17 Cheap Massage Places In Singapore Under $70 Sorted By Neighbourhood So You Don’t Have To Go To JB

Cheap massage in Singapore

If you spend your 9 to 5 slouching over laptops or desktops, you’d find yourself going to bed with a sore neck and lower back that not even Salonpas can cure. On days like this, a good, cheap massage could take all those muscle aches away. 

Here is a list of 17 cheap massage places under $70 for you to undo those knots without having to worry about entering shady lupsup parlours or stressing over JB tickets. 

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1. Healing Touch Spa trial prices on unique services

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Healing Touch

Healing Touch’s calming neutral aesthetic doesn’t give away the fact that its spa services are affordable. For your first encounter with Healing Touch, you’ll be able to get their promotional price of $58/hour for their three unique full-body massages worth $80 and above.

Image credit:

Other than the massages unique to Healing Touch, the spa offers slimming treatment trials starting from $28 for treatments worth $180 and above. It’s time to unleash your inner kiasu auntie and grab these first-timer deals while you can.

Highly recommended massage: 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage ($59)

Full list of outlets

2. Chen Kang Wellness – 20-30-minute treatments from $26

Image credit: Chen Kang Wellness

If you’re not one to judge a book by its cover, the Chen Kang Wellness should be one cheap massage joint to patronise for their speedy and affordable quick fixes. Their 20-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage is perfect if you’re looking for a quick solution for your sore muscles during your lunch break for $26

They offer other treatments like a 30-minute Sports Injury Treatment at $37 for active peeps who want to relieve their muscle pain. If you just want a shoulder rub to ease the aches from using the laptop for too long, there’s a 30-minute Shoulder Massage for $38 to give your muscles a quick R&R.

Most value-for-money massage: 20-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage ($26)

Full list of outlets

3. Han Dynasty Spa – special prices for senior citizens and unlimited sauna use

Image credit: Han Dynasty Spa

Han Dynasty Spa is a Korean-themed spa that provides a luxurious boutique spa experience without the expensive price tag. You can even enter the sauna as much as you like during the day to detox for $35.

Image credit: Han Dynasty Spa

Han Dynasty provides a promotional price for senior citizens aged 60 and above of $38 for a 60-minute body or foot massage from Mondays to Fridays at 10AM – 3PM. Ladies can also enjoy a discount on a cheap 90-minute full-body massage every Tuesday for $70

If you want to cover more ground in an hour, there’s the 60-minute 4-in-1 Therapy that covers both the neck, shoulders and back in 20 minutes and a 40-minute foot reflexology to tick all of your boxes for $55.

Must-try massage: The Daily Vanity award-winning 60-minute Foot Reflexology ($45)

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4. Ashi Foot Reflexology – highly raved foot reflexology in Katong

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Foot reflexology is obviously Ashi Foot Reflexology’s forte – not because of its name but the many glowing reviews left by satisfied customers. If you’ve been walking around, running errands for the longest time and your feet are beyond the point of sore, drop by Ashi Foot Reflexology for a cheap 60-minute foot massage at $40

Even though the spacious interior looks a tad dated, you can always count on good service.
Image credit:

If you are a fan of a body massage with more strength, reviews suggest that you can give their 60-minute Full-body Massage a go at a cheap $50. If you need a quick rub after looking at your monitor for too long, you can opt for a 10-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage for $10.

Most cosy outlet: Katong

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5. TD Spa – non-sleazy Thai massage parlour open till 2AM

Image credit: TD Spa

Take TD Spa at face value and all sorts of fears are bound to pop up in your head. But put your judgement aside and you might find yourself one of the most authentic, reasonably priced massages in SG.

Image credit: TD Spa

In true Thai style, all treatments are carried out on floor mattresses to allow for ample space for the therapists here to stretch and contort you – all while fully-clothed – till your circulation and joint flexibility are back in order. From just $55, you can have a good non-suspicious Thai massage to restore your body’s balance before your good night’s sleep as it’s open till late at 2AM.

