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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No, that was not a typo.

I repeated that sentence because that’s what my mum used to do. Because the more you repeat something, the more true it becomes. That’s how mum logic works.

Another thing she used to say all the time is to never, ever, go to work hungry. And since mum always knows best, no matter how busy you are, you too should never ever go to work hungry.

And now that you can get breakfast delivered straight to your work desk in the CBD, you no longer have to. Here are 12 of the best restaurants in the CBD area that offer food delivery.


1. Da Paolo Gastronomia’s All Day Egg Breakfast<



What’s the best thing to wake up to when you feel like P.Diddy in the morning? Eggs.  According to some very intelligent people, nothing cures a hangover quite as well as eggs.

And Da Paolo Gastronomia certainly knows their eggs. Kick off your day with a Da Paolo Gastronomia favourite; the Smoked Salmon ($12.90). Regardless of whether you like your eggs fried or scrambled, the egg maestros at Da Paolo Gastronomia’s got you covered.

Served alongside bread, greens and of course, the smoked salmon itself, this hearty breakfast is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you enjoy an egg-cellent start to your day.

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 730am


2. Park Bench Deli’s Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich



There aren’t many things better on an early morning than savouring a peanut butter and jelly (PBJ) sandwich in your sweatpants. But a PBJ with a cereal coating? Now, that’s going to take your morning to a whole other level.

Since the introduction of this novel treat, Park Bench Deli’s PB&J ($8) has been causing quite the stir. And it’s easy to see why – its thick layer of creamy peanut butter coupled with the rich jam spread is perfect for those with a major sweet tooth. Add in its uniquely crusted exterior and you have yourself a game changing sandwich.

Although it will probably clog up your arteries, the 100 likes that you’ll garner on Instagram from this very photogenic dish will make it all worth it.

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 9am


3. Gaest’s Sourdough Bread



Take a break from the monotony of white and wholemeal breads by trying out sourdough bread for a change. Sandwich options may be aplenty in the CBD. But finding good sourdough bread is like finding a needle in a haystack. So thank God for Gaest; your one-stop shop for Nordic cuisine with a modern touch.

Their Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread may not score high in the looks department, but it more than compensates for that with its taste. The bread itself is fresh, and word on the street is that it’s because their bread is prepared daily. A wide variety of spreads are available, but the caramel sauce would be my sauce of choice as its understated sweetness doesn’t overpower the sourness of the bread itself.

Do note however, that the cost of the Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread varies depending on which spread you opt for.

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


4. Cedele’s Customisable Morning Set



Imagine waking up to the aromatic smell of freshly baked goods with ham and cheese. All without bothering your mother. Yes it’s 2016 and such a fantasy is no longer just a dream.

Rather than fork out the effort to prepare your own breakfast, let the folks at Cedele do it for you. Their Morning Set ($6.80) is incredibly flexible, allowing you to choose between pairing up butter croissant or sliced bread with a mainstay in the form of either ham and cheese, egg frittata bacon or egg frittata cheese. In other words, the customisation allows you to prepare your own breakfast without any effort involved.

The energy saved from not having to prepare this meal personally means you can now use it to tackle those excel sheets glaring at you from your work desk.

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


5. Ivory Coffee’ Salted Egg Chicken Waffle



There aren’t many things that can better perk up your morning than the Salted Egg Chicken Waffle ($12) from Ivory Coffee.

Marrying a traditional Western snack with an Asian favourite, this innovative dish is not only easy on the eyes, it’s a real treat for your palette too. The fried chicken pieces covered with a salted egg yolk dressing are an ingenious combination. And one that will surely fire up your tastebuds… in a good way of course. The waffles are soft and relatively fluffy, but sufficiently understated enough to let the salted egg yolk take centre stage.

And with Ivory Coffee’s delivery service, starting off your day on the right note has never been so easy.

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


6. Whole & Hearty’s Home made Yogurt



Singapore’s very first breakfast bar specialising in homemade yogurt, Whole & Hearty is renowned for serving freshly prepared homemade yogurts accentuated by a plethora of healthy topping options.

So if you’re looking for a sumptuous and healthy start to your morning, a tantalising bowl of nutrient packed yogurt from Whole & Hearty yogurt is the way to go. Home made with low-fat milk, a medium serving of the Rise & Shine mix ($7.50), filled with chocolate cereal, red berry jam and peanut butter among other hearty toppings, seems like the perfect recipe for a bright start to your morning,

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Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


7. Costa Coffee’s Caffeine + Croissant Fix



If you’re one of those people who needs their morning caffeine fix in order to function for the rest of the day, then I’ve got good news for you.

Regardless of whether you prefer your coffee hot or cold, Costa Coffee is now just one click away from finding its way into your arms. Rich and flavourful, the Iced Latte (7.10) has become a real crowd pleaser while their Signature Chocolate (7.90) has become a favourite for those with a sweet tooth like me.

