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 Cheap gelish manicures Singapore

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Many of us have experienced the agony of painstakingly painting our own nails, only to see our works of art slowly chipping away to naught within the next few days. Gelish nails last longer than regular manicures, but many of us budget babes are unwilling to part with an average of $40 just to dress our nails up. 

We gotchu, girlfriends – you don’t have to suffer from constantly chipped nail polish, or fork out extravagant prices for gel nails any longer. These nail salons will adorn your digits with the manis and pedis you’ve been longing for, without draining your wallet dry.


1. Casamia (Bugis)


 casamia bugis cheap gelish manicure

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For just $20, you can enjoy an Express Gel Manicure and a Gel Pedicure for $23 at this atas looking salon.

 casamia singapore cheap gelish manicure

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The best thing about Casamia – apart from their extremely affordable gelish nail services – is that their spa chairs are concealed behind a discreet wall for privacy so you can enjoy your nail spa in peace without kaypoh passers-by awkwardly glancing in. 

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube #03-01, Singapore 188735
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 11AM-9PM | Saturday, 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sundays 


2. Lily Nails Salon (Bugis)


 Lily nails salon singapore cheap manicure gelish

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It rarely gets better than this: at Lily Nails Salon, you can get an Express Gel Manicure plus a free soak-off for only $16! They also do affordable Express Gelish Pedicures for $20, and an Express Gelish Mani and Pedi combo for $33.

 nail palette cheap gelish manicure singapore

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It gets pretty crowded during lunch hour, so visit the salon after 2pm to avoid longer wait times. 

Address: 3 New Bugis St, #03-135, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: 12PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6338 4131


3. Nailush Spa (Punggol)


 nailush spa singapore punggol cheap gelish

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Many Punggol-dwellers can relate to the pain of enduring multiple train transfers before actually getting to town. But here’s some great news: you don’t have to dive into the bustle of Orchard just to get a manicure.

Enjoy an Express Gelish Manicure for just $20 and a Gel Pedicure for $25 at Nailush Spa located right where you are in Punggol Town! 

Address: 173D Punggol Field, #11-633, Singapore 824173
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sundays
Telephone: 9028 1902


4. Fancy Nails Paradise (Tampines)


 fancy nails paradise singapore cheap gelish mani

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Fancy Nails Paradise certainly lives up to its name – but fortunately at less fancy prices. Enjoy a $25 Express Gelish Manicure as you bask in this baby blue-themed salon and lounge in their oversized princessy armchairs. 

Address: 139 Tampines Street 11, #01-56, Singapore 521139
Opening hours: 10AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 9778 5712


5. Coco Nail and Makeup (Tampines)


 coco nail and makeup singapore cheap gelish manicure

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Buried in the nook of this HDB void deck in Tampines is Coco Nail and Makeup, a cosy salon great for a quick gelish mani if you live in the area. Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior – as you step into the shop, you’ll find an array of nail polish lining its walls and expensive-looking leather chairs

 coco nail salon singapore cheap gelish manicures

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Relax in these plush red chairs as you get your Express Gelish Nails done for just $18 (including return soak-off)

 coco nail and makeup salon singapore cheap gelish

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Address: Block 107 Tampines Street 11, #01-343, Singapore 521107
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11AM-7PM | Closed on Mondays
Telephone: 9610 6335


6. Unique Crystal Beauty House (Bugis)


 unique crystal beauty house bugis singapore cheap gelish manicure

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Conveniently located in Bugis Cube, Unique Crystal Beauty House boasts a swanky interior, with lace-patterned wallpaper and luxurious velvet curtains and sofas fit for royalty. Better still, you can get an Express Gel Manicure here for just $25

If you’re working in the area, pamper yo’self with a quick lunchtime treat for your nails. 

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube  #02-05A, Singapore 188735
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 11AM-9PM | Closed on Sundays
Telephone: 6336 1580


7. Mischievous (Orchard)

mischievous singapore cheap gelish manicure


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When it comes to getting our hair or nails done, many of us shun town and its marked up prices like the plague. But here’s letting you in on a secret: Mischievous, a nail salon located in the heart of Orchard, is offering $20 Express Gelish Manicures and $25 Express Gelish Pedicures.

 mischievous singapore cheap gelish manucire pedicure

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What’s more, its chic contemporary interior – complete with TV entertainment –  will make you feel as though you’re at a spa.

Address: Scotts Road, Far East Plaza  #04-144, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 11AM-9PM | Sunday 11AM-8PM
Telephone: 6734 5119


8. Peony Blush (Orchard)


 peony blush singapore cheap gelish manicure

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Beyond this unassuming shop front lies a multicoloured wonderland of nail and beauty services. Get an Express Gel Manicure or Pedicure for $25, and zhng your gel nails with Glitter ($5 per nail) and Gel Design ($7 per nail) for that extra pizzaz

Address: 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE  #02-05, Singapore 237978 
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 8699 6868


9. Mocha Nail Bar (Changi)


 mocha nail bar singapore cheap gelish manicure

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If you’ve always avoided getting your nails done at the more expensive salons in Bedok Mall, head to Mocha Nail Bar located just a 4-minute walk from Bedok MRT station. This nail bar offers frequent promotions where you can get an Express Gel Manicure for $25 (U.P. $38).

You can also take advantage of their offers on other beauty services during their promotional periods, including Eyebrow Shaping for $8 (U.P. $15) and Nose Blackhead Removal for $5 (U.P. $20). 

So keep your eyes peeled for these deals – they usually last for several months!

Address: Blk 208 New Upper Changi Road #01-679, Singapore 460208
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 6241 1993


10. Hanakura Bliss (Bugis)


 hanakura bliss singapore cheap gelish nail manicure

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Crowned Bugis’ most instagrammable nail salon, Hanakura Bliss offers Express Gelish Manicures for $18, Pedicures for $20, or both for $36

Besides gelish, this Hello-Kitty-cum-sailor-themed salon is also offering an ongoing promotion for Holographic Nails at $55 (U.P $75) for an indefinite period. You can even send in your custom nail art designs for pricing enquiries before walking in.

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, #03-124, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 12PM-10PM | Saturday – Sunday, 11AM-8.30PM
Telephone: 8749 8823


Pretty manicures for cheap 


Whether you’re in desperate need of a new set of gelish nails or just want to treat yourself to something special, these nail salons will dress your digits up with a manicure hardy enough to last a month.

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