Highly recommended for: Professional and authentic Thai massages

Address: 122 Bedok North Street 2 #01-132, Singapore 460122
Opening Hours: 10AM-2AM, Daily
Telephone: 6445 0466
TD Spa website

6. OD Wellness Jalan Tua Kong – reliable and excellent service

Image credit: OD Wellness Jalan Tua Kong

Sink into the comfy armchairs as you treat yourself to a good massage at OD Wellness Spa. Customers constantly praise the spa for their talented masseuses and excellent service, having them coming back for more. 

Image credit: OD Wellness Jalan Tua Kong

You don’t have to prepare yourself for an onslaught of package proposals either because the staff here do not practice the hard-sell approach.

Prices begin as low as $38 for an off-peak 45-minute foot reflexology session and $55 for a 60-minute body massage on Mondays to Fridays from 11AM – 5PM. Even if you miss this happy hour deal, it’s only a $10 top-up which still is pretty affordable. You can also enjoy 30-minute services like Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Guasha for $45 each. 

Image credit: OD Wellness Jalan Tua Kong

Best rated massage: 60-minute Reflexology ($55) and 60-minute Body Therapy ($65)

Full list of outlets

7. Feet Haven Reflexology – DIY massage combinations

Image credit: Feet Haven Reflexology

If you’re ever in need of both a reflexology sesh AND a shoulder massage but only have the budget for one, then Feet Haven Reflexology’s Shiok Combi Therapy options will be the all-in-one cure for your ailments. Choose from one of their custom massage treatments for foot + shoulder or body + foot with prices starting from just $45 for a full hour’s treatment.

The spa also has saver packages available, where you can save up from $21 to $251, for those who love cheap thrills while getting their regular massages. The packages can also be used at other Feet Haven outlets among family and friends. Additionally, there is no limit to the type of treatments you’re entitled to while you’re under the package.

Most value-for-money: 60-minute Shiok Combi Therapy (30-minute Foot, the 30-minute Shoulder) ($55)

Address: 136 East Coast Road, Singapore 428821
Operation Hours: Sun – Thu 12PM-10PM, Fri – Sat 12PM-10.30PM
Telephone: 6344 7311
Feet Haven Reflexology website

8. Ancient Dynasty Spa – 30-minute deep tissue massage at $35 nett

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When you’re forking out hard-earned money for a massage, the last thing you want is to be shocked by an inflated bill thanks to service charge and GST. Thankfully at Ancient Dynasty Spa, you can enjoy your treatment with a peace of mind as all prices you see on the menu are nett.

Image credit: Ancient Dynasty Spa

Both their Thomson and Siglap outlets have raked in over 200 stellar reviews in total so you won’t have to worry about the massage being a hit or miss. Best part is, their massages start from as low as $30 per 30-minute massage for all their treatments. Their peak prices are just a $5 top-up so it won’t affect you much.

With the spa opening an hour longer till 3AM from Fridays to Sundays, it’s TGIF for you and your body. The price list provided runs from 1 Jan 2020 to 31 Mar 2020 so do book your next appointment soon or check their website for more updates.

Worth-it massage: 30-minute Deep Tissue Oil Massage ($30)

Full list of outlets

9. Precious Foot Reflexology – iPads with Netflix provided

Image credit: Precious Foot Reflexology

Who knew you could Netflix and chill while you get your foot rub? Precious Foot Reflexology 

Precious Foot Reflexology is a humble spa located in Jurong that offers 60-minute full-body massages for $58 and 60-minute Foot Reflexology for $58, both well-loved among customers.

Image credit: Precious Foot Reflexology

If you’ve never jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, it’s time to watch your fave shows and movies for free while you get your therapy through the iPads provided.