Add on a Butter Croissant ($4) or a Pain Au Chocolate ($4.50) to your order and you’ll be ready to conquer the day!

You may like: Latte (7.10), Signature Chocolate (7.90)
Check out their online menu here
Opens: 7am


8. Jewel Coffee’s Brioche French Toast



Perfect for light eaters, Jewel Coffee offers a wide range of top notch coffee and light eats.

If you want to start off your morning on the right note, pairing up the Brioche Toast with Peanut Butter ($3.75) and a steaming cup of coffee of your choice would be your safest bet.

But for those of you feeling more adventurous, you might want to opt for the Brioche Toast with Vegemite ($3.75). Vegemite is still pretty much a novelty here in Singapore, so I was taken aback by its inclusion on the menu as a spread. Thick in texture and strong in flavour, vegemite is essentially a yeast extract that will either have you craving for more or gagging from its unusual taste.

So if you have never tried vegemite before, now’s the time to start. May the odds be in your favour.     

You may like: Brioche Toast with Vegemite ($3.75) / Brioche Toast with Peanut Butter ($3.75)
Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


9. The Daily Juice’s Smoothies and Juices



From losing weight to cleansing your body to aiding recovery, it’s easy to see why juicing has become a popular lifestyle trend lately. But like any diet, sticking to it is no easy feat and the need to regularly replenish your juice supply makes abiding by this fitness fad that much harder.

But thanks to The Daily Juice, you will no longer need to bear the hassle of queueing up for juice ever again. With a wide range of juices and smoothies to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice with the many options available. One standout item would have to be the White Rabbit ($9.50), a smooth concoction comprising of almond and dates packed with protein and vitamin B among many other nutrients.

So even if you aren’t quite the juice enthusiast yet, now’s the best time for you to jump on the juicing bandwagon.

You may like: White Rabbit ($9.50)
Check out their online menu here
Opens: 830am


10. Two Men Bagel House’s Bagel



Once upon a time not too long ago, bagels were hugely popular in Singapore. While its heyday has since passed, Two Men Bagel House is hoping to bring the bagel craze back to our sunny shores.

Chewy in the middle and crisp on the outside, the toasted sesame bagels that Two Men Bagel House churns out is simply out of this world. One bite is all that’s needed for you to start questioning yourself on why you weren’t into bagels before. The only fault I can find with them is that their breakfast menu is rather limited. But their gratifying bagels more than compensates for it.

Whipping up tasty bagels is no easy feat, but Two Men Bagel House certainly pulls it off.

You may like: Piglet ($8.50)
Check out their online menu here
Opens: 8am


11. Joe & Dough’s Nutrient Packed Granola Yoghurt



Joe & Dough isn’t just renowned for its mouthwatering liu sha baos. They serve a mean breakfast too. If you are struggling to stick to that New Year’s Resolution to stick to a healthy lifestyle, then the Granola Yoghurt Bowl with Chia Seeds ($5.60) from Joe & Dough might just be your lifesaver.

Packed to the brim with nutrients, the protein-rich Greek yoghurt is coated with honey and topped off with granola, raisins and chia seeds to deliver your palette with a flavourful punch. Available all day long, this popular breakfast choice is one that will satisfy both your tastebuds and your conscience.

And with their delivery service, sticking to that New Year’s resolution just became slightly easier.

You may like: Granola Yoghurt Bowl with Chia Seeds ($5.60)
Check out their online menu here


12. Kraftwich by Swissbake’s Turkey Ham and Cheese Croissant



There was a time when croissants were only exclusive to the elite and elegant. Thankfully, we don’t live in those times any more.

Best enjoyed on an early morning, Kraftwich saves you the hassle of waking up at the crack of dawn by delivering freshly baked croissants straight to your doorstep, in time for work. Among the four croissants on offer, the Turkey Ham and Cheese Croissant ($5.90) is particularly noteworthy. It’s warm, flaky and covered with melted cheese.

Now that’s the way to kickstart your morning.

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Check out their online menu here


Because you gotta start the day right


Offering a hassle-free food delivery service, Deliveroo is probably the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. Incredibly simple to use, all you need to do is key in your postal code and a list of restaurants that cater to your address will be generated. Do note however, that the breakfast delivery service is currently only available within the CBD area.

Promising to deliver your food in under 32 minutes flat, the delivery charge is a fixed $3. They do however, impose a $5 surcharge for orders under $18 so try to place a mass breakfast order with all of your colleagues to get more bang for your buck.

Plus, use the discount code TSLROO for $15 off your first delivery, exclusive for TSL readers. Promo code is valid until 4th May 2016.

Check out Deliveroo now!

Also download Deliveroo on iOS here!

This post was brought to you by Deliveroo.

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