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Chimichanga Singapore Burrito Offer

Chimichanga Has Burritos Going At 50% For All TSL Readers From Now Until 30th April

50% off burritos from Chimichanga

Chimichanga Singapore Burrito Offer
Image credit: @chimissg

Being stuck at home for 6 weeks doesn’t mean our meals have to be restricted to home cooked dishes and hawker centre takeouts. With an entire directory of restaurants offering island-wide delivery, we’re hardly limited in choice. 

If you’re craving a little Mexican, you’ll be able to satiate those cravings with more savings this April thanks to Chimichanga’s new deal for TSL readers. Burritos, on their own, are warm pockets of sunshine on drab stay-home days – but take 50% off the price and that spells double happiness.

Choose between Carne Asada, Salt Pork, Chipotle Chicken

Chimichanga Singapore Burrito Deal
Image credit: @chimichangasg

Where burritos are concerned, we’re familiar with the usual suspects: grilled chicken, pulled pork and beef. But over at Chimichanga, treat yo’self to legit Carne Asada in a hearty serve of Amarillo rice, pico de gallo and veg all encased in a fluffy, wheat tortilla wrap.

And that’s not all that they’re serving up. Dive into Salt Pork and Chipotle Chicken for that dose of Mexican flavour that’ll leave you thoroughly satisfied for the price.

From $6 with the code “SMARTBURRITO”

These burritos are priced at a reasonable $12 and $14 on a normal day, but from now till the 30th of April 2020, use the code “SMARTBURRITO” when you order via their website and you’ll be able to shave off half of the price tag. 

$6-7 dollars per restaurant-grade burrito = 100% value for money. 

Their kitchen is open and running from 12PM-1.30AM daily for your lunch, dinner or even supper needs. Don’t worry about the hefty fees that usually accompany Island-wide deliveries, Chimichanga has a $5 flat fee for all deliveries, regardless of postal code with a minimum spend of $30. 

Order your half-priced burritos from Chimichanga today

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