There are promotions ongoing for you to enjoy more variety for less such as the 40-minute Foot Reflexology and 20-minute Neck and Shoulder Massage for $50 and the 60-minute Body Massage Therapy for 2 for $100 ($50/pax). You can also have a good foot soak for $5. With its popularity among repeat customers, make an appointment to avoid long waits. 

Most value-for-money massage: 30-minute Foot Reflexology ($28)

Full list of outlets 

10. Imperial Spa – happy hour deals from 10AM-4PM

Image credit: Imperial Spa Singapore

Think again if you thought that Imperial Spa’s not worth your hard-earned cash. It may not look as fancy but it’s worth coming here for its service and cleanliness – what customers come back for every time. From services starting from $32, have an ease of mind and get a good non-suspicious yet cheap massage.

Loosen up your fatigued body with aromatherapy as you get your massaged with lavender oil
Image credit: Imperial Spa Singapore

If your body yearns for a late-night massage, you definitely can as it’s open till 4AM. To add-on, feel free to enjoy their Happy Hour promos from 10AM-4PM daily to save $11 on the 60-minute full-body massages for $58 if you’re feeling extra thrifty. 

Highly recommended massage: Qi Renewal Body Massage ($69)

Full list of outlets

Address: 263 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799491
Opening Hours: 10AM-4AM, Daily
Telephone: 6555 7979
Imperial Spa website

11. Kingdom Spa –  private room with in-room bath facilities

Image credit: Kingdom Spa

If you noticed that the themes between Imperial and Kingdom Spa are super similar, guess what – they’re sister spas! If you love a good in-room bath in your private room, have a go with Kingdom Spa’s services that start from $32

Another thing that’s cool about this spa is that they have an in-house physiotherapist who gives free consultations to recommend you the best, cheap massages that’ll fix your knots.

Image credit: Kingdom Spa

Set your worries aside because customers say that it’s the experience you get that makes the price tag worth every dollar. Accompanied by its high cleanliness standards, expect a good rub at Kingdom Spa. If you can’t catch Imperial Spa’s Qi Renewal Body Massage, you can get this famed massage here at $69 too.

Bonus add-ons: Guasha ($15), Cupping ($15), and Ear Candling ($10) that’s not available at Imperial Spa. 

Address: 893 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589615
Opening Hours: 10AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6767 7979
Kingdom Spa website

12. Yong Kang Reflexology – the cheapest body massage at $48/hour

Image credit: Yong Kang Reflexology

Yong Kang Reflexology keeps it real as a no-frills massage joint that’s known for their friendly service as well as their potent foot massages. If you love intense foot rubs, this is the place to be. On top of the $10 add-ons, like guasha and cupping that you can get with your massage, have a go with the 60-minute Foot Reflexology for $32.

Most value-for-money massage: 30-minute Foot and 30-minute Body Massage ($48)

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Beauty World Centre #02-29, Singapore 588177
Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 6462 0313
Yong Kang Reflexology website

13. Green Apple – TV projector movie screening

Image credit:

You can’t tell from its name, Green Apple, that it’s actually a spa. Don’t judge their service by its name because it’s a credible spa that has earned the trust of many youths looking for a good foot massage late at night as it’s open till 4AM daily. The spa is even more tempting because there are no extra late-night charges!

Image credit: @kiongj

Feel free to sink into the spa’s green plush seats while you enjoy a movie screened on its TV projector as you get your foot massage at $46. If you want to stay connected online having to burst your data plan, there’s free WiFi at Green Apple.

Image credit: @norissofficial

The spa’s second floor is decked out with white plush reclining chairs that double up as massage tables meant for full-body massages. Be sure to grab your $10 discounts on full-body massages and $7 discounts on foot massages when you swing by Green Apple after midnight

Most value-for-money massage: 60-minute Swedish or Chinese Tui Na Massage ($59)

Address: 756 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198733
Opening Hours: 12PM-4AM, Daily
Telephone: 6299 1555
Green Apple website

14. Tang Dynasty – large rooms open till 6AM with in-room shower facilities

Image credit: Tang Dynasty

If your feet’s screaming for an emergency massage after clubbing, Tang Dynasty got your back. This dated-looking spa offers spacious massage rooms and relieving massage for $60 that is available all the way till 6AM on Friday and Saturday. You’ll never have to fork up a triple-digit sum to get a massage at dawn.

