Celebrity Chef Restaurants at Resorts World Sentosa


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9120.jpgSingapore has recently become a hotbed for celebrity restaurateurs, and the past few years have seen some exciting developments. Big names such as Cat Cora and Joёl Robuchon are just two of the many celebrity chefs who have made Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) their new home.

The problem is that celebrity restaurants can be pricey, so it’s important to do some research first to end up getting the best experience possible. But the good news is we’ve done the research for you! We requested the signature dishes from each celebrity restaurant, and came back with our ratings for each dish.

And here’s another hot tip: you could enjoy 50% off your bill or enjoy significant rebates with the RWS Invites card! But more on that later.


1. Osia


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9117.jpgA major player in the Australian food scene, Chef Scott Webster has found a new home for his legendary restaurant in RWS. It was previously one of the hottest restaurants in London. The restaurant marries European cooking techniques with some of the best Australian produce to produce some quality meals.




b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9111.jpgThe flat bread is freshly baked to order, and you can choose from a variety of toppings. We had Truffled Kalamanta Olives on one side and Garlic Butter on the other. The bread was fragrant and pillowing on the inside. 

A custom dressing which is freshly made every day comes with the bread. We had the Macadamia Ricotta which provided a lightness to the bread, cutting through the stronger flavours. Different dressings are made, based on the ingredients available daily.

Rating: 7.5/10


Grainger Black Angus Beef Tenderloin


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9120.jpgThis colourful and varied dish is a mix of flavours and textures. The tenderloin is perfectly grilled, and it lies on a bed of sun-dried tomato puree and cream of sunchoke. The texture of the beef is perfect and the rice crispies on the tomato puree adds a fun textural variance to the dish. 

Overall the dish was well put together, the beef was well cooked, but the cream of sunchoke also deserves a special mention for its unique flavour. 

Rating: 9/10


2. Syun 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9138.jpgSyun, meaning spring in English, is Hal Yamashita’s first overseas restaurant. Chef Yamashita hails from the Kobe region of Japan, which is known for its high quality of produce. Step into the restaurant for a transportive experience, as you’re immediately greeted by the bar and the chefs behind it. 

Behind the Noren (Japanese curtains) is the main dining area with wooden tables and chairs that evoke quintessential Japanese minimalist design. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9137.jpg


Bara Chirashi Jyu


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9146.jpgLet’s begin with the obvious – this dish looks amazing. It’s colourful and diverse, and made me feel like I’ve just opened a treasure chest. The sashimi is a mix of 7 different types of fish ranging from swordfish to tuna.  

The seafood is unseasoned to emphasise its freshness, but the rice lying at the bottom is sweet and tastes great with the fish. The occasional pop from the salmon roe as the gooey insides coat your tongue also enhance the texture element of the dish. This dish is many things, but one thing that it’s not, is ordinary.

Rating: 9.5/10


3. Feng Shui Inn


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9147.jpgLocated at the VIP entrance of the casino, this restaurant is a hidden gem to most, but a haven for the high rollers and the Chinese elite. Headed by some of the best chefs from Hong Kong, the restaurant aims to bring Cantonese fine dining with an emphasis on healthy ingredients. 

It’s a classy joint, and tablecloths adorn every table. It feels like an upscale old school Chinese inn, and just like any respectable Cantonese restaurant, there is a wall of fish tanks displaying fresh seafood waiting to be cooked. 


Dim Sum


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9154.jpgWe were greeted by three appetizers, but my two favourites were the Baked Onion Buns served with Gold Leaves, which were delightful – basically a Char Siew Bao but in a different bun that’s more akin to a mantou. The pork was really tasty and tender. 

The Steamed “Siew Mai” with Baby Abalone was also great with a dense and heavy filling packed with a sweet pork flavour and topped with an abalone, which gave it a light bring flavour. 

Rating: 7/10


Double-boiled Duck with Winter Melon and Barley 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9159.jpgWe also had a winter melon and duck soup, with large chunks of duck that fall apart gloriously in your mouth. The duck and herbs provided quite a unique taste to the soup, making it a Cantonese soup in a league of its own. 

