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Challenger membership perks

Challenger’s Membership Program Lets You Earn Rebates For Every Purchase & Redeem Items At Up To 80% Off

Challenger’s V$ Redemption Program

If there’s one thing Singaporeans love more than queuing for trendy makan joints in town – ahem, Eggslut for example, it’s getting a good bargain. We don’t play around when it comes to saving those extra cents and dollars.  

With that said, if you’re one of those people who’s constantly on the prowl for the most worth it deal, Challenger’s V$ Rebate Redemption Program is one you should definitely not miss out on. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your WFH set-up with ultra-modern keyboards or waiting to get your hands on the newest iPhone, Challenger’s new V$ Rebate Redemption Program lets you redeem the latest tech at unbelievably great discounts.

Here’s how you can save big long-term with Challenger:

Earn rebates on every purchase for up to 80% off

Seeing as Covid-19 is here to stay for a long while, we might as well live out the rest of this pandemic in style by refurbishing our cribs. And yes, this can be achieved without breaking the bank – it’s all about hopping aboard the best deals.


Challenger has two ValueClub memberships – M8 and M28, that’ll help with those savings.  You can enjoy member pricing as a Challenger M8 Valueclub member. Or better yet, sign up as a Challenger M28 ValueClub member and you’ll be able to earn up to 2% or more rebate in the form of V$ with every item you buy. 

The V$ you collect can then be used to redeem top-tier digital products at any of Challenger’s 44 retail stores islandwide at up to 80% off. You can also use your accumulated V$ to offset any purchases made. 

redeeming product

Pro tip:  It’s more worth it to save up your V$ to redeem products than it is to use them to offset purchases.

As all WFH and no play might just possibly drive us insane, we need to indulge in our favourite hobbies once in a while to help us unwind. For those who love to game, read on to find out what epic deals Challenger has for you.  

Image credit: Tom’s Guide

This Microsoft Xbox Series X has been in hot demand on the market since it was launched, selling out quickly worldwide. They’re so popular that third parties are even reselling them at exorbitant prices. Fortunately, Challenger’s V$ Rebate Redemption Program allows you to get your hands on this exclusive gaming console for V$499 (U.P. $699).


If you prefer online gaming instead, you can purchase this sleek-looking Logitech G915 LightSpeed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard at a whopping 80% off V$79 (U.P. $399)

apple tag

Don’t worry if you’re not into gaming, you can also snag other cool things on sale. With the amount of info we have to remember in our busy lives, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever forgotten where I placed something.

Whether it’s your wallet or your house keys, the solution to finding your belongings is now much cheaper than before in the form of the Apple Airtag (U.P. $45). Using your V$ rebate collected, you can purchase this tracking device for only V$29.

Up to 1,000 redeemable products

For those who feel happiest when surrounded by a large variety of options to choose from, you’ll be glad to hear that Challenger carries many redeemable products ranging from mini foldable fans and alkaline batteries to sewing machines and Apple watches for your perusal. Browse all redeemable products catalogue online or head to a store nearby to view them in person. You can also ask the staff present if you need any assistance. 

Fun fact: They’re aiming to provide 1,000 redeemable products by the end of the year so start saving up your V$ rebate now and keep your eyes peeled for new exciting items to come.  

klipsch earphones

The most recent digital accessory that arrived this October is the Klipsch T5 II Active Noise Cancelling Earphones. It retails for $449 but is redeemable at 31% off for just V$309.

Shop their flash sale for items like the iPhone 13

iphone 13Image credit:

If you’re a sucker for sick deals, you asked and we’ve answered. If there’s anything better than a shopping spree, it’s a shopping spree on sale. This coming December, Challenger will be having a Flash Sale on many of its redemption items. And to top it off, a little bird whispered that the latest iPhone 13 (U.P $1,149) might just make an appearance for as low as V$50

showing app

Pro tip: Invite up to three friends to join as associate members and you’ll earn V$ rebate when they make a purchase. Associate members will contribute rebates to the main member. 

Maximising your M28 Membership

Make the most of your membership when you sign up as a Challenger M28 ValueClub member by making your purchases during promotions. While the default V$ rebate earned is 2% of the item price at the point of sale, promotions can help you save even more money in two ways:

iphone 12 miniImage credit: Max Parker

Firstly, you could get additional V$ rebates in fixed amounts. For example, under the current promotion which runs till 31st October 2021, M28 members who purchase an iPhone 12 mini (64 GB) selling for $979 can get a net V$69 rebate instead of the usual 2% (V$19).

The other way promotions help you out is by increasing the % rebate you get. For instance, under the current October promotion, buying a HP Pavilion 15-eh1041AU Laptop ($1,199) will give members a higher rebate of 4% (V$47) as opposed to the usual 2% (V$23)


app screen shot
Look out for the latest redemption items on the V$ redemption screen and head down to a store to snag them quickly while stocks last.

Additionally, you can even combine V$ with other Challenger ValueClub members to make purchases together. Whether you’re splitting the cost with family or friends, it’s a godsend that V$ rebates are transferable between all ValueClub members. This comes in handy especially when buying pricier items like the 12.9 Inch iPad Pro WiFi 256GB – redeemable for V$1,079 (U.P. $1,799).

As long as we get the best bargain, who cares if people call us kiasu or auntie, amirite?

Enjoy huge savings with Challenger’s V$ Redemption Program

With epic deals on the latest gadgets, accessories and tech, Challenger is the go-to store for your electronic needs. Sign up as a Challenger M28 ValueClub member via their ValueClub app, on or to enjoy exclusive member deals that’ll have you proclaiming “What a steal!”. 

In addition to rebate accumulation, you’ll get first dibs on the latest product pre-orders, promotions and launches. Not to mention, you’ll also enjoy special member prices at all Challenger stores islandwide all year round. The best part – Challenger’s M28 ValueClub membership only costs $28 for 28 months. That’s way lower than what most Singaporeans probably spend on bubble tea in a month. 

Learn more about Challenger’s V$ Rebate Redemption Program here

This post was brought to you by Challenger.
Photography by Zhou Jinquan.