are craving bubble tea, tell them to opt for the healthier but equally refreshing option – enzyme drinks. The tangy concoctions give your system a boost of nutritious enzymes, said to improve energy levels and aid in digestion.

Wrangle up your kakis and you’ll be able to hit the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Upsize in no time!

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-50A

10. Hill Street Coffee Shop – $1 hot coffee/tea with purchase of Crispy Fried Lemongrass Chicken Nasi Lemak

Image supplied by Hill Street Coffee Shop

Fans of nasi lemak will get a kick out of this next-level remake. Hill Street Coffee Shop’s rendition features a drumstick that’s steeped in a robust lemongrass marinade before getting deep-fried to crispy, golden perfection.

Savour it amidst a bed of fluffy basmati rice, crunchy peanuts and ikan bilis, tangy homemade achar and addictive morsels of keropok. So much hearty goodness on a single plate!

Promo valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Unit number: #B1-52

11. Stuff’d – Mexican and Turkish street food

Image credit: @edwards_lie

Stuff’d makes Mexican and Turkish-style street food affordable, accessible and convenient for all. Customise your order to your exact liking and choose from kebab, burrito, taco or quesadilla. Fuss-free and no cutlery required, perfect for munching on-the-go!

Unit number: #B1-52C

12. WOK HEY – Customisable “tze char” in a box

Image credit: @laparboy

WOK HEY serves up familiar tze char favourites with a wholesome twist. Mix and match your ideal meal with a base of stir fried Japanese rice, ramen or udon, complemented with your choice of toppings from savoury tobiko and Chinese chicken sausage to healthy greens like broccoli and nai bai.

Unit number: #B1-52C

Dining promotions at Chinatown Point

Image credit: Darren Soh

To make the deal even sweeter, you can redeem some delicious popcorn absolutely FREE when you spend a minimum of $10 at any of the outlets listed in this article.

The offer runs till 28th February 2019 and I don’t know about you, but I’m making a beeline for Chinatown Point and trying out a new food establishment each day so I can max out on the savings and free goodies. Huat ah!

Find out more about Chinatown Point’s dining deals here

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