Rating: 7/10


4. Forest 森


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9160.jpgForest 森 is a restaurant opened by Singapore’s favourite celebrity chef Sam Leong. Forest may be a Chinese restaurant at heart, but it also borrows very heavily from European cooking styles, sporting items like the Sakura Chicken Roll, which is inspired by the French roulade. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9162.jpgThe restaurant is gorgeous, and true to its name, the “branches” from the “trees” reach to the ceiling, making you feel like you’re dining under a canopy.


Pork Ribs 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9167.jpgThese pork ribs are deceptive. While it looks dry and hard on the outside, it’s actually really nice and tender on the inside. The soft meat provides a pleasant juxtaposition against the crispy exterior, and the sweet and sour sauce was tangy and gave the ribs a good kick of flavour.  

Rating: 8.5/10


5. Tangerine


b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed-1.jpgOf all the restaurants I visited in RWS, Tangerine has my favourite ambience. Tangerine is part of  ESPA, a luxury spa and resort under the RWS management. So it’s actually nestled inside ESPA, and if you weren’t looking out for it, you wouldn’t know the restaurant was there.

The restaurant focuses on Thai spa cuisine, which essentially means smaller, more nourishing portions with a heavy emphasis on healthy eating.

Even the air seemed lighter when I entered the restaurant, and I could have sworn they perfumed the restaurant too. I was met with a beautiful view of the pond, the centerpiece of the resort amidst the wilderness of the jungle. It was an extremely zen and tranquil experience.


Thai-Inspired Sous Vide Pork 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9173.jpgSous vide is a modern cooking technique that controls the cooking temperature to a specific degree. The technique ensures the most evenly cooked product, so you’ll have some very succulent results. That’s the case here as well, the pork was perfect and the chilli dressing gave it a really, really spicy and sour kick. 

Rating: 8/10


The Other Celebrity Restaurants


6. Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora


b2ap3_thumbnail_smallIMG_4717-copy1.jpgOcean restaurant is opened by the first female Iron Chef in the world, Cat Cora. The restaurant is a beautiful fine dining establishment with a giant aquarium display overlooking the dining area. Watch as stingrays and exotic fish swim gracefully as the talented culinary team deliver gorgeous plates to your table. 


French Yellow Chicken Roulade & Fried Escargot with Roasted Celeriac


b2ap3_thumbnail_kat.jpgOne of the many signature dishes here, the chicken is beautifully cooked and elegantly presented  and surrounded by escargots – a playful take on French classics.


7. Joël Robuchon Restaurant 


b2ap3_thumbnail_3.jpgThe de facto French chef has erected yet another temple of french cuisine, this time in RWS. The many French restaurants under his belt have not failed to disappoint diners and critics, as proven by their many awards. They also sport one of the most impressive wine lists in Singapore with over a thousand options to choose from. 


Roasted Lobster with Small Spinach Leaves Flavoured with Black Pepper Sauce


b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed.jpgLobster, a classic luxury ingredient, is presented here in a simple yet elegant fashion. The components seem relatively simple, but there’s more than meets the eye, with the dish jam packed with flavours that will have you craving more. 


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  • Dining party of 5 to 20/Member dining solo: 20% rebate

Participating Outlets for Members Dine Free Invites$ Rebate

  1. Feng Shui Inn
  2. Forest 森
  3. KT’s Grill at Universal Studios Singapore®
  4. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Capped at 20%)
  5. Osia
  6. Palio
  7. Starz Restaurant
  8. Syun
  9. Tangerine
  10. Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora (Capped at 20%) 
  11. PISCO (Capped at 20%) 

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Alternatively, go restaurant hopping


Perhaps my experience has inspired you to take a pilgrimage to the various restaurants in RWS too. Now, there’s a better way to do it. For the price of $178++ or $158++ for RWS Invites members, you can enjoy a fully guided restaurant hopping tour through the celebrity restaurants.

Indulge in VIP treatment at some of the best restaurants in Singapore and taste the best that each has to offer. To make reservations call 6577 6688 or email dining@rwsentosa.com.

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