Getting yo cashback game on

It’s no secret that as Singaporeans, we love anything and everything free. Free sample? Take. Complimentary goodie bag? Let’s have 2 of those. So prepare yourself for the ultimate kicker: free cash. Yes, you read that correctly.

It comes as a surprise that many of us are oblivious to the notion of free cashbacks in our daily transactions – a real shame to our national aunty-spirit. For all you amateur spenders out there, this essentially entails FREE money credited back to your accounts after a major shopping spree.

Just for your eyes, we’ve sussed out the 10 most common cashbacks waiting for the closet aunty in you to claim. Don’t say we bojio.

1. Shopping online

zalora online shopping

The curse of online shopping is real. With the click of a button, our amazing buys are delivered straight to our doorstep, albeit at the expense of a depleted credit account. To all the sad – and poor – souls, you’ll be thrilled to hear that major fashion destinations such as Zalora and ASOS offer a percentage of your money back on any purchase.

the voice yes shopping

If you like to go budget shopping to scrimp on overpriced buys, prepare to save even more as franchises like Taobao also offer you similar cashbacks!

2. Travelling the world

korea smart local

There’s a saying that goes “Travel is the only thing that makes you richer”, and we totally concur with that statement. But we’re talking more than just worldly experiences here, we mean literally richer.

slow surprise gif

The wanderlust junkie in you should be thankful for reliable travel services such as Expedia and Agoda whom offer rebates for all your globetrotting purposes. Now you can travel AND earn some dosh at the same time. Unpaid leave will no longer be a heartache!

3. Heading to the movies

the projector movies sg

We all love the traditional ambiance of movie theatres – the ginormous screen, fresh buttery popcorn, and finally attaining those much-coveted couple seats. Still, nothing’s free in life, and movie tickets can up to a painful $12.50 on weekends.

hannah montana popcorn

With up to 4% worth of cashbacks at at Cathay Cineplexes, going to the movies will really be a steal. Interested? As a bonus, check out our guide to saving hacks when watching your fave flick here and you’ll be livin’ it up on and off screen.

4. Dining out

sg foodie

As the ultimate foodies of South-East Asia, it’s pretty clear to all that we’re obsessed with food. Add a cheap price tag to that and we’re sold. Your belly and wallet will be glad to hear about rebates offered over the internet for dining services such as Chope and Foodpanda.

For Jap food lovers, the sushi gods have answered by gifting you up to 8% worth of money back when you order their nosh through services like Foodpanda. There are dozens of restaurants and cafes offering such deals. Just look and you will receive.

5. Grocery shopping

sg shopping

We’ve all seen one too many overpriced potato chips in our lifetime on the grocery shelves. $8 for a bag of air and crisps? I think I’ll pass. But wait till you hear about the free cashbacks you get when you grocery shop and you’ll really be piling the snacks on.

Fun fact: dodge the lengthy queue AND get your money’s worth when you buy your groceries online. Get your groceries online at sites like and you’ll be eligible for similar deals with participating 3rd party merchants.

6. Get paid to take cabs

yas taxi

It’s raining cats and dogs outside and you honestly can’t be bothered to take that 15 minute walk to the bus stop. You’re stranded at home with a dilemma: forgo lunch plans to sulk at home or dosh out that $12 for a cab which’ll leave you too broke for lunch anyway.

Before you decide to bail out on lunch, your wallet will thank you for the cash return you get on Uber and Grab rides. It’s pretty simple: charge your taxi fares to your credit cards and earn an immediate cashback from it.

7. Receive double happiness whenever you spend

the simpsons money

With POSB’s Cashback Bonus, get your dollars back for all aspects of your finances, from your monthly salary to home loans. To qualify for this wealth-giving deal, you’ll just need to enrol and nominate a deposit or credit card account on iBanking, fulfil 3 out of 5 transaction categories and wait for the magic to happen.

posb cashback

So let’s take your monthly salary for example and do the math: $5,000 x 0.3% = $15 extra dollars to spend. That amounts to $180 of free cash a year! It’s basically a FOC budget airline trip to Bangkok. And we’ve yet to include the cash you’ll get from your credit card expenses and insurance! With POSB Cashback Bonus, every single day will be pay day for your wallet.



Opting for all 5 components in this deal equates to a maximum cashback of $130 a month. Multiply that by 12 months and that comes up to $1,560 of FREE cold, hard cash. Yes, I can already see the cogs in your mind working out how much more you could be saving or what to spend this free money on.

This is basically cashback on steroids – in fact, POSB takes it to a whole new level. Get a bigger kick from your daily expenditure by nominating your bank account for it now.

Find out more about this awesome bonus here!

This post was brought to you by POSB.