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“When is durian season going to come?!” We hear you. In case you missed it, a dry spell in Johor is why you’re not getting your durian fix yet. And if you’re like us, we know you need something to fill that durian-less pit in your heart ASAP.

Say hi to Carlton Hotel’s Mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Snowskin Mooncakes. Don’t judge it by its size – these small pastries pack a huge punch when it comes to satisfying a durian junkie’s cravings.

Along with two other popular flavours (red velvet!!), Carlton Hotel’s mooncakes are not only great for durian lovers, but for every mooncake lover in the family. They are also made in-house, so you can expect quality in each of these palm-sized pastries.


The Menu


1. Mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Snowskin Mooncakes ($72.75 for 8)


carlton Mini “Mao Shan Wang” Durian Snowskin Mooncakes

The smell of durian wafted out the moment I opened the box and, truth be told, I was expecting the mooncake to taste processed. Thank goodness I was wrong.

Made without any preservatives, the durian pulp filling not only tasted like the actual fruit, but came with a similar consistency too. The mild sweetness of the durian accentuated its creamy texture, and all I could say was, “What magic is this?!” 

“Mao Shan Wang” Durian Snowskin Mooncakes

This delicious filling was made even better by the surrounding thin snowskin which added a chewy texture to the mooncake. If you’re one of those who would stop at nothing to get durian every harvest, then this will definitely find a place in your heart.


2. Mini Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes ($67.40 for 8) 


carlton Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes

Red velvet cake is always a yes for me. Come on, rich chocolate cake layered with cream cheese is indulgence in a bite. So I was naturally excited when I popped a slice of these hot-selling red velvet mooncakes, and let’s just say I didn’t stop at one.

carlton Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes

Even though cream cheese took up the bulk of the mooncake filling, it wasn’t jelak at all here. Light and subtly sweet, it complemented its chocolate counterpart well. The crunchy “yolk” also added a texture to the mooncake. Inspired by the signature red velvet cake at Tuxedo Cafe in Carlton, these are great for anyone with a sweet tooth.


3. Mini Walnut Moontarts with Egg Yolk ($66.30 for 8)


carlton Walnut Moontarts with Egg Yolk

If your mum is the kind who would scrunch up her face at the thought of red velvet mooncake, then this unique moontart will gain her approval. Featuring smooth white lotus paste hidden within a fragrant walnut crust, these signature creations by Carlton give traditional mooncakes a modern twist.

carlton Walnut Moontarts with Egg Yolk

For the health junkies, there’s a low sugar option ($64.20 for 8) that doesn’t come with egg yolks. Great for not just you, but your mother, father, ah gong and ah ma too.


4. Red Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk ($72.75 for 4)


carlton Red Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk

Carlton also has baked mooncakes that go well with your Mid-Autumn night’s cup of tea. You can’t get anymore old-school than red lotus paste mooncakes, which is slightly sweeter than their white lotus counterparts.

Red Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk

The egg yolks are large and placed in the middle, so you’ll be able to get a taste of them even after slicing the mooncake up.


5. Traditional Mixed Nuts ($72.75 for 4)


carlton Traditional Mixed Nuts mooncake

If you wanna go easy on your body, try these nutty mooncakes. Bursting with almonds, walnuts, tangerine, winter melon, sesame seeds and melon seeds, every mouthful of this is a fragrant and crunchy treat – go forth and channel Chang’e’s rabbit as you munch on this. 


 The Packaging


carlton mooncakes packaging

Unlike many hotels who package their mooncakes in drawers, Carlton chose to encase theirs in a tin box this year. And not just any tin box, but an adorable pastel blue one that is elegant and easy to carry around. 

carlton mooncake packaging

The minimalistic drawings on these boxes are a throwback to those days we would carry lanterns around with our neighbours. Oh those were the times, alright. Give these to your old pals to say you’re missing the good ol’ days, or open a box with your family on Mid-Autumn Festival to create even better memories with those closest to your heart.


Carlton Hotel’s Mid Autumn offerings


Despite being tiny palm-sized pastries, mooncakes are not meant to be enjoyed alone. They’re made to be shared amongst families and friends, which is why Carlton’s selection caters to different preferences. Make the little ones happy with chocolate-y red velvet mooncakes, let your folks go into nostalgic mode with walnut moontarts and traditional White Lotus Paste with Single or Double Egg Yolk ($70.60 and $72.75 for 4). Of course, chope all the durian ones for you and your sibs for a sweet Mid-Autumn’s night. 

For orders & enquiries, please contact:

Telephone: 6349 1292 (10am – 10pm) 


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