Is really all I think of when I’m approaching the ice cream truck, 50 cents already in hand. 

It’s one of my absolute favourite things. It sounds awful. It looks suspicious. And it’s not a familiar look at all. 

But it is truly divine. When you purchase one, it MUST, MUST, MUST be the multi-coloured bread. Please look past those thin wafers that tempt you with their cool patterned imprints. NO. You must go for the bread. The kind that makes you want to put it in a room and question its place of origin. Yes, that one. 

Reason being that the bread is a light, fluffy kind that provides the right amount of cushioning and texture to balance out that large block of ice cream. Or in this photo’s case, a bunch of large scoops of ice cream. It prevents your teeth from freezing yet you’re still able to munch on it. It’s like eating a cloud or a cotton candy but it’s definitely much more satisfying. 

So please, run along and stop reading already. Get a freaking Ice Cream sandwich! I’m off to get mine now… 🙂


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