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Local movies 881 and Ramen Teh

Like butter is to bread is the cinema to a night out: they just go oh-so-well together. Y’all know what I’m talking about – camping for the ‘golden seats’ to get the best views, racking your brains over what snack combo to get, sitting through 19742 minutes of ads…

But hey, if movie nights are your go-to, ditch the cinema and switch things up for a change. The Singapore Film Commission is bringing us B.Y.O. Cinema – that’s 5 free movie screenings every month till November, featuring Singaporean films that’ll be covering 5 main themes; from comedies and musicals to horror and nostalgia. 

So pack your picnic mats and get ready for the snacks – here’s what you can look forward to watching: 


1. LAUGH SG: 881


Watch if: You just want a good laugh

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Get ready to belt out some tunes while watching 881, which revolves around the flashy Papaya Sisters and their journey to taking over Singapore’s getai scene. However, their plan is soon on the line as the rival Durian Sisters make an appearance, determined to fight for the top spot – no matter what it takes. 

Though it takes a light-hearted approach with all the theatrical antics that ensue, the film doesn’t shy away from heavier topics like broken homes, death, and faith, making this musical comedy worthy of being on your must-watch list. 

Rating: PG
Runtime: 162 mins
Showtime: 1 September 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Singapore Flyer (Greek Theatre)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy


2. DREAM SG: Homerun


Watch if: You love stories with the kampong spirit

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Movie "Home Run" Trailer 《跑吧!孩子》电影花絮短片

A remake of the Iranian film Children of Heaven, Jack Neo’s Homerun revolves around two siblings who find themselves on a misadventure when one’s shoes go missing. Coming from a less fortunate family, they struggle to make the best of their situation – until a golden opportunity presents itself to Kiat Kun in the form of a running competition.

Set in 1965, the film deals with themes like friendship and kinship. It also covers the political climate of Singapore and Malaysia, and the turbulent socio-economic relationship between the rich and poor of our nation in the past. 

Rating: PG 
Runtime: 93 mins
Showtime: 22 September 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Dhoby Ghaut Green (Lawn)
What to expect: Free popcorn, cotton candy, and kacang putih


3. SCREAM SG: 23:59


Watch if: You’re garang and thrive on thrills

23:59 Movie Trailer
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23:59 Movie Trailer

Hollywood’s horror movies? No kick one lah.

If you really want a scarefest, Asian horror movies are the way to go. Get your spook on with 23:59, a Malaysian-Singaporean film that’s got the classic Singaporean horror formula down pat: Creepy army bunkers + vengeful female ghost = Sleeping with the lights on for a few days, confirm.

Watch as protagonist Jeremy attempts to get to the bottom of his bunkmate’s strange death…all while fighting off a deranged spirit in the process. NS fellows, extra points for you if you catch this before booking in.

Hey, and you’ll be able to action sikit if your date gets scared. 😉 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 78 mins
Showtime: 13 October 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Fort Canning Park (Fort Canning Green)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy 


4. HEART SG: Ilo Ilo


Watch if: You’re up for some feels

ILO ILO 爸媽不在家 Official Trailer
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ILO ILO 爸媽不在家 Official Trailer

For a pull o’ the heartstrings, stay put for Ilo Ilo. Set in the 90s, the film tells the story of Teresa, a Filipino helper who struggles to adapt with her new family – one that’s on the cusp of falling apart. But through the fights, tension, and lots of tears, Teresa forms a bond with Jia Le, the family’s young, troublesome son who teaches her a thing or two about what it truly means to be family.   

Fun fact: Ilo Ilo bagged the distinguished Camera d’Or in 2013 for the best first feature film, making this the first Singaporean film to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival! 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 99 mins
Showtime: 20 October 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Parklane Shopping Mall Rooftop
What to expect: Free popcorn, cotton candy, and kacang putih 


5. MAKAN SG: Ramen Teh


Watch if: You’re a sucker for nostalgia. And food. 

RAMEN TEH 《情牵拉面茶》 Official Trailer | In Cinemas 29 March
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RAMEN TEH 《情牵拉面茶》 Official Trailer | In Cinemas 29 March

Just as its title suggests, Ramen Teh merges two worlds together in this touching tale of Masato, a half-Singaporean ramen chef from Japan. After the death of his father, he finds a suitcase full of tidbits of his late Singaporean mother’s life. 

In efforts to piece together his identity and the true story of his parents, Masato sets off on a journey to Singapore with his mother’s notebook, where he meets the family he never knew he needed: his uncle, bak kut teh seller Ah Wee (played by Mark Lee), and his grandmother Madam Lee, who holds the key to his past. 

Rating: PG13 
Runtime: 90 mins
Showtime: 10 November 2018 (Saturday), 7.30pm, Singapore Botanic Gardens (Eco Lake Lawn)
What to expect: Free popcorn and cotton candy – there’ll be food trucks too!


Celebrating homegrown stories with B.Y.O. Cinema


Sure, we’ve got Hollywood flicks coming out ever so often, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a treasure trove of filmmakers right here in our little red dot. 

In conjunction with the Singapore Film Commission’s 20th Anniversary, SFC is bringing us screenings of 5 local films. Covering the themes Makan, Heart, Scream, Laugh, and Dream, these films celebrate Singaporean stories that’ll hit close to home for sure. 

Plus, all screenings are free to the general public! And because no movie-watching experience is complete without the munchies, you’ll be able to get your hands on popcorn, cotton candy, and other local snacks – all gratis. We hear that some locations might even have food trucks present, so be sure to have your tummies ready. And in the B.Y.O spirit, be sure to pack your outdoor cinema essentials like mats and pillows to get comfy! 

Just mark your calendars and jio your buddies or fam for a chill night out with good food and even greater Singaporean stories. 

Find out more about B.Y.O. Cinema here!

This post was brought to you by the Singapore Film Commission, part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority.

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