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Bugis Junction X Bugis+ Now Have VR Zombie Games & You Can Win $1,000 CapitaVouchers While At It

Singapore’s First VR Competition in town


bugis junction VR competition

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’ll survive a Zombie Apocalypse, now’s the time find out. But instead of lying on your couch as you binge-watch The Walking Dead, put on your shooting gear and become the zombie-hunter you’ve always wanted to be.

Bugis Junction and Bugis+ are hosting a Stay Alive This Halloween event from now till 29 Oct, filled with thrilling VR activities for adrenaline junkies who are up for a little spook. So whether you’re a hardcore zombie fan or a gaming enthusiast, here’s your chance to put your survival skills to the test.


Thrilling VR activities for the bravest of hearts


Stay Alive This Halloween consists of 3 zones, where you can redeem one play, with a minimum of $20 spent in a single same-day receipt from any shop in Bugis Junction or Bugis+, or with 100 STAR$® via the CapitaStar App. We went down to Bugis Junction and Bugis + to experience all 3 of the VR games, and here’s how our trip went:


The Time Zombies VR Competition


bugis zombie VR competition

It’s World War Z meets Back To The Future in the Time Zombies VR Competition, where we got to “time travel” to prevent a Zombie Apocalypse. All we needed to do was aim for consecutive headshots to increase our scores and prevent our brains from being virtually eaten by a pack of flesh-eating zombies. Simple – or so we thought.

bugis zombie VR competition

The VR experience allowed us to literally put ourselves in the character’s shoes instead of controlling it through a screen, and unlike what we see in the movies, the zombies can run – fast. It was terrifying to hear footsteps approaching in the dark, only to turn around and come face-to-face with the frenzied eyes of the undead.

bugis VR zombie competition

Each round can take up to 2 minutes, depending on how long you can stay alive. Most of us didn’t make it past level 1, but with the scary background music and jump scares, even those who made it to the next round were begging the technicians to end the game.

Those in for the win as much as the thrill will get to snag attractive prizes, with the top 10 winners of the Time Zombies VR Competition walking away with CapitaVouchers up to $1,000. The top 3 will also be owners of a brand new Samsung S7 Edge and Logictech speakers – pretty great rewards in return for saving the world!

Additionally, everyone joining the competition stand to win STAR$® daily when you hit a minimum score of 1,000. 

Location: Bugis+ – Atrium, Level 2
Qualifying: 13 – 26 October, 11AM-9PM
Final competition: 29 October, 2PM-6PM

bugis VR zombie competition

And if you’re left wondering if it’s all real life – or just a fantasy – it’s all thanks to Arctic Fox wireless technology. Without the need for bulky cables and heavy backpack computers, we were able to walk, jump, run, and even crawl in a 25 square-metre physical space with nothing more than a wireless VR headgear.

Now available in Southeast Asia, Arctic Fox also features a high definition screen and gaming headphones for a surreal VR experience.


Walk The Plank VR Experience


bugis walk the plank VR

The Walk The Plank VR Experience takes fear of heights to well, new heights, as we walked virtually across a plank 50 storeys above ground level. The game looked easy, but once the headgear was on, even our bravest of players shook in fear as they tried to make the first step onto the plank – which wobbles with every step you take.

bugis walk the plank VR

As if that isn’t tough enough, we also had to dodge elephant-sized spiders and take a leap of faith down the building at the end – that is if you ever make it halfway across the plank! 

Date: 6 – 15 October
Time: 11AM-9PM
Location: Bugis Junction – in front of Hotel InterContinental, Level 1


Arizona Sunshine Zombie VR Experience


 bugis arizona sunshine zombie VR

In the Arizona Sunshine Zombie Experience, we were placed in a simulated Southwestern American setting to search for survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. The game is realistically terrifying, and we found ourselves desperately trying to survive instead of focusing on the rescue mission.

Every second counts – even the 3 seconds it takes for the gun to reload. It was difficult to remain calm as the zombies growled in our ears and charged from different directions – not for the weak of heart.

Date: 13 – 29 October
Time: 11AM-9PM
Location: Bugis+ – Atrium, Level 2


Fight zombies and win big at Bugis Junction X Bugis+


bugis stay alive halloween

Image credit: Bugis Junction X Bugis+

If you’ve spent at least $20 at Bugis Junction or Bugis+ in a single receipt, don’t throw it away! Exchange the receipt in return for 1 life to play at the Time Zombies VR Competition, and if you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll only be spending $20 for over $7000 worth of prizes.

Alternatively, you can redeem a single game play with 100 STAR$® via the CapitaStar App.

 bugis stay alive halloween

So if you catch yourself at Bugis Junction and Bugis+ this Halloween season, don’t let the fun stop after a good round of shopping – be sure to put some zombie-slaying on your list!

Date: 13th – 29th October 2017
Location: Bugis+ and Bugis Junction

Stay Alive this halloween at Bugis Junction X Bugis+!

This post was brought to you by Bugis Junction and Bugis+.