Our Cavalia Review - The Horse Whisperers arrive in Singapore

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Our Cavalia Review


It started with a Q&A. How many horses are there in Cavalia’s stable? Raise your hands to “vote” for the right answer. I won’t tell you the answer, but the enthusiastic crowd wasn't shy to raise their hands for the most likely ones. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_10527422_10152651826939603_7715786884225211088_n.jpgIf you’ve read our preview, Cavalia promised to be a magical performance, with graceful “bungee artistes” complementing bursts of immense power and technique by the dancers. Cavalia's acts are a sequence of unrelated individual situations, woven around the singular idea of the respect between horse and man. There is singing, dancing, acrobatics, lasso tricks, and building of human pyramids - some of which are done on the horses! 

The horses are truly majestic, with their trust and understanding of their riders a joy to behold. A few of them ran freely around the stage, giving us a glimpse into the nobility and grace in nature that we tend to forget, given the concrete jungle many of us know.b2ap3_thumbnail_1107_odysseo-atlanta_2012_0.jpgPerhaps the most underrated aspect of the performance is the completeness of the audio-visual experience. The exhilaration the performers feel is contagious, transferring to the audience very well because of their extreme showmanship - they’re not afraid to solicit applause after particularly difficult stunts, creating a rapport between them and us.b2ap3_thumbnail_1.jpgThe 60-meter wide screen serving as the backdrop of the show also features amazing animation, always complementing the current act. The musical score by Michel Cusson is played by a live band who need to think fast when the horses choose to move to their own beats.b2ap3_thumbnail_10611248_301157123388423_1297729105_n.jpg(Source: InstagramThe band can be seen briefly throughout the acts - they're in the "eye of Sauron" on the screen, but are hidden through most of the performance. 


The Verdict


Billed as a circus act, I was surprised by the quality of music and comedy on show. The opening songstress' voice was incredible, setting the standard for the entire performance; the physical comedy employed by the actors (exaggerated actions and all) was effective at getting the audience to laugh, enhancing the atmosphere. Cavalia merges fantasy and power into a night to remember. 

Two things you'll have to watch out for: when Troubadour the miniature horse gets his 10 seconds of fame in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, and when the stage starts getting terraformed towards the grand finale. 

My only complaint with the experience is a lack of legroom, but you won't time to worry about that when all your attention is focused on the magnificent performances on stage. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_4.jpgOverheard: "I auditioned for a part in the show, but decided that running around in circles isn't my thing" - A goofy member of the audience.


Getting There


You could take an MRT to Bayfront, then look for Cavalia's signature white tents outside the exit beside Carnivore.

Location: Under the White Theatre Tent, Bayfront Avenue
When: August 12 - September 14, 2014
Tickets: Available at Cavalia or by calling +65 3158 6735, or at SISTIC.
Pricing : Available from S$58 to S$288 + applicable fees.


This post was brought to you by Cavalia.

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