Have a 发(fa)bulous CNY with Cheers


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Christmas and New Year’s may be over, but don’t hang your party hats just yet. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, the festive spirit high is still going strong. If you’re on team #PositiveEnergy, here’s a chance for you to score a free New Moon Abalone Gift Set for your annual lunar new year feasting.

From now until 28th February 2019, a total of 8 lucky shoppers stand to walk away with a New Moon Abalone Gift Set worth $99.80 each. 


How to play and win


What you’ll need is a receipt with a minimum spend of $4* and Lady Luck by your side.  The contest mechanic is similar to that of a spin-the-wheel game. But instead of a spinning wheel, you’ll get a Chinese calendar that flips continuously for 10 seconds!

Purchase above $4* entitles you to a chance at the game 

Here’s how the game works:

1. Head over to http://playwithcheers.com to “Begin”

2. Upload and submit your latest Cheers receipt(s)

3. Hit the “Stop” before the 10-second timer runs out

The end of the game sees you landing on a calendar page where you’ll instantly know if you are in the running to win the New Moon Abalone Gift Set (worth $99.80). You’ll be contacted via email or mobile so do remember to enter the right details.


Huat with Cheers this Chinese New Year


Image credit: Cheers

If you’re feeling lucky this year, put that lucky feeling to the test with the Cheers CNY contest. You just might be ushering in the “Year of the Pig” as a champ’. And since the lucky draw stretches past Chinese New Year itself, you can double or triple your odds of winning by roping in the rest of your fambam.

Join the Cheers CNY contest here

*Excluding sale of statutory items, tobacco, purchases of EZ-Link cards, cash cards, FlashPay, top-up services, gift cards, and parking coupons. For the full terms and conditions click here.

This post was brought to you by Cheers.

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