Image credit: Tang Dynasty

Get your Oriental Body Massage for $60/hour at ungodly hours within the week if you are in dying need of a good pick-me-up. The $60 includes the in-room shower facility to wash off the oils in private. You can also indulge in $10 add-ons like aromatic oils and ginger or lavender body scrubs if you’re feeling for an extra massage.   

For late-night massages: Kampong Glam branch

Address: 790 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198758
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 10AM-4AM, Fri-Sat10AM-6AM
Telephone: 6686 6466
Tang Dynasty website

15. Natureland – luxury you can afford from $40/hour

Image credit: Natureland Spa

Fulfil your rich taitai fantasies at Natureland Spa. You can enjoy the spa’s sleek and classy aesthetics while having wallet-friendly massage services that will undo those muscle knots like a 60-minute Body Therapy at $69.55.

Image credit: Natureland Spa

From “crazy rich” kinda interior to comfy disposable undergarments, you can really get your money’s worth and focus on your massage in plush massage beds and itch-free peace. It’s not weird to drop by late at night for a massage because they’re open till 3AM

You can really feel like a baller, having your worth-it $40 30-minute 4-in-1 Therapy as you sink into the cosy and plush armchairs while you get professional care by your assigned masseuse. 

Image credit: Natureland Spa

If you solely want to head down to this spa without having any massage done on you, having the smallest of services like the 20-minute Guasha for $26 entitles you to experience luxury firsthand.  

Most spacious outlet: Liat Towers

Full list of outlets 

16. Emperor Spa – spacious couple massage room with jacuzzi attached

Image credit:

With illuminated signs, you can spot Emperor Spa at night from a distance away. Tucked away in Chinatown, the spa screams oriental when you encounter the Imperial guardian lions right smack at the entrance. Other than its design, they open till late till 4AM, to be exact. If you were out the whole day in heels, this can be the solution to knead those kinks out.  

Image credit:

If you’re sceptical about the service here, loyal customers assure and rave about their good experiences here at the spa. Once you’re ushered into the massage rooms, feel free to watch shows on the TVs as you get your foot massage for $39/hour.

For couples who’re looking for a good, cheap massage date spot, Emperor Spa also offers a spacious couple room with a jacuzzi attached to it if you fancy a good soak after your massage. 

Most worth-it massage: 60-minute Tui Na-style Body Massage ($52)

Address: 90 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059811
Opening Hours: 10AM-4AM, Daily
Telephone: 6363 1555
Emperor Spa website

17. Heal Spa – extensive spa menu, from $28/hour

Image credit: Heal Spa

Heal Spa’s interior isn’t much, but its extensive spa menu makes up for it. From add-ons like ear candling and foot baths to aromatherapy massage and hot stone massage – you’ll have a hard time choosing which massage you’d want to help yourself to.

Image credit: Heal Spa

If you’re not up for the usual go-to massages, have a whirl with their unique therapies like Moxibustion Therapy ($55.64) and the Abdominal Care Therapy ($55.64) that improves your well-being like digestion and vitality. 

Most value-for-money massage: 20-minute Chair Massage ($28)

Full list of outlets

Cheap massage parlours in Singapore

When your body needs serious kneading to get rid of your tense muscles, you don’t have to travel far for a quick boost when you have these non-suspicious cheap massage parlours in your neighbourhood. 

With wallet-friendly options and late-night appointments available, it’s inexcusable to skip treating yourself at any time of the day when payday comes.  

Cover image credit: Natureland, Natureland

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